Hi, I’m Aly! 

So…I’m actually an eye doctor by profession, but can’t we all agree saying “Which is better? 1 or 2?” can be an incredibly boring way to spend a day? Where’s the creativity and novelty in that? 

I mean, I love talking to people all day, and that allows for some variety.  But with the way healthcare is going these days, I’m pushed to see more and more patients in less and less time.  No time anymore to really get to know patients, and barely enough time to do a thorough eye exam. 

Disillusions with my profession aside, the best part of grad school was when I met an awesome guy and decided to marry him.  A couple of years later, we decided life was getting a little boring.  So we thought, what the heck?  Let’s have kids!  Cue the end of all boredom and the beginning of the endless laundry pile. 

Once my two beautiful daughters were born, I chunked my career to stay at home and raise them and have not looked back!  I work a few days here and there still to keep my doctoring skills for when my girls are older and I’ll start working more, but much more of my joy and passion in life revolve around creating new things and crafting!  (And my husband and children, of course. My daughters are hardcore crafters, too, in their own ways.)  Thanks to my amazing husband for supporting my crafty ventures and allowing me the good life to be around when my girls grow up!  

Now we’re getting to the part you are curious about: Why am I writing this blog?

Well, I come from generations of sewing lovers.  My grandmother was a high school homemaking teacher, and my mom was a math teacher who stayed at home while I was growing up.   I spent countless hours watching them sew and learning to sew from them.  My grandmother first taught me to sew by hand one summer, and my mom later introduced me to sewing with a machine.  Here’s her old, trusty Singer TouchTronic 2001 sewing machine:

I’ve been sewing as a hobby for a long time now, and I want to share my love for all things sewing and embroidering with you.  I love how creative I can be and how I’m always learning new techniques. The possibilities are endless! And my girls love that I can sew them whatever they want. (Within reason.  I’m great at basic tasks, pretty good at most other tasks, and I’m constantly learning more advanced skills!)

On this website, I’ll be providing sewing and embroidery tutorials, reviews of sewing machines, and recommendations for machines for your own use. I’m really passionate about sewing machines and tutorials that are beginner-friendly. I want you to find a machine that will help you love sewing, not hate it!

Also, I’ll have quick DIY sewing tutorials for projects I’ve made while my girls are sleeping.  I especially love to refashion, repurpose, and upcycle items of clothing and other household items into new masterpieces. Free fabric, anyone?

All My Sewing Machines and Embroidery Machines…

Now, bear with me here.  I own and have owned a LOT of sewing machines.  Here are my most recent purchases.

Starting in the mid-2010s, I began doing my everyday sewing on the Brother CS6000i.  I loved it!  I also own way more sewing supplies than your average sewing enthusiast.  Hoarding sewing accessories is an exhilarating (but very costly) past time.

CS6000i sewing machine

I then started learning embroidery with a Brother SE625 sewing and embroidery machine.  Embroidery allows me to create goodies for my girls and make groovy gifts for friends and family.  As a biomedical engineer before I became a doctor (I know, I know.  I’m not really using either of my degrees at the moment), I love how creating designs with embroidery software involves engineer-like thinking. 

My Brother SE625 embroidery machine

I loved embroidery so much and felt constrained by the 4″x4″ workspace that I eventually traded in my Brother SE625 after a year or so and upgraded the Brother SE1900 combination sewing and embroidery machine.  It’s pretty rocking awesome and I now embroider all. the. things. 

brother se1900 review

Once I got the expensive SE1900, I decided I probably didn’t need my CS6000i anymore, so it found a new home with some new nice owners. 

I then decided to venture into more sewing, so I bought a heavy-duty sewing machine so I didn’t have to test the limits of my SE1900’s sewing abilities.  Here’s my Singer 4423 heavy-duty sewing machine!

singer 4423

And then one day while shopping, I came across a great deal on a Singer 4452 that I couldn’t pass up!  I added it to my collection and found new owners for the Singer 4423.  The 4452 came with more stitches and accessories, which is why I’m keeping it.  As much as I’d like to keep two heavy-duty sewing machines around, there’s really not much use for them both!

singer 4452

I’m also a huge Cricut fan, and I finally purchased the Cricut Maker one Black Friday to help cut smaller pieces of fabric more accurately.  (Well, and I love vinyl crafts and iron-on crafts and any type of crafts really.)  Here it is in all its glory!  (Yes, that’s my younger daughter’s bouncer in the background.  We used to smile at each other while I crafted and she ate snacks.  We both enjoyed that short amount of time.  Now she’s older and doesn’t sit still for a minute.)

my awesome cricut maker

And lastly, I finally decided traveling to and from my local library to use their serger was becoming too tedious, so I cleared out a small space in my craft room for my very own Brother 1034D serger.  I have promised my husband I will not be investing in any more sewing machines or expensive crafting supplies…for at least the rest of this year, ha! 

My Brother 1034D Serger






I hope you will come to love sewing and embroidering as much as I do.  Stick around for a while and learn more about sewing machines and the fun things you can do with them!