15 Songs About Sewing to Make You Smile

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I have two young children, so we sing a lot of silly songs. We also have an Echo Dot that they treat like their personal DJ.

One day, my older daughter asked Alexa to sing sewing songs while I was working in my sewing room. And by golly, did you know there are actually songs about sewing?

I was intrigued and combed through YouTube and lyrics databases and came up with quite a selection of music about sewing machines. 

So, this is a quirky post containing both serious and silly songs about sewing and sewing machines for kids and adults!

songs about sewing machines

Sewing Songs To Listen To

I’ve tried to link to YouTube videos and lyrics when available so you can listen or read along.

I’ve also tried my best to link to the right tracks on Amazon Music. (You can listen to most of them for free with an Amazon Music subscription, which you can get a free trial of.) Some look to be available on Spotify and Apple Music, too. 

These songs are listed in no particular order, so enjoy!

1. The Sewing Machine Song by TR Kelley

YouTube video

This song from the mid-1990s is all about an 1899 Singer treadle sewing machine.

It chronicles the machine’s journey from its manufacturing all the way to where it resides today. 

For instance, it was first purchased for a farmer’s wife, who later passed it down to her daughter. After 50 years there, it then went to auction as an obsolete sewing machine and was purchased by a manufacturer who tried to give it a motor.

When the sewing machine jammed, the manufacturer threw it out until it was found by someone who restored it, appreciated it, and used it to sew clothing for her family. 

If you’re a vintage sewing lover, you’ll really appreciate the history of the machine featured in this song!

Listen on Amazon: The Sewing Machine Song, or check out the lyrics here.

2. Dear Sweet Sewing Machine from “Fiddler on the Roof”

YouTube video

This duet between Motel and Tzietel is an ode to their trusty sewing machine and a promise to keep it in good condition as they welcome it into their home. 

I remember playing in the orchestra for our high school’s “Fiddler on the Roof” production, and this was not in our version in the early 2000s!

It looks like this song was introduced into more recent productions (around 2016) of “Fiddler on the Roof.” This is the first song that our Echo Dot came up with when asked to play sewing music, so it must be popular now!

Listen on Amazon or read the lyrics.  

3. The Sewing Machine by Betty Hutton

YouTube video

This song about sewing machines is from 1947, has a fun orchestral accompaniment, and is a little quirky. It comes from the film “The Perils of Pauline.”

The full lyrics are available here, but some of my favorite verses say things like, “The sewing machine is a girl’s best friend” and “If I didn’t have my sewing machine, a wicked life I’d lead.”

Listen to The Sewing Machine on Amazon Music.

4. The Song of the Sewing Machine by Fanny Brice

YouTube video

Written in 1927, this song seems to reference the desperation of the Industrial Revolution.

It alludes to the “song of the sewing machine” and stitching miles and miles of linen and cotton with no end in sight. 

Listen on Amazon here or read the lyrics.

5. Coat of Many Colors by Dolly Parton

YouTube video

From Dolly Parton’s earlier singing days, this song talks about a box of small pieces of rags that her mom sewed to make a coat of many colors for her.

She cherished that coat and felt rich because of the love her mom “sewed in every stitch!”

Lyrics are here, and the track is here

6. Stitching It Together from My Little Pony

YouTube video

A more recent song, Stitching it Together is a sewing song that kids would appreciate!

It talks about dressmaking and the process that we all go through when starting to sew new clothes. Such as cutting the pattern and pressing the final thing.

I think you’ll enjoy the upbeat simplicity of and lyrics to this song!

7. A Baby and a Sewing Machine by Moe Bandy

YouTube video

The lyrics to this circa 1970s country song chronicle a lady who could reach for the stars but prefers the simplicity of sewing and childbearing.

While I’m sure modern women’s rights activists may dislike the implications of this song, I can kind of relate to the lyric, “That good life she dreams of is such simple things. All she wants is a baby and a sewing machine.”

As a doctor turned mostly stay-at-home mom with a sewing machine to keep me company, I’d say my life is pretty awesome with my two girls! 

Listen here or find lyrics here.  

8. The Singing Quilter (Cathy Miller)

YouTube video

This was a random find on YouTube, but there’s a quilter named Cathy Miller who plays guitar and sings songs about quilting!

The songs are really clever and were even made into CDs it appears from her website.

She only has one song of hers on her YouTube channel, but if you do a search by her name or “The Singing Quilter,” you can find several others. 

sewing songs

9. Sew Sew Sew by Voices of a Nation

YouTube video

Sung by “Voices of a Nation and Juan Pardo,” this is an interesting song about sewing that has a repetitive beat.

I can’t find the lyrics anywhere, and they’re a little hard to understand. But, worth a listen! 

10. Two of a Kind: We Are a Patchwork Quilt

YouTube video

This is definitely a kiddy song that compares our diverse world to the colors of a patchwork quilt. It was inspired by a Jesse Jackson speech about multiculturalism in the United States.

Oh, how this type of song brings me back to VBS as a kid, though. And, I just had to laugh at their outdated patchwork quilt vests. 

This duo is still making music and doing live performances to the day, according to their website

11. Do-Re-Mi from The Sound of Music

YouTube video

Who doesn’t know the Sound of Music and this song?

While not all about sewing, of course, this timeless song mentions, “So-a needle pulling thread. La-a note to follow so” in its lyrics

Listen on Amazon Music.

12. Sewing Machine Orchestra by Martin Messier

YouTube video

This is a word-free song, and in fact, it’s instrument-free also!

The only thing making the sounds are 12 vintage sewing machines and 12 lights, which also provide special effects.

If you enjoy the sounds of sewing and like vintage machines, you might find this creative sewing video worth the watch. (It picks up more after the first minute or so.) 

13. Aunt Dinah’s Quilting Party Song from The Waltons

YouTube video

The Waltons was before my time, but this portion of one show had a song all about Aunt Dinah’s quilting party.

I don’t know enough about the context, but the singer was “seeing Nellie home” from “Aunt Dinah’s quilting party.”

Lyrics are here and Amazon link is here.

14. Family Hands by Mary Chapin Carpenter

YouTube video

This song is about a woman who drives with her significant other to his boyhood home. It’s really sweet in that it talks about how much his mom and mom’s mom were “weavers” of the proverbial cloth he is made from. That “patchwork quilt of memory” was “stitched by family hands.” 

Lyrics here and Amazon link here

15. The Work Song (Cinderelly)

YouTube video

Any playlist from our house has to include a Disney song.

So, luckily for us, this song from Cinderalla makes mention of sewing and dressmaking and basic sewing supplies like scissors. 

Read the lyrics are here!


What did I miss? Any other sewing music that you can think of to add to your sewing songs playlist?


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