Blasto Stitch Embroidery Review – Is It Worth It?

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I’m a deal hunter to the core and love a good bargain. As such, when I was looking for an in-the-hoop tooth fairy pillow and came across the perfect option on Blasto Stitch, I went ahead and bought the full-site deal. 

I had already purchased the full-site deal for their sister website, Embroidery Super Deal (read my Embroidery Super Deal review for more info!), and have enjoyed access to those designs. 

So, I figured this site was legit as well and also worth sharing my experiences about in this Blasto Stitch embroidery review!

And as a disclaimer, I make no affiliate income from them and am just a girl who loves to embroider on the cheap. (After years of penny-pinching to pay off over a quarter million dollars of my husband’s and my doctoral student loan debt, cheapness is ingrained in us.)

blasto stitch embroidery website review (Pinterest Pin (1000 × 1500))

Is Blasto Stitch a legitimate website?

Yes, it is a legitimate website from the owners of several different websites of the same kind (,, and I’m guessing, too.)

I laugh because every few months while browsing around, I’ll find a new website with a similar site design that this same team of people must run. That being said, I purchased the entire website deal (more on that below) and have had no issues downloading whatever I want, whenever I want it. Once you pay, you have instant and forever access. 

If you have issues with your account, Blasto Stitch’s owners have provided the quickest way to email them for help: blastohelp[at]gmail[com].

Do their designs stitch out well?

Now, I am not, nor will I ever be, a professional digitizer extraordinaire, so I am not qualified to pick apart digitizing techniques. However, I’ve stitched tons of designs from countless digitizers and have digitized many designs myself, so I feel qualified to remark on final products!

Overall, almost all of the designs I’ve tried have stitched out well, and they’re digitized manually by a person instead of someone clicking “auto-digitize” in a program. 

embroidered slippers

The tiger design and the rose above (from when I made my how to embroider slippers tutorial) are examples of two great stitch-outs!

embroidered tooth fairy pillow

Also, above is a picture of version one of my tooth fairy pillow!

I changed the fairy image to one I preferred from their stash, switched the positioning of the pocket, and made a test stitch out on spare minky, which was not a great artistic choice on my part. Rest assured, the final fairy pillow is much cuter, but I never got around to photographing it. 

However, very, very rarely, I’ll find a design that’s not perfect. (I’m a perfectionist, so I am admittedly way more alarmist than the average person.)

blasto stitch stitch out

For instance, I stitched out the above Harry Potter patch for our Halloween costumes this year, and it had some weird places in it. See the bottom? It’s missing the black bottom of the Gryffindor banner. (I double-checked, and it’s absent in the file and wasn’t an issue with my machine.)

However, from afar, it still looked great, and it’s a design I didn’t have to spend an hour plus digitizing myself, so I call it a win!

Also, I’ve run across instances where the design descriptions say specific design sizes are included that aren’t actually included once I download. For instance, a rose monogram frame I downloaded to stitch was missing the 2.5″ and 3″ sizes. 

And lastly, I sometimes have to open the included PDF file to get the true thread colors. Several designs do not import into my computer or my embroidery machine with the correct thread information still included.  

However, for a super low price for the entire site or less than a dollar per design, I will HAPPILY overlook a few issues and rejoice that I didn’t have to spend the time digitizing myself!

That being said, if you’re trying a new design on an expensive blank, examine it closely in your embroidery software or consider a test stitch-out before adding it to your blank. This is a good idea for pretty much any design from anywhere, though. 

Embroidery Super Deal vs. Blasto Stitch

As a purchaser of the “full website” packages for both sites, I’ve had some time to browse through and use the designs. Since I purchased the deals, both of their flagship offers have changed. 

purchasing the full site deal

I first downloaded the entire Blasto Stitch site for $10, which was a no-brainer. They boasted 5,000 embroidery designs and growing.

The email follow-up process after the purchase was identical to Embroidery Super Deal. I received account information, a receipt, and I even earned a “role,” which I have absolutely no idea the significance of. 

Pandemic inflation has been a beast, so now the whole Blasto Stitch site deal sells for $20. My favorite thing about the full-site deal is you still get access to all future designs, though.

When I downloaded the Embroidery Super Deal site deal, it was a $20 fee for access to all current designs. So, I don’t get future design access, which stinks a little bit.

Given the current pricing structure, if I were deciding between the two deals, I think I’d secure the Blasto Stitch deal first to take advantage of receiving future designs without worrying about an additional fee.

Now, as an alternative to paying a monthly price of $19.99 to Embroidery Super Deal, I also recommend a Creative Fabrica subscription (you get the first month for $1!) With Creative Fabrica, you can access over 10,000 embroidery designs and millions of fonts, SVG designs, graphics, and more. 

What I Love About Blasto Stitch

  1. If you purchase the entire site deal, you get a ton of fonts and tons of embroidery designs. Downloading all their designs is free forever! The designs are excellent quality, and even a few one-offs can be overlooked because of the incredible deal. 
  2. Some fonts come with .bx font files, the only type I’ll use these days, except for my preferred .esa file for Hatch. (But ESA fonts are super hard to find.) 
  3. And, if you don’t want to purchase the full package, you can instead purchase individual designs for cheaper than practically anywhere else unless you are downloading free embroidery designs

What I Wish Would Change

Obviously, this site is a great deal, and I recommend it if you want a huge selection of designs. I also said I’m a perfectionist, though, and here are things I wish would change. 

  • First, I can’t find a way to search for new designs to tell how frequently they add new ones. I wish there were a category showcasing the newest designs for more inspiration.
  • Speaking of categories, I also wish Applique was a category for browsing for project inspiration. Sometimes a project just really needs an applique, you know?!
  • I also get logged out frequently (it may just be my computer) and am asked to pay with Google Pay instead of getting to download the designs for free. Logging back in under “My Account” fixes the issue. 

One other complaint is that sometimes their designs are not always sized quite accurately or, well, conveniently. For instance, some 4-inch designs (for example, the heart and flowers stitched frame) have one dimension slightly larger than 4″. In the case of this design, it’s 4.019″.

Now, while this rounds down to 4″ and isn’t technically an “incorrect” size, if you want to use a 4×4 hoop to stitch a design, the max size the design can be is ~3.93″ x 3.93″ to fit in that embroidery field. (Learn more about embroidery hoop sizes explained!)

Thus, the named 4″ designs need larger than a 4×4 hoop to fit them. Picky, I know, but it’s still annoying to hoop my stabilizer, prep my project, and then realize I need to switch to my 5″x7″ hoop if I want to stitch a 4″ design. Either that or resize the design. 

desktop error

And lastly, this might be updated when you read this Blasto Stitch review, but there’s an extra search bar that doesn’t perform a search. DON’T use the box above the designs to search, as you can see above. It won’t find anything. Instead, use the “Search Products” section on the top right. 

one too many search bars

Same with the top search bar on mobile (or at least my Android phone). Use the bottom magnifying glass instead, which will help you find what you’re looking for. 

Overall, I hope this has answered some of your questions about this website; let me know if you have any additional concerns!


  1. I have purchased the daily embroidery for a year program…..I am almost at the end of the year and love the program. Sadly a computer crash has lost all of my saved embroidery pattern I have received over the past year. I should have downloaded them but didn’t. Is there any way to replace them? Please advise. Thanks.

    1. Have you tried contacting the company directly? Are the downloads still available in your online account to download again?

  2. I bought this two years ago and now I can’t get into it I’m so annoyed as cannot get an answer from anyone when I email no

    1. I think they’re having some major technical issues right now. I haven’t been able to access it either.

      When I had a problem with Embroidery Super Deal a year or so ago, I ultimately ended up replying to every email that I received from them and eventually got someone to respond and fix the issue after around a week.

      I’m bummed that the same problem is happening here, and I hope they fix it soon!

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