25 IKEA Embroidery Blanks and Supplies You’ll Love

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One great thing about living in my metroplex is there are two IKEA stores within an hour from my house. 

While neither store right around the corner, I had a doctor’s appointment near one and an hour to spare before needing to pick my daughter up from preschool. 

So, I popped into IKEA, survived the long trek through the store, and took pictures of all the embroidery blanks and supplies at IKEA that I could locate. 

Some were boring, everyday blanks, but many were more inventive and inspired my creativity for future projects. 

Check out these fun IKEA embroidery blanks and supplies!

ikea embroidery blanks and embroidery supplies

IKEA Embroidery Blanks and Supplies

1. Blankets and Throws

more blankets

Blankets are a go-to embroidered gift idea for me, and they’re fairly easy to customize. (Learn the steps in my how to embroider a blanket tutorial.)

another blanket

IKEA has TONS of blankets to choose from!

ikea throw

Fleece blankets like the VANKRETS and blankets with tight weaves like the HOLMVI are some of the easiest to embroider. 


thin cheap throws

Some of these are SO inexpensive, like the VITMOSSA and THORGUN throws. (They’re a little thin, though.)

embroidered blanket

Some, like the SOLGUL, already have embroidery on them!

2. Pillowcases and Pillow Covers


Many pillowcases at IKEA can be embroidered with your machine. 

If you have a single-needle embroidery machine, you’ll only be able to embroider the outer edge unless you seam rip to isolate a single layer, though.

duvet and pillowcase

Some of the pillowcases in the kids’ section also come with duvet covers to which you can add embroidery. 

ikea pillow case

There are also pillow covers like the EBBATILDA for throw pillows. These have an opening on the back, making a different area accessible for flatbed machine embroiderers. 

3. Curtains


While I’ve never embroidered curtains, I can envision adding a fun stitched border at the bottom. 

IKEA has curtains of all sizes, so pick your favorite color and start adding decorative motifs. 



The IKEA ROCKAN robes are soft, fuzzy, and just waiting for an embroidered monogram, initial, or cute design on a breast pocket. 


The BJALVEN robes have a waffle weave but are still a perfect IKEA embroidery blank. 

5. BJARSEN Shower Curtain

shower curtain

The BJARSEN shower curtains at IKEA are only $2.99 at my store. They’re also perfect for embroidering!

Just make sure to embroider a location that won’t be exposed to water (needle penetrations aren’t leakproof), or plan to use another liner inside the shower curtain. 

6. Terry Cloth Towels

towels of all kinds

IKEA has a huge assortment of bath towels, hand towels, and washcloths that can all be embroidered. 

The VAGSJON towels are among the least expensive and felt like good quality for the price. 

Learn how to embroider towels if you’ve never tried this embroidery blank. 

7. Dish Towels

dish cloth

You can also find thinner dish towels like the RINNIG. 

8. Hooded Kids’ Towels

hoodie towels

The JETTELIK kids’ towels are hooded, and some are already embroidered. 

However, you can add your own personalization to the bottom or anywhere else on the towel. 

hooded towel

The BUSENKEL towel with hood is another option to check out. 

9. Toiletry Bag

toiletry bag

The VARANTENNMAL toiletry bag is one of many small bags that can be embroidered with a machine. 

For single-needle machines without free arms, you will be limited in the size of the design you can stitch and where you can stitch it on the bag.  


spa slipper

One of the more fun things I made recently was embroidered spa slippers for my daughters.

house shoes

I found two types of spa sippers on my IKEA trip: TASJON and SKOVELSJON. 

If you have a multi-needle embroidery machine, either should be easy to embroider. However, these won’t be possible on a flatbed machine since I didn’t see any hook and loop fasteners. 

11. ALSTERN Bath Mat

alstern bath mat

The ALSTERN bath mat has no rubber on the back and is relatively thin; thus, it should embroider easily. 

Treat it like embroidering a terry cloth towel, and you can add some fun decor to the sides or venture into the trickier possibility of embroidering over the ridges. 



The IKEA DOFTDRACENA is a headband with a small nylon fastener. 

The color isn’t my favorite, but it unhooks to lie flat and can be easily embroidered!

Just follow the basic tips for embroidering stretchy fabric, and you’ll have no problems. 


sleeping mask

This fun sleep mask is also easily embroidered. 

One potential issue I see, though, is the backside of the embroidery being itchy on your eyes. 

However, embroidery backing like Sulky Tender Touch should decrease that issue. 

14. KNOSEN Toilet Paper

toilet paper from ikea

Yes, you can embroider toilet paper, although I’ve yet to do it. (The closest I’ve done is embroider paper towels.)

What’s fun about IKEA toilet paper is it comes in a dark gray and light pink to make embroidered toilet paper an even more whimsical gift. 

15. Tablecloths

table cover

The FULLKOMLIG and OMBONAD tablecloths are just two examples of the many tablecloth blanks at IKEA that can be embroidered. 

table cover

There are many other colors and sizes as well. 

16. Table Runners

table runner

The SVARTSENAP is a table runner that will accommodate an embroidered motif easily. 

17. Bibs

bibs and smocks

The KLADDIG bib smock and MATVRA bibs can be easily floated and embroidered with your machine. 

I loved having the KLADDIG bibs for my daughters when they were younger–we used them when eating at the table and doing art to keep messes away from their nicer clothes. 

18. Art Smocks

mala apron

For children age 3+, the MALA art smock keeps paint and art off kids and can be embroidered for customization also. 

19. Stuffed Animals

stuffed animals

You can embroider stuffed animals, and IKEA has a large selection! 

You may need to use your seam ripper to isolate a single layer for the best results.

However, most of these animals are just waiting to have an ear, paw, or even fin embroidered!

embroidery blanks at ikea

20. Lint Roller


While not an embroider blanky, lint rollers are 100% necessary when I finish an embroidery project. 

I always have loose threads that can be easily cleaned up with a lint roller. 

(A lint roller is one of my favorite Dollar Tree sewing supplies, but it’s now cheaper here at IKEA since Dollar Tree raised their prices to $1.25.)

21. ALEX Drawers

alex drawers

My entire craft room is composed of mostly IKEA furniture. 

Besides the KALLAX shelves, my favorite IKEA storage solutions are their ALEX drawers. 

embroidery thread storage in IKEA ALEX

I use both drawers to hold hoops and supplies and organize my embroidery threads

22. SKADIS Pegboard

skadis pegboard

While I think I prefer my Home Depot pegboard thanks to more hook varieties available, the SKADIS pegboard is sleeker and “prettier.”

how to organize embroidery stabilizer

I’m currently using it to display and organize many of my stabilizers

23. Machine Tables

embroidery machine table

Until I switched to my Husky workbenches, I used only IKEA tabletops in my craft room. 

I still have a LAGKAPTEN table with adjustable legs that I use with my cutting mat. 

sewing machine table

Two other fun table options for embroiderers or sewists with minimal craft room space exist: the NORDEN table and KALLHALL tables. 

24. LED Light Strips

led light

Adding LED light strips near your sewing workspace can give better contrast and make embroidering easier on the eyes. 

This visual sewing aid can also help embroiderers who need extra illumination when hooping, trimming jump stitches, or cutting applique fabric in the hoop. 

25. JALL Tabletop Ironing Board

ironing board cover

I had one of these small ironing boards for ages, and it works great next to an embroidery machine. 

Often, you’ll need to remove a hoop and press fabric (adhering applique with HeatNBond Lite on the back or folding back fabric when in-the-hoop piecing quilt blocks.)

I’ve since replaced my small ironing board with a wool pressing mat that’s more compact but also smells like a stinky barn when I use it. 


And that’s a wrap for the IKEA embroidery blanks and supplies that I could find on my recent trip. Any other things you’ve found to embroider from IKEA?

And, while you’re here, check out my favorite embroidery blanks distributors, embroidery blanks you can buy at Dollar Tree, and how to save money when embroidering!

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