my Singer 4423 Heavy duty Sewing machine ThOUGHTS

First, it can sew through thicker and more difficult fabrics than my everyday sewing machines.

However, it's not as strong or fast as an industrial machine. It does have its limits.

While there aren't hundreds of stitches, they'll cover your needs for most sewing projects. I love the selection of stretch stitches also.

It also doesn't come with as many supplies as some of the more deluxe Singer heavy-duty sewing machines.

I wish it included a clearance plate for thick seams and an even feed foot for seamlessly sewing multiple heavy layers. You can buy those separately, though.

Luckily, the machine is easy to thread, thanks to the directions visible on the machine's body.

The needle threader is helpful and makes threading the needle a little simpler.

One last positive is adjusting presser foot pressure is easy. This lets me sew thin fabrics as well as thick ones.