Embroidery Machine Projects

Here’s where you’ll find suggestions and instructions for embroidery projects using your machine.

embroidery projects

Some embroidery project ideas are simpler, like embroidering towels and blankets, while others are more unique.

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  • 200+ things to embroider with a machine
  • My favorite machine embroidery gift ideas
  • Embroidery projects for beginners that aren’t too difficult
  • The most unique machine embroidery projects I can think of
  • Things to embroider from IKEA and Dollar Tree
  • Quilting and piecing with an embroidery machine
  • Making embroidered patches
  • Embroidery project ideas for babies
How to Embroider a QR Code

How to Embroider a QR Code

A few months ago, I ran across a booth selling keychains with sublimated QR codes at our local farmer’s market. I had NEVER seen anything like this before, and I was intrigued.  Since QR codes can link to a website, email address, social media account, image, or even text selection, this idea has many applications. …

How to Embroider a Beanie Hat – Tips, Tutorial, and Troubleshooting

How to Embroider a Beanie Hat – Tips, Tutorial, and Troubleshooting

One easy way to personalize a store-bought fleece or knit beanie is to add your own embroidery design. Take that boring, solid-colored beanie, stitch your favorite design, and you have a new DIY embroidered beanie for your winter wardrobe! Because beanies are so stretchy, they are notoriously difficult, but not impossible, to machine embroider. To…