Annie’s Kit Club Review & My 3 Favorite Subscription Kits!

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At the beginning of the pandemic, I went a little crazy with hoarding fabric and ordering craft subscription boxes.

As such, I’ve gotten quite a few Annie’s Kit clubs delivered over the last year! I decided it was time to chronicle my experiences and show what was inside some of my kits.

I’ll first do a quick unboxing of each of my recent Annie’s Kit Club boxes. Then, I’ll give a little more information about the company and my overall experience. Lastly, I’ll complete this Annie’s Kit Club review with a few things I’m not in love with.

As a sneak peek, though, the boxes are of great quality, the projects are fun, and the overall experience is positive. They can be VERY pricey with the added shipping costs, but you’re paying for more than just the raw materials. It’s hard to put a price on inspiration and a project with all the necessary supplies conveniently delivered as a fun surprise to your front door!

annie's kit club reviews

How Does Annie’s Kit Club Work?

After you’ve selected which kit(s) you would like to receive, simply check out. Then, you’ll receive your first kit soon after that.

Every subsequent month, you receive a new kit delivered to your front door that helps you craft something beautiful! Kits auto-renew unless you cancel your subscription, so keep that in mind if you ever want to cancel or put them on hold. 

Now, each kit contains all the raw materials required to make a fun project, whether it be an afghan block, piece of jewelry, or a holiday quilt square. You can access any instructions and digital project materials in your online account. (Don’t worry, the URL is included every time on a card or pamphlet within your kit!)

A Summary of Annie’s Kits Available

Annie’s Kit Clubs caters to a wide variety of crafting passions. Here’s a breakdown of the currently offered boxes before I get into my three favorite boxes. Clicking on each name below will take you to that individual box description. Boxes are all 50% off right now on your first subscription!

I wish there was a hand embroidery club or some other type of needlework club, but otherwise, the craft selection is fairly wide. 

Annie’s Kit Club Charm Pack Review

annie's charm pack club review & unboxing

This is my favorite Annie’s Kit Club box! (Well, bubble mailer because they don’t ever come in boxes!)

Every kit includes two charm packs, each containing 42 pieces of 5″x5″ coordinated cotton fabric. So, a total of 84 charm squares! 

For example, my most recent kit included the Daybreak Charm Pack by 3 Sisters and a Silverstone Wishwell Complete Collection Charm Pack from Robert Kaufman. (I love Robert Kaufman fabric!)

In addition to your fabric, your first order includes access to a baseline of 5 quilting patterns using charm packs. Then, you’ll get an extra pattern added each month to inspire you to use that month’s fabric. After my first order, I had 6 quilting patterns in my library. 

The projects do assume a basic knowledge of sewing and quilting, so they’re not geared toward complete novices.

If you have an AccuQuilt, they also give instructions for cutting many of the projects. This requires having the proper AccuQuilt dies, though, which can be hit and miss. 

Reasons I Like The Charm Pack Kit

  • I’m not great at selecting color-coordinated fabrics on my own, so buying packs of precut fabric is great!
  • As a machine embroidery enthusiast, these charm pack pieces are perfect for machine embroidery appliques and in-the-hoop projects.
  • Surprise fabric challenges me to find new things to do with fabrics outside my comfort zone. (I always seem to buy super girly pink or purple fabrics when I shop for myself.)

Check out the Charm Pack Club here!

Annie’s Kit Club Fat Quarter Pack Review

annie's fat quarter kit club review & unboxing

Fat quarters are perfect for most small projects! I use fat quarters (18″x22″) much more often than 1/4 yard fabric scraps (8″x~44″) simply based on their more convenient size. 

Each Annie’s Fat Quarter Kit contains six color-coordinated fat quarters. These fat quarters are always good quality; the ones pictured above were constructed in South Korea, but the pack was assembled in the United States.

I do wish they listed who specifically carries each fabric, though. I want to buy more of the word art fabric on the far right but can’t locate it online!

At first blush, I sometimes have a hard time seeing how the fabrics complement each other. But, then when I look at their project suggestions, I’m surprised how well they meld. My project with these specific fabrics is below. (You get a new project delivered digitally each month.) 

fat quarter club project

After your first subscription, your admin dashboard will contain 6 projects using fat quarters and 2 basic guides. These 2 guides include a Basic Stitching Guide, which is included in your mailing package, and “Learn to Make a Quilt” tutorial. 

This “Learn to Make a Quilt From Start to Finish” portion includes 2 1/2 hours of video, which is perfect for beginners learning to quilt. There’s also a printable pattern for a basic quilt that new sewers can construct simply. 

While I really do like this kit, I prefer the charm pack kit a bit more. Simply because fat quarters are much more readily available locally at fabric stores and even Michael’s and JOANN. 

Check out the Fat Quarter Club here!

Annie’s Creative Woman Kit of the Month Club Review

annie's creative women kit of the month club review & unboxing

This was my first time subscribing to Annie’s Creative Woman Kit-of-the-Month Club. If you’re up for any crafts and don’t mind what type of craft you’ll be doing, this kit might be for you.

I’m not sure how often I’ll subscribe to this kit in the future, though. While a little new inspiration is fun here and there, I’m kind of particular about my crafts. For instance, I despise crocheting and knitting (my fingers just can’t handle the motion after too many years of playing cello). 

Even though I’m NOT a painter by any stretch of the imagination, I do look forward to doing something besides sewing, embroidering, and Cricut-ing for a little while. However, the cost can be a little high for a “surprise” project. 

Nonetheless, I’m excited to craft this wooden HOME sign. It’s meant to be painted, and the O in HOME is switched out with different wooden cut-outs depending on the holiday.

Check out the Creative Woman Kit here!

Is Annie’s Kit Club worth it?is annie's kit clubs worth it?

Yes and no, depending on how you perceive value. The kits themselves are very costly for raw materials only, but it’s the intangible aspects of the crafts that can make them “worth” it. 

If you’re just looking to add to your craft stash, it’s much cheaper to handpick your own fat quarters, charm packs, yarn, etc. from your favorite online retailer or local store.

If you don’t have a local retailer or favorite online store, it is convenient to schedule monthly deliveries from Annie’s, though. 

However, if you like to be surprised and are likely to be inspired by fabric and materials outside your typical selection, then you’ll enjoy these kits! The added “value” in these kits comes from the project instructions and guides for what to do WITH the materials contained in the kits. 

Getting project inspiration AND the fabric is what keeps me coming back despite the high price. 

What to Expect When Ordering

Here’s a little more about the ordering process and what to expect if this is your first time subscribing. 

Shipping Information

Each kit costs $5.95 to ship in the United States and $6.95 to ship to Canadian addresses. So, if you get three kits sent in a month, you have to pay shipping three times.

My Annie’s Club boxes all ship from Big Sandy, TX, which is where I imagine they are located.

I’ve lived in Texas my entire life and had to Google where this was. Turns out it’s within 200 miles of where I live. After shipping from Big Sandy, first, the boxes then oddly enough went to Georgia before they came back via USPS to Texas. Shipping wasn’t super fast as a result. 


When you first subscribe to Annie’s, you’re giving them the A-OK to charge your credit card each month for a recurring subscription. If you want to cancel or put a hold on your deliveries, you can do this within your account interface. 

How to Cancel Annie’s Kit Club

I’m a flaky, on-again, off-again subscriber. Canceling (and restarting) a subscription is fairly easy. You can either call or cancel online. Canceling online takes a little navigation but isn’t too difficult. 

If you cancel your subscription, you DO NOT lose access to the patterns and tutorials that you accumulated while subscribing. 

Things I Don’t Love About Annie’s

  1. When you order, an account is automatically created. You can then sign in to access your digital materials simply using your email address. No password is necessary. If you want to change your subscription information or view specific details, though, you do have to create an account with a password. I’m still unsure why all my patterns and materials can’t be behind the password wall also?
  2. Tracking your order is difficult (quite possibly impossible?) within their dashboard. So, save the tracking email you get!
  3. They don’t combine shipping costs on multiple kits, which makes things more costly. 
  4. Pricing is not obvious. You have to click on “Join” for each club you’re interested in to first get pricing details. 
  5. The price is high, but you’re paying for shipping plus the physical materials and digital project instructions. 

Annie’s Kit Club Review – Conclusion

I hope this has provided more than enough information to show you that Annie’s Kit Clubs is legit and is a great way to receive a little bit of crafting inspiration mailed to you every month. I’ve loved getting mine this last year. 

If you’re unsure if the cost is worth it, you can always try out your first kit for 50% off here!

Or, if you like the idea of a sewing box but aren’t sure about Annies, check out my list of the best sewing subscription boxes!

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