7 types of embroidery machine thread

Machine embroidery threads are different from sewing machine threads.  They come in different fiber types and thread thicknesses. Here are 7 types you can use on an embroidery machine!

Thanks to its gorgeous, lustrous, and reflective sheen, rayon machine embroidery thread is a longtime favorite of embroidery enthusiasts.

Rayon Thread

Polyester embroidery thread is becoming more popular as time passes.  It has a beautiful sheen and luster and a wide color range as well.

Polyester Thread

Cotton embroidery thread is formed from natural fibers. Most cotton embroidery threads have a matte finish rather than the glossy sheen seen with rayon or polyester.

Cotton Thread

While metallic threads produce a shiny, fantastic finished product, they are notoriously tricky to embroider with.

Metallic Thread

Variegated embroidery machine threads are made from two or more colors in a variable pattern. 

Variegated Thread

When you turn off the light, these threads  glow in the dark!

Glow-in-the-Dark Thread

Expose this thread to the sun, and it changes colors!

UV Color Changing Thread