Tips & Tricks for sewing doll clothes

Doll clothes are quick to sew and are also great for for sewing beginners.

While there is a learning curve to making doll clothes, here are some tips for beginners!

1. Fabric Choice

Choose soft, lightweight fabric. Pick fabric with small prints that won't get lost, or use solid colors.

2. Adjust Patterns

Just like every person has a different size, so does every doll. Make sure the pattern fits the doll dimensions.

3. Seam Allowance

Seam allowances for doll clothes are anywhere from 1/4"-5/8," so check before starting to sew. Dolls are tiny, so little discrepancies add up!

4. Use Small Stitches

Small stitches are more aesthetically pleasing on small outfits, and you can also maneuver turns and corners more easily.

5. Clip Corners and Curves

Reducing bulk is important when sewing doll clothes.