11 AccuQuilt Go! Dies to Love for Fabric Cutting

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As someone who can’t make a straight 1 1/2″ fabric strip over 2 feet long to save her life, I rely heavily on (and very much love) my AccuQuilt Go!

Ever since I purchased it, I’ve been quilting MUCH more.

I love how much time it “cuts” off of fabric cutting, and it’s so fun that it works with my embroidery machine to stitch appliques perfectly. 

Because, for me, the magic happens when sewing rather than cutting and prepping.

Now, that being said, when I was an AccuQuilt newbie, I wasn’t exactly sure what supplies I would need to get started and which dies were worth the money. 

As I learned more about the AccuQuilt universe, I put together this list to help beginners understand the different die options.

That way, you can see what will best fit your quilting style because all quilters have their own preferences.

Thus, check out what I think are some of the best AccuQuilt dies to buy and which types to check out if you’re a beginner, too!

best accuquilt dies

Best AccuQuilt Dies for Beginners – My Favorites!

But first, what types of dies are even available?

There are two main types of AccuQuilt dies: cutter dies and applique dies. 

Cutter dies include strip cutters, Qubes, Blocks on Board, and even simple shapes for straight or curved piecing.  

Applique dies make fabric for applique, which can then be stitched with your sewing or embroidery machine using the included machine embroidery file. 

accuquilt dies to try out

It is important to note that you can only use dies that fit your machine. For instance, the Go! Me fabric cutter is smaller than the Go! or Go! Big (the electric fabric cutter) and will not work with dies larger than its 6″ cutting width.

Also, the Studio cutter dies are different than those used for non-commercial cutting. I’ll not be specifically covering AccuQuilt Studio dies below.  

Now, onto my favorite dies!

1. 2.5″ Strip Cutter Die

2.5" strip cutter

By far, my most versatile AccuQuilt die (and one that I pull out for almost every project) is the 2.5″ strip cutter die. 

Because of the size limitations of specific machines, there are two different versions of this die.

My most common uses for this die are making 2.5″ quilt binding strips, borders, and just regular-use bias binding strips for other projects.

Because you can cut six layers of fabric at a time, it makes darn long continuous strips! You can also use it to make sashing.

And, I’m a bit of a Jelly Roll lover, thanks to the hundreds of easy Jelly Roll quilt patterns available. Since these fabric strips are 2.5″ x the fabric width, you can use this die to make your own 2.5″ fabric strips in no time.  

One last awesome aspect of the 2.5″ strip die is it has geometric markings on it at 30, 45, 60, and 90-degree angles. If you cut your strips first and then align them with the markings, you can cut perfect 2.5″ squares as well as a variety of diamond shapes. 

2. Go! Qube Mix & Match Block Set

mix and match block qubes

What’s great about Go! Block Qubes is each Mix & Match Qube Block comes with eight dies that all work together to make blocks of a predetermined size. (In the case of my Qube pictured above, that’s an 8″ block.)

Available Qube block sizes include 4″, 6″, 8″, 9″, 10″, and 12″. (And, there is also an English Paper Piecing Qube.) 

As seen below, each Qube includes squares and triangles of different sizes (related to the finished block size), rectangles, and a parallelogram. A cutting mat, small pattern book, and DVD are also included.

the pieces in a qube block

Below is a small visual of 72 blocks you can create with each Qube. (You can also check out the free downloadable block patterns on AccuQuilt’s website.)

all the blocks you can quilt with this die set!

Of course, you can be creative and think of countless other block options yourself, but these are AccuQuilt’s suggestions. (I regularly use my 8″ Qube to make 12″ blocks, too.)

Many AccuQuilt Fabric Cutter Starter sets include Qubes, so check out package options if you haven’t already purchased your fabric cutter. 

3. Go! Qube Companion Sets (Corners and Angles)

qubes corners and angles sets

If you already own one of the Mix & Match Block Qubes, two other Qube companion sets go with them to expand the quilts you can make. 

First, the Qube Corners Companion Set, which includes four dies. These dies are a chisel, bowtie, a signature block, and smaller size of HST’s. Overall, they make for an extra 72+ block options. 

And next, the Qube Angles Companion Set, which includes two mores sizes of triangles for the centers and sides of a square, a kite center, and a trapezoid. These extra four dies make 72+ more block patterns you can make. 

Now, adding both of these companion sets to the main Qube Mix & Match Block gives a total of 216+ block designs that include specific piecing instructions from AccuQuilt.

(All the block patterns booklets are even free downloads on their site whether or not you’ve purchased the two companion sets.) 

4. Rag Square Die

raggy quilt die

Making a raggy quilt is already an easy quilting project for beginners, but having a machine that perfectly cuts the fringe for you before you sew? 

Talk about completing a quilt top in less than an hour! Raggy quilts are a go-to baby shower gift for me, especially since I can use fabric scraps. 

Rag square dies come in 8.5″ and 5.25″ squares and a 6.5″ circle. 

5. Curved Piecing Dies (Like the Clamshell)

clamshell die

While it’s time-consuming to cut small, straight fabric pieces by hand, it’s not too difficult. However, cutting curved quilt fabric pieces is NOT so easy for me.

Cue my small army of curved dies, making cutting curves so much easier. Especially since these come out with notches to help with more accurate piecing. 

My current favorite is the clamshell simply because mermaid scale quilts are so fun! Stitching the clamshells together in a different direction also works with the Beachcomber AccuQuilt quilt pattern. 

You can check out all the curved piecing dies, or the 4″ or 8″ clamshell dies. I have the 8″ clamshell right now but wish I had the 4″ instead to allow more color variation over a small quilt.  

6. Applique Dies

applique accuquilt dies

Make sure to get an applique die or two to try your hand at cutting the perfect applique fabric.

Then, use a needle and thread, sewing machine, or even embroidery machine to stitch the applique fabric to your quilt.  

What’s fun about the AccuQuilt applique dies is that most include a free machine embroidery design that you can load to your machine to stitch the applique.

Using my embroidery machine for quilting is one of my current favorite things to do with it. (In fact, check out my tutorial for AccuQuilt embroidery machine applique.)

My favorite applique, for now, is the owl die and the accessory owl die set.

This specific die makes owls and more than eight other animals! For instance, a pig, mouse, koala, frog, and even bunny rabbit, depending on how you rearrange the pieces. 

Other cute applique dies are the gnome for Christmas time, a cancer awareness ribbon, and the AccuQuilt camper die.

7. Block on Board (BOB) Dies

accuquilt block on board die example

BOB is short for block-on-board, which means you can create an entire block’s worth of fabric shapes from one Block-on-Board die. I love my double wedding ring dies shown above! 

Also, I’m a finished log cabin quilt block lover, but I hate constructing the blocks. (I’d instead use my embroidery machine and piece the block in the hoop rather than sewing it.)

However, the Log Cabin block die features each piece to cut for the block in the perfect size. 

Plus, the log cabin quilt block makes everywhere from 5″ to 12″ block, depending on how many pieces of fabric you piece together. This makes it one of the more flexible blocks!

AccuQuilt GO! Crazy Quilt 6Or, if you want to make a scrap-busting quilt, the Crazy Quilt block die is a perfect way to use fabric up! 

This comes in 6″ or 10″ sizes and is another block in my Wish List waiting for the next big AccuQuilt sale. 

(If you have an embroidery machine, you can actually piece crazy quilt embroidered blocks in the hoop, which is also fun!)

The Wonky Heart is another scrap-busting die that can create unconventional quilt blocks. 

Some other fun BOB dies that I’ve added to my Wish List are the spool, Starry Path, and Prairie Star dies. 

One thing to note is that sometimes the BOB dies can be “hacked” using the shapes in a Qube, so make sure you are buying a block die that has unique shapes. 

8. Geometric Shape Dies

hexies and equilateral triangles

Piecing geometric shapes with straight sides rather than shapes with curved sides is a good place to start for quilting beginners. 

You can get so many different shapes if you start browsing through the geometric and straight piecing dies—for instance, Dresden, parallelogram, square, triangles, and more of all sizes and angles. 

Or, even the tumbler dies (in 3.5″, 4.5″, and 6.5″ sizes currently). While not an incredibly complicated shape to cut by hand, tumbler quilts come together fast and are easier for beginners to tackle. 

And, while some geometric shapes aren’t as easy to pieces (I’m looking at you, hexies!), you can still cut them perfectly with Accuquilt Go! dies. 

9. Die to Try

die to try

One aspect of AccuQuilt that I follow very closely is the Die to Try section

The AccuQuilt team does a virtual video each month featuring a new, fun die. (Many times, these dies to try are BOB dies, like my tangled star above.)

They show you how to use it and some finished projects. Plus, there’s a free pattern emailed later.

The one downfall of the Die to Try is that quantities sell out fast, and sometimes they don’t restock or ever start carrying the die as one of the regular dies. 

So, if you see one you want after an event, you must buy it soon to guarantee it as a part of your collection!

10. Seasonal Dies or Limited Edition Dies

seasonal accuquilt coffee and tea dies

Every year, AccuQuilt releases a collection of dies that will only be there for a limited time. I learned they’re not joking about that, so grab any you like while you still can. 

You can check out some of the current Limited Edition dies this year. I grabbed the coffee and tea last Winter because I can envision so many cute gifts made with it!

awareness ribbon die

I also missed out on buying the awareness ribbon applique die because I wasn’t ready to make that quilt, and then it was discontinued. It wasn’t a specific Limited Edition die, but I should have bought it when it was still available. Thankfully, I found one in stock locally. 

11. Other Sizes of Strip Dies

strip dies

As I mentioned, I’m not great at making perfect, small strips. If you have this problem, too, consider adding more strip dies to your collection!

Some of the other sizes (not finished) available are: 

  • 1″
  • 1 1/4″
  • 1 1/2″
  • 1 3/4″
  • 2″
  • 2 1/4″
  • 2 3/4″
  • 3″
  • 3 1/2″
  • 4″
  • 4 1/2″
  • 5″
  • 5 1/2″
  • 6″
  • 6 1/2″

I wanted a lot of variety for my limited budget, so I added the strip die with the 1″, 1 1/2″, and 2″ strips all in one!

Where to Buy AccuQuilt Dies

I recommend purchasing through AccuQuilt’s website directly, as they run the best sales (here are their current promotions) and regularly offer free shipping with no minimum.

Amazon, eBay, and Walmart are other locations that sell new AccuQuilt dies. 

Local sewing shops also have dies, but the prices are not competitive in my metroplex locale. While I love supporting local businesses, saving money is important during these uncertain times. 

Buying Used Dies

Now, If you have a local sewing or quilting supplies swap or sell Facebook group, trading dies is a great way to save money!

AccuQuilt Buy, Sell, or Trade and Anything AccuQuilt for Sale are two popular examples of Facebook groups for finding used dies. 

Final Notes

Well, that’s my list of the best AccuQuilt Go! dies for beginners getting started using their AccuQuilt. Of course, this all depends on the quilter, as we all have our own favorite things to quilt, right?!

Also, if you have a Sizzix Big Shot Pro or Sizzix Big Shot Plus but haven’t yet invested in an AccuQuilt, did you know many AccuQuilt dies are compatible with Sizzix machines?

So, which dies do you like the most and think I should add to my collection next?

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