Die Compatibility of AccuQuilt and Sizzix Explained!

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Navigating die compatibility between my AccuQuilt and Sizzix machines was so confusing when I first purchased them!

However, it was much easier to understand once I cemented a few basic facts about die sizes and adapters. 

If you’re confused as well, here’s information about whether you can use AccuQuilt dies in a Sizzix or Sizzix dies in an AccuQuilt! 

I’ll go machine by machine and discuss compatibility and any necessary adapters along the way. Then you’ll know what’s compatible with what.

accuquilt and sizzix die compatibility

A Note About AccuQuilt® Machine Models

Here’s a quick explanation of available AccuQuilt machines and dies to prevent future confusion. 

open accuquilt fabric cutter

Current home-use AccuQuilt machines include the Go! Me (or Go! Baby), Go!, and Go! Big. These are listed by increasing opening size and thus die size these machines can accommodate. These machines use AccuQuilt Go!® dies. 

The AccuQuilt Studio 2 is the biggest AccuQuilt machine and uses Studio dies.

As Studio dies are thicker than Go! dies, you cannot use AccuQuilt Studio dies on an AccuQuilt Go! Me, Go!, or Go! Big machine. However, you can purchase Go! Die adapters to use Go! dies on the Studio 2.

Sizzix® Machine Options 

Same thing again but with Sizzix machines for any newbies!

sizzix big shot plus

The Sizzix Sidekick, Sizzix Big Shot, and Sizzix Big Shot Plus (there are some other names for similar machines) are three primary Sizzix machines in order of increasing opening size.

Sizzix machines use Sizzix Bigz® dies to cut fabric. 

The more industrial Sizzix is the Sizzix Big Shot Pro. This machine accommodates thicker dies, so if you want to use Sizzix Bigz dies with it, you must purchase a special adapter pad. 

Now let’s get started with specific examples!

Can you use Sizzix dies in the AccuQuilt Go!?

accuquilt dies are larger than sizzix dies

No, Sizzix Bigz fabric dies are thicker than AccuQuilt Go! dies and, as such, do not fit into the AccuQuilt Go! Me, AccuQuilt Go!, or AccuQuilt Go! Big machines. 

Thus, there’s no way to use Sizzix fabric dies in an AccuQuilt Go!. Bummer. 

Can you AccuQuilt Go! dies in a Sizzix Big Shot Plus machine?

Yes! Well, kind of. And with restrictions. 

First, AccuQuilt Go! dies only work with the Sizzix Big Shot Plus. The Sizzix Big Shot, with a less wide opening, is too narrow to accommodate AccuQuilt dies unless you shave them, which can be a big mess. 

adapter g

Second, you must use the Sizzix Big Shot Plus Adapter G (or a homemade adapter very similar) if you want the Sizzix to actually cut the fabric using an AccuQuilt Go! die.  

accuquilt sizzix sandwich

To create the proper Sizzix sandwich, start with the Sizzix (NOT AccuQuilt) cutting plate, add Adapter G, place the AccuQuilt die and fabric, and then top with the other Sizzix cutting plate.  

Run the sandwich through the Sizzix as you would any other project!

AccuQuilt Dies Compatible with Sizzix Big Shot Plus

Now, not all AccuQuilt Go! dies are compatible with the Sizzix Big Shot Plus because of size restrictions. 

big dies won't fit in sizzix

One of the reasons I like my AccuQuilt Go! is because it takes larger dies than the Big Shot Plus. See my 10″x10″ clamshell? Just a bit too big for my Sizzix! 

AccuQuilt Go! die sizes that work with the Sizzix Big Shot Plus are:

  • 5″ x 10″
  • 6″ x 6″
  • 6″ x 12″
  • 6″ x 24″

Basically, any dies compatible with the AccuQuilt Go! Me (the smallest cutter) should be compatible with the Sizzix Big Shot Plus. You can check compatibility on the AccuQuilt website

Just remember, though, if you are using a 24″ length die like the strip cutter, your platform and cutting plates on the Sizzix will not be long enough for the entire die. So, you’ll have to cut in passes and “macgyver it” a bit.

Here are some of the best AccuQuilt dies for beginners if you want to learn my favorites!

Wait, can you use AccuQuilt Studio dies on a Big Shot Plus?

And to be clear, while you can use Go! dies with the adapter on the Big Shot Plus, there is no way to use AccuQuilt Studio dies on the Sizzix Big Shot Plus. 

Can you use AccuQuilt dies on a Sizzix Big Shot Pro? 

Sizzix 660550 Industrial Strength Die Cutting & Embossing Machine for Arts & Crafts, Scrapbooking & Cardmaking, 13” Opening, Big Shot Pro with Extended AccessoriesYes! You can use AccuQuilt Studio dies in the more commercial Sizzix Big Shot Pro. You can also use AccuQuilt Go! dies in the Sizzix Big Shot Pro with the appropriate adapter. 

The Studio or Go! dies do need to be small enough in width to fit through the 13″ wide opening, though. 

Can you use Sizzix dies with an AccuQuilt Studio 2?

Yes, Sizzix fabric dies work with the AccuQuilt Studio 2 as well.

The AccuQuilt Studio 2, the most industrial AccuQuilt machine, is not a part of my craft room. Thus, I’ll leave you with this helpful video explaining how to use Sizzix Bigz dies with the AccuQuilt Studio 2 cutter!


Phew, I know this is a lot of information if you’re new to AccuQuilt or Sizzix! However, I hope it’s helped you understand the range of your specific fabric cutting machine


  1. I have a question. I own a accuquilt Go that I use to cut fabric for my quilts. My question is, can I purchase a plate, crease pad, and dies to cut PAPER that is a Sizzix brand and use my GO machine to process the die? I might need additional adapter plates to accomplish the correct thickness.
    Thank you for your input.

  2. For the Big Shot Plus, can you use an Accuquilt Die with the Accuquilt plate, the Adapter G and a regular Big Shot Plus Cutting plate on the bottom? (layer – bight plus cutting plate, adapter G plate, Accuquilt Die, fabric and Accuquilt cutting plate? Is it not thick enough?

    Also, it is hard to find the Adapter G. Do you know if the metal shim from Anna Griffin that is used for the Empress possible works in place of adapter G from Sizzix? They are both thin metal.
    Thanks –

    1. The AccuQuilt plate is thinner than the Big Shot Plus cutting plate, which is why it doesn’t work with just Adapter G. You might be able to add a thicker adapter, though, and still use the AQ top plate.

      And, sorry, I’m not sure about the Anna Griffin shim, but it might be worth a try.

      I bought my Adapter G years ago from JOANN, but I’ve noticed that Sizzix parts and accessories have been slowly going out of stock at local stores.

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