11 Sites With the Best Free Machine Embroidery Designs to Download

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I want to share my favorite websites where you can download free machine embroidery designs!

When I bought my first embroidery machine, I was not ready to invest in software yet.  Not only did I have to buy the machine, but I also had to invest in all the necessary embroidery supplies.  The costs kept adding up.

I did want to gather a variety of embroidery designs for my projects, though, especially since the designs that came with my machine weren’t stellar.

So, I started collecting free embroidery designs.  And even though I later purchased my own embroidery software, I still keep stitching other artists’ designs, too.  It has saved me a LOT of time.  Why redesign something myself when someone has already done it so perfectly?

While there are many places to buy embroidery designs online, it’s refreshing to find designers who offer free designs.  As a rule, I don’t buy from designers who don’t give a free sample to first determine quality.  Once I stitch out a digitizer’s free designs and know it’s designed well, I love to support them and purchase from them in the future. 

Let’s get started with this list!

Where to Find the Best Free Embroidery Machine Downloads

Free Embroidery Designs for Commercial Use

If you plan to sell items with these designs commercially, read the fine print from the designer before stitching items to sell. 

While rules differ from digitizer to digitizer, in general, most designers offer their free designs for you to stitch out and sell in limited quantities.  Mass production is prohibited without prior written permission, and of course, distribution of the design file and its parts is always prohibited.

Don’t download Disney or other copyrighted designs from designers, especially if you plan to sell them. These designs are copyrighted, and only licensed vendors are able to digitize and sell Disney embroidery designs and Disney merchandise.

Best Sites to Find Free Embroidery Designs to Download

machine embroidery designs for stitching free

So, without further ado, here are some of the best websites to find free embroidery designs online.  I’ve linked to the freebies page of each website in the heading, so click there if you’re interested.  Make sure to download in the file format that your machine requires.  As I own a Brother embroidery machine, I always download free .pes files.

And, not sure how you work your machine yet? Check my using an embroidery machine for beginners tutorial, and grab my embroidery stabilizer printable chart.

1. EmbroideryDesigns.com

I’ve purchased, downloaded, and stitched out many designs from EmbroideryDesigns.com.  Each week, you can download 3 new free designs from their large selection and can manage a wishlist of designs to download in future weeks.  If you make a $35 purchase, you can download 6 free designs per week.  A $75 purchase earns you 9 free downloads.

To download a design, you do have to create an account. Once you download your file, you can also download and print out a thread color chart.

Designs have a review system, denoted by a number of butterflies, where you can see how other embroidery artists have rated the design.  There’s also a section for user comments.  Many of the designs come in multiple, popular sizes such as for a 4″x4″ hoop or 5″x7″ hoop. 

Most of the designs I’ve gotten here have been great, but there have been a few that weren’t my favorite due to high stitch density.

In addition to free embroidery downloads, there are paid designs and the option to buy embroidery supplies such as software, stabilizers, threads, and more.

2. Oregon Patchworks

This is a new website that I just found that also has free embroidery designs.  Many of the designers whose personal websites I’ve listed here (Bunnycup Embroidery and Oma’s Place, for example) also sell their designs through Oregon Patchworks. 

The free designs are samplers from each designer so you can get an idea of work quality.  If you click around the website, you’ll find a lot of great stuff!

If you purchase designs from them, this unlocks even more free machine embroidery patterns!  If you download the free samplers, you do have a 10 download limit every 24 hours.

To download designs, you have to create an account that requires a decent amount of personal information.  There is also a members-only area with more free designs, but you can only access these after subscribing to their newsletter.  Subscribing to their newsletter gets you access to their Free Friday embroidery download, though!

3. Embroideres.com

I LOVE downloading from embroideres.com. 

You can download an unlimited amount of free embroidery designs at any time, and their selection is extensive.  Furthermore, there’s no requirement to register for an account or give personal information. 

There are many, many completely free embroidery designs, and then there are also embroidery designs free with purchase.  Most designs include a thread color chart, too.

If browsing for a specifically themed design, you can use the search function or browse within categories of the free designs. 

Popular designs will have several reviews, so you can verify that other users have stitched the designs before you, thus giving you an idea of quality.  Because different digitizers have submitted designs, just make sure you check reviews or do a test stitch-out before you make your project.

4. Ann the Gran

I see designs from Ann the Gran all over, and this is her dedicated website.  I’m guessing she must be associated with EmbroideryDesigns.com because her website is very similar to theirs.  The same rules apply.  You get 3 free designs per week, but this increases to 6 per week with a $35 purchase and 9 per week with a $75 purchase.

Also, you have to create an account to access the free designs, but upon registration, you get a free week of her club membership, which gives you access to another free 100 designs.  If you pay to join the club after your trial, you get unlimited access to all her club’s free designs as well as other goodies and discounts.

You can sell a limited number of items stitched with most of the designs, but obviously, distribution of the design itself is prohibited.

Ironically, there’s also another website titled grandslamdesigns.com that has similar designs to these last two and the same rules.  I’ve never actually downloaded anything from there, though.

5. Creative Fabrica

Creative Fabrica embroidery designs

Creative Fabrica has an expanding collection of design freebies.  If you subscribe to their email, they send you a new free design each week. 

Designs come and go, so make sure to download them as soon as you find new designs! 

Designs all come with a commercial license, which is great if you’re wanting to sell items.  Also, you can set up an Unlimited account with them, and for a monthly subscription (which you can cancel at any time), you get access to all 10,000+ of their great embroidery designs! 

Creative Fabrica is my favorite place to download Cricut fonts as well as SVG files. They have some of the coolest 3D SVG files out there!

6. Bunnycup Embroidery

This is one of my favorite websites to purchase embroidery designs. 

Why? Their embroidery patterns are some of the absolute CUTEST if you’re looking to design for a child.  I make all sorts of embroidered baby gifts using their designs to much appreciation from parents-to-be. Every time I log on, I see the cute designs and start dreaming of projects-to-be.  

There is a very generous number of free design packs available, too, and if you sign up for their email, they send you a weekly freebie.  They’re also constantly adding new paid designs. 

I love how they have so many options for cute appliques, fonts, and even redwork.  Their selection of free machine embroidery appliques is one of the most extensive amongst my list of favorite websites.  However, while there are a lot of great designs, some of their earlier free designs are a little oddly shaped, for lack of a better term.  They have gotten much better with digitizing over time.

If you take precautions with anonymity online, you don’t have to create an account or give any personal information to download designs.  You do have to give personal information to create an account when purchasing, though.

7. Oma’s Place

Oma’s Place has many, many incredible embroidery designs for purchase and a good, seasonally-updated section of free designs also.  Her mug rugs are so cute!

To download, you have to give an email address and first and last name for each download.  Signing up for her newsletter is optional.  I’ve found the newsletter to have really good recommendations, though, and it sometimes convinces me I can’t live without designs I never even knew I needed until I saw them in my inbox!

Files are zipped, which means you will need to extract them.  Each download has copyright information, which is fairly similar to that of most of these other embroidery websites.

8. SWAK Embroidery

SWAK embroidery has a lot of free embroidery files, but most are not as “cute” and perfected as some of the other designers.  As a mom of two girls and a friend of many mommies with kids, I usually embroider for young people. 

As such, having those cutesy designs is important for me!  The designs are digitized well, though, and will appeal more to users looking to embroider for adults or boys.

Freebies are regularly updated.  Commercial use of stitched designs is allowed, in limited quantities.

As a plus, SWAK embroidery offers MANY options of blackwork embroidery files.  This is awesome if you’re looking for a simple, not dense stitching design for a lightweight fabric.  Blackwork or redwork embroidery files are my favorites to use when embroidering cardstock cards.

This is one of my favorite places to actually BUY embroidery designs though.  Their paid designs are AWESOME.

9. Kreative Kiwi Embroidery

Kreative Kiwi has both really cute embroidery designs as well as free projects that you can make. 

They don’t necessarily specialize in traditional embroidery but rather in in-the-hoop embroidery designs.  Basically, sewing projects that you can create within your embroidery hoop such as coasters, bookmarks, potholders, and more.  There are a few free designs, but mostly free embroidery patterns.  I think this makes this site very unique.  And very awesome!

To “purchase” these free designs, you do have to give your email, name, and phone number. 

10. Daily Embroidery

If you are looking to grow your embroidery design library but aren’t necessarily searching for a specific design at that very moment, consider Daily Embroidery. 

Every day, you can download a new, free embroidery design; they remind you by email.  If you want to join their paid club membership, you get access to all the designs. 

To actually download the free design, you have to create an account and give personal information.

Their sister website, which looks like it might be embroiderysuperdeal.com, has great paid deals.  You can get a HUGE package of 200 free fonts for a very affordable price!  (I’ve purchased this, and you can read more in my Embroidery Super Deal review.)

11. Embroider This!

Embroider This! is a great website to purchase affordable embroidery blanks from and also download free designs.  They have almost every type of blank you could imagine from kids’ blanks to even acrylic blanks with compartments for embroidery fabric.

While most of the free embroidery designs are for 4″x4″ hoops, there are several designs that fit larger hoops.  I haven’t noticed their free design selection rotate much, but their designs are well-digitized and useful for my projects! 

Unless you plan to purchase, you do not have to provide personal information.

Each zipped downloaded file includes the design in numerous machine formats, a color chart, and a picture file.  This is SO helpful when trying to organize your embroidery files on your computer to be able to see a thumbnail.

The Honorable Mentions

embroidery machine stitching items

1. Falcon Embroidery

I discovered this embroidery website recently and spent hours downloading all the awesome freebies.  I haven’t stitched any yet but will update once I do. 

The designs are very unique and artsy and things I wouldn’t have even thought I needed. Plus, if you sign up for their email newsletter, they’ll remind you each day to return back and download the free design of the day.

2. Creative Appliques

Creative Appliques has several free applique designs to download and one in-the-hoop project. They have a very fun selection of paid designs, so check those out also if you have a specific design need.

3. Lindee G Embroidery

Lindee G is a legend in the embroidery community, does incredible work, and also has a nice selection of very well-digitized freebies.

4. Embroidery Online by OESD

Embroidery Online has a limited number of free embroidery designs, usually between 5-10 that change out every once in a while.  They give you these free samples to allow you to stitch their designs and see the quality so you will purchase their paid designs.  I’ve only used a few of their designs, but I have never been displeased with them.

If you do like their designs, they have tens of thousands of designs for just a dollar or two.

5. Singer Offical Website

If you own a Singer sewing and embroidery machine, you can download free embroidery files directly from their website.  There are around 50 files, some of which are very cute. 

The files are only available in Singer machine file formats, so if you don’t have a Singer machine and want to use the designs with your machine, you will need to convert them using software or an online converter.

6. Brother Official Website

When you sign up for Brother’s emails, you get access to their library of free sewing and embroidery designs. 

While I’m writing this, there are 338 free .pes files and designs, but they are constantly adding new designs at least monthly in their “Free Design of the Month” section. 

The patterns are mostly free .pes embroidery designs, so you will need to convert them to a compatible format if you use another machine type.  There are also “projects” that you can download the embroidery files for as well as custom stitches if your machine allows stitch programming.

As a major detractor, though, is I cannot seem to find to a color chart to download!

7. Designs By Juju

There are several free designs available here as well.  If you like Bible verse designs (perfect to put on a kitchen towel, for instance!) there is a whole collection of digitized verses for your use.  There are also a few cute appliques and other kid-friendly designs.

8. Pro Digitizing

Pro Digitizing offers many cute free embroidery machine designs, many for the holidays! I’ve downloaded but not stitched yet, so I can’t vouch for the quality. This is an actual brick-and-mortar store with a BBB rating, so I imagine they do good digitizing.

Other Free Themed Embroidery Designs

Designs for Commercial Use

I’ve written several spinoff post compilations if you’re looking for specific embroidery machine designs. Feel free to click around and see if there’s anything new you want to download!

What Makes a Good Embroidery Design

When you first go to download free machine embroidery patterns, take note of the size of the design and compare it to the maximum hoop size on your machine. 

When I still had my Brother SE625 sewing and embroidery machine, my maximum hoop size was 4″x4,” which meant many larger designs would not work. 

Now, I can stitch up to 5″x7″ with my new SE1900, and I have embroidery software I use to split even larger designs into smaller pieces.  Thus, I can download and use larger designs. (There are several free embroidery software downloads that help you split designs if you don’t own a program already.)

If you plan to stitch a design on an expensive garment or other material, always give any designs you purchase or download for free a test stitch on a cheaper fabric.  That, or make sure to evaluate it within your embroidery program to see if it’s digitized well. 

A poorly digitized design, such as one that was auto-digitized, will have a lot of jump stitches, may have a crazy stitch density, or might not stitch how it looks in the picture on the website.

Also, this might be a personal preference, but I like having a thread chart and printout with information about each embroidery design I have downloaded.  This sheet usually contains the stitch count, digitized size, and the list of thread changes.  I keep these sheets in a binder and flip through the binder when I’m looking for project inspiration. 

How to Download Free Machine Embroidery Designs

Each of these embroidery design websites will offer their downloads in a .zip format, or you may be able to directly download the exact format for your machine.  For me, this means downloading the free .pes file for my Brother SE1900.

If you download in a .zip format, you will have to extract this file before you transfer it to your machine.  As far as I’m aware, there are no embroidery machines that can unzip files.  You will thus need a computer to unzip these files.

Depending on your machine, you will then transfer the design to your machine via USB, WiFi, or you may have to plug in your computer.  Make sure you have the design in the right file format for your machine, or you will get an error when you go to load the design.


And that’s a wrap for my list of free machine embroidery patterns to download.  I hope you’ve found some cute designs to stitch out!  And if you like these designers, make sure to go back to them first when you decide to purchase patterns, thus supporting them as they continue to design rocking awesome designs.


  1. Susan Mountjoy says:

    Royal Present Emboidery has nice e designs. There’s not a ton of free stuff but what she has is lovely. I buy a lot from the site. The designs are always perfect! You can count on them stitching out beautifully.

  2. Thank you so much, I had the same machine that you have, I buy my 2 years ago and now I decided to use but I don’t know how to transfer the embroidery from the computer to my embroidery machine. very nice of you to share we us.

  3. janice kelly says:

    This was very helpful Im a a senior just learning how to use my embroidery machine so this is so helpful. So again thank you
    Janice kelly [email protected] janicej

  4. EmbroideryDK seems to be a great site! They have free designs. Also, if you join the $8/month group, you can have access to every design there. For $11/month (my personal favorite) they will send you the new designs once a week through email.

  5. Lorraine Scott says:

    Thank you, very helpful information.

  6. Dee Sharp says:

    Thank you so much for the helpful information. I’m just starting out. Much appreciated!!

  7. Thanks so much for this helpful article! I had difficulty getting my payment to process with embroideres.com, so I would up submitting three PayPal transactions, and one via credit card. The credit card one worked right away, and the PayPal did not. All four transactions showed up in my account. About twelve hours later, the three PayPal transactions went through. I emailed the site administrator requesting a refund for the charges, since they were very clearly all for the one, singular design, but I got a message back saying I had only purchased one design, and would not be getting a refund. I logged into my account, the PayPal transactions had been deleted from my order history. The embroidery design worked well, but not well enough for me to purchase again from such a dishonest merchant. 😦 That said – this article, and many of your others have been super helpful to me getting started on embroidering! Thank you for sharing your expertise!

  8. Jill Jonkman says:

    There is a free app for iPad and iPhone to unzip files It is called iZip

  9. nice i relay like it because i am a computerise embroidery designer and i have website about computerise embroidery designs but i got so many inquiry about small embroidery machines design, i am only sell and make big machine design like industrial machine design so i can’t help them , but now i will share your site so my user will find right pace, it is very helpful

  10. Glenda Davidson says:

    Love these embroidery tips and advise. Thanks

  11. Audrey Bronson says:

    Hi Aly,
    Thanks for the great info and all the sites. I can’t wait to get started on my new embroidery machine (SE600).
    I do have a question, which you mentioned above about license. I am going to make some items for a small local store in our area. They want to carry potholders and things like that. I would like to put some embroidery on them, but not sure if this is acceptable since I’m not personally selling it. What in their minds is a acceptable amount? Any thoughts on this? Thanks.

    1. Hi! Many sites will have a specific license that downloads with the designs. Or, there will be a link with their terms of use somewhere on the site. Personal use is always allowed, of course.

      Each digitizer is different, though, so if it’s not clear regarding quantity for commercial use, you can always contact them, and they’ll let you know!

      In many cases, when they say limited quantity commercial use, it just means you can’t use the design for massive production, for example, thousands of products on a commercial multi-head machine. I would imagine selling potholders at a store made with just your SE600 would be well within the acceptable limit for commercial use.

      I hope that helps with your questions!

  12. Julie Rendon says:

    I love embroidering but I am having an awful time. I have used a tear-away stabilizer but the embroidered images come out poorly. The fabric is pulled tightly when it’s embroidered so the end result the fabric around the embroidered image is puckered/pulled. It looks terrible. It was recommended that I use spray starch on the fabric before I embroider as well as an iron-on stabilizer. It came out beautifully. There wasn’t any puckering/pulling around the embroidered image. However, the stabilizer would not come off. I had to throw the embroidered image away.
    I’m so frustrated. Can someone please tell me the products you use and any additional information so embroidered images won’t pucker? Thank you

    1. If you use an iron-on cut-away or no-show mesh, that is going to be permanent. Tear-away and wash-away stabilizers are the only ones that don’t leave any residue on the back after embroidering. However, they’re not going to stabilize as well with dense designs or on fabrics that are unstable, which may lead to puckering.

      Terial Magic is another option instead of spray starch for stiffening fabric. However, if you’ve embroidered a dense design on an unstable fabric (and used Terial Magic + tear-away to get a great result), you might still end up with puckering after the first wash.

      And, make sure you’re hooping the fabric nice and taut, as failure to do this can also cause puckering.

  13. Julie Rendon says:

    Hi Aly,
    I appreciate your help.
    I’m so confused and frustrated. Can you please tell me what you use for machine embroidering and the order in which you use the products? I’ll follow your directions. Thank you

    1. If you have a local sewing shop, they might be able to give in-person lessons, which could be very helpful in eliminating your confusion and frustration!

      I’ve also written two posts here that explain more about stabilizers and embroidery in general that you could check out:

      1) How to choose a stabilizer: https://www.sewingmachinefun.com/machine-embroidery-stabilizer-guide/
      2) How to embroidery: https://www.sewingmachinefun.com/machine-embroidery-for-beginners-how-to-use-an-embroidery-machine/

      Hope that helps!

  14. Julie Rendon says:

    Can anyone please tell me the necessary materials – stabilizer, thread & needle size, etc. to use when machine embroidering several sentences onto a piece of white, woven fabric? I would greatly appreciate anyone’s help. Thank you, Julie

  15. Lois Steere says:

    Love your site. Saves loads of time searching for each site separately. Just wanted to let you know the Singer site doesn’t seem to work. I always get the message that site not found on this server. But there are plenty of places to find GREAT stuff. Thank you so much!

    1. Thanks for letting me know! I’ll go check into updating the link right now.

  16. Anita Wehmeyer Grabowski says:

    KreationsbyKara.com also has a nice selection of freebies. I’ve downloaded, but not stitched out. Designs by JuJu has excellent designs and fantastic sales. She has monthly freebies on her Facebook page. I’ve downloaded and stitched out. Quality designs with reliable stitch outs. Thanks for compiling this list.

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