10 Best Sewing Subscription Boxes To Love

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Sewing boxes are perfect Christmas gifts or birthday gifts. They’re also a fun splurge to bring joy when your own box arrives in the mail each month. 

With companies everywhere jumping into (and out of) the subscription box service, many options exist. 

Thus, I’ve rounded up some of the best sewing subscription boxes with descriptions so you can determine which fits your crafty desires the best!

best sewing subscription box

Best Sewing and Fabric Subscription Boxes List

Each box is a little different. Some boxes include patterns, notions, and associated sewing tools, while others have just color-coordinated fabric for open-ended sewing projects.

Thus, depending on your desires and sewing skills, check closely what you’ll get before subscribing–there’s not one box that is best for everyone!

Also, check shipping locale restrictions for each box before ordering. I’ve tried to list boxes for sewists worldwide and all skill levels, so I hope that helps!

1. Annie’s Kit Club Sewing Boxes

Annie’s is one of the better fabric subscription boxes in terms of value for the cost, so I subscribe (on and off) to three of the kits. The quality of the fabric is excellent, and it washes great. (You can learn more in my Annie’s Kit Club review.)

Right now, there are NINE current sewing box options through Annie’s Kit Clubs, and they are always adding clubs. (Five of these current kits are block-of-the-month quilt club kits.)

Annie’s also has different craft kits, so you can add knitting, crochet, jewelry-making, or even cardmaking kits to your order!

A. Annie’s Charm Pack Kit

annie's charm pack club review & unboxing

My favorite Annie’s sewing kit is the Charm Pack kit. I love a wide selection of small fabrics for sewing and machine embroidery applique, and it’s a great way to build up a fabric stash. 

Every kit includes two charm packs (each with forty-two 5″x5″ pieces) of color-coordinated cotton fabrics. 

While purchasing this subscription kit at the regular price is more expensive than purchasing two charm packs from a craft store, the intangible “value” comes from the six free Charm Pack quilting projects that appear with your first order.

Each subsequent order adds a new pattern to your library to inspire you to create. 

B. Annie’s Fat Quarter Kit

annie's fat quarter kit club review & unboxing

Annie’s Fat Quarter Club includes six color-coordinated fat quarters.

Upon subscribing, you’ll also find six fat quarter sewing projects and two basic stitching and quilting guides in your online library. And, there’s a “Learn to Make a Quilt from Start to Finish” video class for sewists at a beginner sewing skill level.  

Each month, you will get a new project idea using your fabric selection!

C. Annie’s Fabric Strip Pack Club

annie's fabric strip club

A fabric strip pack is essentially one Jelly Roll, the trademarked term from Moda. 

Thus, each of these fabric boxes comes with one fabric pack containing 40 strips (each 2.5″ x 42″) of quilting cotton fabric.

As soon as you subscribe, your pattern library has six patterns. Each month, a new pattern is added to inspire you!

The price of the fabric strip pack club is higher, but more fabric is included. I also find fabric strips very convenient and more likely to reduce the time I spend cutting fabric before starting to quilt. 

quilt from fabric strip club

For instance, I created the entire quilt top above with the Riley Blake fabric strip pack and no fabric width trimming! (The pattern is the free Jelly Roll Jam Quilt from Fat Quarter Shop.) 

D. Annie’s Holiday Quilter’s Club Kit

The Annie’s Holiday Quilter’s Club kit includes all the fabric and patterns you need to sew the seasonal project of the month.

I’ve not purchased this kit yet because I’m not much of a seasonal sewist; inspiration strikes when it strikes, and I can’t stand the thought of a timeline for completing seasonal projects! 

However, each sewing project in this kit is easy for beginners and coordinates with a holiday. 

If you’re not a big fan of certain holidays, you can view the month’s box ahead of time and decide if it’s worth subscribing each month. 

2. Sew What Box

Sew What Box

There are currently two Sew What Box types: the Fabric Box and the Project Box. (Bonus: you can switch which type of box you order each month!)

The longest-running box is the Sew What Project Box, which contains all the materials (fabric and notions) necessary to create one sewing project packaged in a cute little box. 

I love how thoughtfully this box is curated to include more than just fabric (which, by the way, is precut for those of you who hate cutting like me!) 

contents of Sew What Box

For example, the first box I received included detailed instructions, the right notions (Gutermann thread and even the sewing machine needle I needed!), and precut fabric for a couch arm organizer.

What’s fun, though, is it included extra fabrics, project tags, Bo-Nash Iron Clean sheets samples, and a quick FYI on ironing. 

my sew what box and its contents

The projects are suitable for ages 8+ and won’t take you years to complete (like all the quilts I’ve half-finished before puttering out of motivation.)

If you want to subscribe to a monthly box rather than an occasional one, check out the website for the following precut projects to know if you’ll like it before ordering.

I’ve received so many different boxes now, and I’ve never been disappointed. 

I especially like how these boxes are curated by an actual person (Taylar, the tailor!) rather than a faceless company. 

sew what box subscription contents

Another box I received and recently completed is this fun storage basket project kit, which produced the below two fabric storage cubes. The buttons are so precious!

fabric baskets I made from the sew what box

Now, Sew What Box has also introduced its Fabric Box, which is the same price as the Project Box but has different contents. 

sew what fabric subscription box

As seen above, the Fabric box contains many pieces of coordinated fabric and a fun printed pattern with written and video instructions. Even better, subscribers can customize the box to include either ten fat quarter cotton cuts or five half-yard fabric cuts. (This is the ten fat quarter box.)

And, if you don’t like the printed pattern included, you can pull up any pattern you want from the Sew What Box video vault. 

Learn more in my Sew What Box review!

3. IndieStitch Sewing Subscription Box (You can also purchase through CrateJoy)


The IndieStitch box contains one women’s clothing pattern from a different indie designer each month. (It’s a full-size printout, so no worries about having to print and tape or take it to a copy shop.)

All required fabrics and select sewing supplies are also included with each project box. Plus, subscribing gives access to video tutorials and the IndieStitch community. This is helpful for beginners first looking to learn garment making. 

Thankfully, there’s a sneak peek of the pattern included for the current month so you know if it’s your style before spending the money!

Patterns come in inclusive sizes, from sizes XXS to 3XL. 

4. Where Fun Begins Box (Through Cratejoy)

cratejoy sewing subscription box
Image used with permission from Cratejoy.

Cratejoy is a subscription box e-commerce platform, meaning anyone can sell subscription boxes on their platform.

As such, you’ll find hundreds to thousands of available subscription box options. Some are better than others, so read reviews and check ratings before purchasing. 

In terms of sewing, there are many popular sewing subscription boxes provided by small businesses.

Two are IndieStitch and the Sew What Box described above, and the third is the Where Fun Begins Box, a monthly fabric subscription box from Monroe Mountain Quilt. 

Each box contains color-coordinated quilting fabrics and assorted sewing supplies. Additionally, a project and instructions are included to use the fabrics, making this a “project box.” 

5. Fat Quarter Shop Subscription Boxes

fabric from fat quarter shop

I love the Fat Quarter shop because of the brands of fabric they carry and their affordable prices. 

If you’re looking for a huge variety of boxes offered, these might be the best sewing subscription boxes out there, thanks to the 20+ options.

Pick from multiple fat quarter clubs, a jelly roll club, charm pack club, layer cake club, and even mini charm pack clubs for fabric. Not to mention all the quilt block clubs.

The one issue with Fat Quarter Shop is their subscription box services have been hit or miss in terms of availability and timing over the last several years.

However, one of my favorite boxes is the Sew Sampler Quilting Subscription Box!

This monthly sewing box is a bit of a surprise each month, including things like block patterns, thread, assorted notions, and, of course, fabric. Subscribing also means you receive special discounts at the store and occasional extra surprises! 

6. Needle Sharp

needle sharp subscription box

Needle Sharp subscription boxes are more expensive than other options (ranging from $75 to $135), but their patterns are typically more advanced and include more expensive, premium fabrics.

There are several garment options for each box and boxes for different levels for sewists, and once you choose the box type, you can select your desired fabric from a few options.

Now, as of writing, not all boxes are for curvy women, so if you need a plus-size pattern, make sure to check the sizing information. 

For example, the Sew Essentials boxes only go up to size 14-20. However, all Sew Select boxes guarantee fit for at least a size 34, or a 61″ hip.

Needle Sharp also sells fabric by the yard and patterns if you aren’t ready to purchase a subscription box yet. 

7. Murder Mystery Quilt

If you can catch the opening (Fall most recently) of this fun quilting subscription box, join a group of fellow quilters to read through a murder mystery book one chapter a month while sewing one quilt block a month.

While sewing the quilt, you’ll discover clues to solve the mystery. The quilt itself is also a mystery because you have no idea what it will look like until it is sewn at the very end!

8. Etsy Sewing Subscription Boxes

If you prefer to purchase from Etsy rather than a company’s website, check out this large selection of fabric subscription boxes and sewing subscription boxes

As there are so many options, read seller reviews before subscribing. Thankfully, Etsy has guarantees for purchasers. 

9. Sewers Club Monthly Boxes

While the store offering the box (Owl Be Sewing) is in Ontario, The Sewers Club box will also ship to the USA, YK, New Zealand, and Australia. 

The Sewers Club Monthly Project Box box includes monthly patterns, high-quality fabric, associated notions required for the project, an add-on notion at no extra cost, and access to video tutorials for the specific project AND the entire video catalog.

The Sewer’s Club Stash Builder Box meanwhile includes a selection of fat quarter or half-yard fabrics. 

There are TONS of customizations you can make to this box:

  • Choosing the number of cuts
  • This box can be delivered monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly
  • Requesting fabric types: seasonal, kids, batiks, floral, etc. 
  • Selecting which types of fabrics you never wish to receive
  • Requesting fabric colors

10. Patchwork Parcel

Patchwork Parcel is basically a quilting fabric subscription box.

Each box contains four full-yard cuts of high-quality fabrics or four half-yard fabric cuts, plus a few free surprise notions. 

No patterns are included at the time of writing, so if you’re looking for inspiration for what to do with the fabric, this might not be the best choice. But, this box is excellent for building up your fabric stash with precut fabric. 

Other Options Worth Considering

Madam Sew Sewing Project Boxes

Sewing Subscription Box Madam Sew became popular with a humongous set of presser feet on Amazon with YouTube video instructions. As the company’s continued success has increased, they now offer a monthly subscription box.

Each sewing box has a cute and detailed pattern (women’s only, usually an Indie designer), a perfect-sized piece of fabric, all the sewing supplies needed to complete the project, and many other goodies. 

You can preview the boxes on her website so there are no surprises. And, if you get stuck during sewing, there’s a huge Facebook group to help you!

Little Miss sew n sew (UK)

For UK sewists, Little Miss sew n sew offers fun My Guilty Pleasure subscription options.

Most of the subscriptions are Fat Quarter boxes, including three fat quarters, necessary notions, a piece of candy, and a pattern for the intended project. 

On their main webpage, there are several boxes you can purchase one time to try out before purchasing a yearly subscription. 

Simply Sewing Boxes (UK)

From a sewing shop in the UK (Simply Needlecraft Haberdashery), these Fat Quarter Stash sewing boxes include a fun selection of cotton fabric, coordinated Gutermann thread, bonus notions, and a printed tutorial to help you dream how to use the fabric and notions!

A private Facebook community provides additional support like video tutorials and camaraderie with other sewists!

Dream Wardrobe Sewing Subscription Box (UK)

From Fabric Godmother, the Dream Wardrobe sewing subscription box is delivered monthly. It includes one garment sewing pattern with enough fabric to create the pattern in even the largest size (size 30.)

Additionally, the box contains the matching thread, surprise sewing gifts (which have looked in the past to be notions), and additional hints for working with the pattern and type of fabric. 

Since these can be more involved, the distributors recommend these for a more seasoned sewist with some garment-making experience or those who want to learn new skills with patience. 

One thing I love about the Fabric Godmother monthly box is if you already have the pattern for the month, you can mail it back to them, and they’ll credit the amount you spent on the pattern in the first place. 

Fabric Godmother also has sewing kits that aren’t monthly sewing subscriptions but rather a one-time purchase. These include one clothing pattern, the fabric, and some notions you need to create the pattern.  

Knit and Stitch Sewing Boxes (UK)

Knit and Stitch has two different sewing project boxes: the Deluxe Sewing Box and the Mini Sewing Box. 

The main differences between the Deluxe Box and Mini Box include extra fabric, sewing tools and accessories, and extra sewing goodies in the Deluxe Box. 

You can view previous boxes on the website (they’re beautiful!), and as soon as you subscribe, you get access to tutorials for previous boxes so you can use up your fabric stash for these projects before your first box even arrives!

SewHayleyJane Box (UK)

SewHayleyJane also offers several box options: the mini box, the classic box, and the luxury box. 

While the boxes ship free to the UK, the added shipping cost for other countries is too steep to make this a logical choice for sewists outside Europe. 

ThreadCrate (Currently Discontinued)

ThreadCrate, another fun garment subscription box for those who love sewing clothes, prides itself on inclusiveness. They offer women’s, men’s, and even kid’s sewing boxes for the widest variety of sizes (XS-5XL) of any of these boxes. 

Boxes include fabric, an apparel sewing pattern, loads of goodies, and all the instructions and supplies needed for a beginner or intermediate sewist to start crafting a handmade wardrobe.

If you don’t like everything to be a surprise, you can choose your fabric selection before each box ships (floral, geometric, etc.) If you prefer to skip the extra notions and surprises and just get the pattern, fabric, and necessary supplies, you can subscribe to the “mini” box.


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