20+ Dollar Tree Sewing Supplies Worth Buying

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Even though Dollar Tree raised the prices of items to $1.25 (and added the $3 and $5 sections to most of our local stores), I’ve been pleased that the craft supplies section has expanded to include some great deals. 

So, just like I did with my Dollar Tree embroidery blanks post, I headed to my local Dollar Tree to scout it out.

During this trip, I found more than 20 sewing supplies you can buy at Dollar Tree that save money and aren’t half bad!

20 sewing supplies to buy at dollar tree

Dollar Tree Sewing Supplies To Check Out

Obviously, Dollar Tree rotates stock over time and carries different items at each store.

However, the last two times I popped in, I found these sewing supplies at just one of my local Dollar Tree stores. 

1. Fabric Strip Packs

fabric rolls

Fabric strip packs are just a collection of color-coordinated 2.5″ x 42″ fabric strips–you might know them by Moda’s trademarked term “jelly roll.” 

Dollar Tree sells its version of jelly rolls for $5, and the packs include 15 pieces of the 2.5″ width-of-fabric strips. 

I love fabric strip packs because there are many easy jelly roll quilt patterns and other projects available. 

quilt from fabric strip club

For instance, the above quilt only took one 40-ct fabric strip roll (not from Dollar Tree, though) and a few hours!

2. Fat Quarter Packs

fat quarter packs

I’m so impressed that Dollar Tree has fat quarter packs (5 pieces of 18″ x 21″ color-coordinated quilting cotton) for $5.

I’ve purchased 4 of these fat quarter packs so far, and the solids are great for applique, and the others are perfect for my sewing projects. 

And for $5, the quality is good!

sewing scrap organizer

For example, above is a scrap catcher and pin cushion I whipped up quickly using 4 fabrics from a recent Dollar Tree fat quarter bundle. 

I also like using fat quarters when creating applique quilt blocks, as it makes selecting coordinating fabrics so easy. 

3. Single Fat Quarters

fabric fat quarters

Our Dollar Tree also has a perpetually rotating selection of single fat quarters. 

However, for $1.25 per fat quarter, it’s less expensive to buy the five fat quarter pack for $5. 

dollar tree fat quarters

But, every time I go in, I see different fat quarters in the singles section. However, the packs rotate selection less frequently. 

4. HTV (Iron-On Vinyl)

htv vinyl

Our Dollar Tree recently started carrying neon iron-on vinyl, so I’ve been stocking up as I find it. 

Why is this useful for sewing?

htv applique

Well, you can applique using heat-transfer vinyl and an embroidery machine, and the same technique works with sewing machine applique using a satin border stitch.

Simply cover the fabric with the HTV roughly cut to size, stitch, tear away the HTV from the satin stitch, and press with an iron. 

Now, I haven’t washed anything I’ve created with dollar-store HTV yet, but I’ve had good luck using their regular permanent iron-on vinyl. So, I hope the HTV is also decent. 

5. Sewing Kit

dollar tree sewing kit

Dollar Tree even has sewing kits!

Our kits are located in the checkout line and contain threads, pins, a tape measure, and other basic sewing supplies for hand stitching. 

These are fun gifts for non-sewers or to keep in your car or purse in case of wardrobe emergencies. 

6. Mini Crafting Irons

dollar tree mini iron

The cheapest crafting mini-irons start around $15, so if these Dollar Tree crafting irons turn out to be any good, what a deal that would be!

7. Rotary Cutter

rotary cutter

I actually bought one of these for $1.25 to try out, and it’s not horrible for a 28mm rotary cutter! 

It’s a sharp rotary cutter, but my two complaints are that it’s not ergonomically friendly (I prefer my Martelli rotary cutter for long cutting sessions since I have a connective tissue disease that affects my grip) and it takes a little more oomph to get the blade rolling. 

8. Mini Cutting Mat

cutting mat

Dollar Tree also has 7″x9″ small self-healing cutting pads that you can place on the table right next to your sewing machine. 

Add the inexpensive rotary cutter above, and for $2.50, you can have the perfect setup for small projects. 

9. Hook Racks

hanging hooks

If you want to live life on the edge and hang scissors or other sewing notions from hook racks, you can also find these 6-hook racks at the store. 

dollar tree sewing supplies

10. Peg Board Pieces


While I can’t vouch for Dollar Tree’s quality, pegboards are a great way to use empty wall space. 

I’m a fan of Home Depot and IKEA’s pegboards (both are in my sewing room).

pegboard stabilizer organization

Here’s part of my Home Depot pegboard holding my stabilizer. 

how to organize embroidery stabilizer

And here’s my IKEA pegboard, which organizes many of my larger embroidery stabilizer rolls. (Also, check out my favorite IKEA embroidery blanks!)

11. Magnifying Sheet

magnifying sheet

This sheet goes over paper, fabric, you name it, to magnify 3x and make seeing small details easier for sewists with poorer vision. You can also find magnifying glasses. 

While it’s probably easier to use these other visual aids for sewing I compiled, they cost much more than the $1.25 this sheet does!

12. Lint Roller

lint brush

Finding tiny pieces of thread and fuzz all over is no fun, so having a lint brush handy is an easy way to tidy up the appearance of a sewing or embroidery project. 

13. Plastic Bags

plastic bags

Sometimes I store in-progress sewing projects in plastic scrapbook containers, but when I run out of those, I store them in plastic gallon slider bags! (Or bigger slider bags if it’s a huge project.)

14. Measuring Tools

measuring tape

You’ll find many measuring tools used when sewing, like tape measures, 6″ and 12″ rulers, and more. 

My flexible tape measure is the tool I use most often. 

15. Spray Bottles

spray bottle

I like keeping one bottle filled with water and one with liquid stabilizer, which I make by dissolving old wash-away or water-soluble embroidery stabilizer scraps in water. 

16. Pillowcases, Fleece Blankets, and More

dt pillowcases

I’m a huge fan of repurposing, and sometimes you can find items like pillowcases, sheets, and fleece blankets for $1.25. 

For instance, the above pillowcase could be used for a pillowcase kids’ dress!

Fleece blankets can make kids’ pajamas, and sheets are perfect for muslins. 

17. Felt Rolls


I like using felt for applique and other projects that need more stiffness. 

18. Elastic


Dollar Tree has both white and colored braided elastic plus craft cord elastic.

Surprisingly, the price for elastic here is lower than at my other local big box stores. 

19. Calculator


Hear me out on this one!

Even though I have an engineering undergrad degree, I double-check my calculations involving seam allowances (who invented 5/8″ as the standard really??) and quilt block pieces with a calculator before cutting. 

Fabric is NOT cheap, and my mom-brain is tired at night, so better safe than sorry, right?!

20. Ribbon


To add embellishment to projects and clothing, add little pieces of ribbon. There were many varieties of this lace ribbon and several other options in store. 

21. Finger Protectors

finger protectors

While I use these most with my glue gun, I’m not above putting them on when I’m about to intentionally be dangerous when pressing a project. 

22. Glue Stick

glue stick

While school glue isn’t my favorite for sewing projects, I know plenty of sewists and quilters who swear by it. 

23. Parchment Paper or Freezer Paper

parchment paper

Parchment paper is a good substitute for tracing paper when tracing patterns. 

While I couldn’t find freezer paper on my trip today, I’ve seen it there before. There are many more uses for freezer paper when sewing or quilting than parchment paper.

24. Storage Bins

more storage items

If you need storage for your threads, needles, notions, etc., there are more storage options that you can imagine at Dollar Tree. 

storage tins

For instance, these little plastic containers can hold snaps, buttons, pins, and other small notions. 

25 dollar tree sewing supplies

And that’s the compilation of my recent Dollar Tree sewing supply finds!

Anything at your local Dollar Tree store to add?


  1. People call me Madame $ tree, that’s how I like to go to the $tree store. I’m always found nice things.

  2. I was wondering if you could tell me what I could use to get like the letters off an old army jacket so I can replace them but not ruin the color of the jacket would they have anything at the dollar tree??

  3. Our dollar trees stink where we live they don’t even have but 15% of what other store elsewhere have. I really hate seeing all the other dollartrees then going to ours the only 2 we have and they have nothing like what everyone else has. We don’t even have a 3 and 5 dollar section at our stores. The craft isle are lacking so much at our stores its not even worth it.

  4. My dollar tree is amazing, it’s stays clean fully stocked and the workers are so helpful, I wish we could get the jelly rolls and fat quarter bundles ,

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