15 Embroidery tips for beginners

Machine embroidery can be tricky for beginners. Until you've gained experience, you likely haven't learned many tricks that seasoned embroiderers use.

Check out these machine embroidery hacks and tips I've compiled along my embroidery journey!

1. Keep stabilizer from unrolling.

Slap bracelets or thread nets are perfect for this task.

2. Hoop on a non-slip surface.

Keep your outer hoop frame from slipping all over the place!

3. You don't always have to hoop.

Floating fabric or using a magnetic hoop can be the perfect solution for tricky blanks.

4. T-Pins help keep stabilizer tight.

Prevent stabilizer from slipping inward.

5. That Purple Thang

Surprisingly useful for getting near the needle without using your fingers!