Easy-to-Sew Oven Mitt for Kids and Dolls – Repurpose Project

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Did you know Dollar Tree has oven mitts in its store? 

This was a fun find because oven mitts are perfect for personalizing with a Cricut or embroidery machine, making an inexpensive, thoughtful, and fun gift for neighbors, teachers, and more!

While I was dreaming of things to do with these newly-discovered items, I decided it would be fun to give my daughter and her doll matching oven mitts.

The beauty of this idea is you can repurpose an old oven mitt into two mitts–one each for the child and doll. 

If your child’s wrist isn’t too large, you can even use the original hem of the mitt when making both the new ones!  (Essentially a one-seam project.)

Here’s how to make an easy-to-sew kid’s oven mitt with a matching doll mitt!

dollar tree oven mitt repurpose


Here is what I used!

  • Oven mitt
  • Sewing machine with 90/14 needle (sharp or universal) and thread
  • Pinking shears or sewing scissors
  • Point turner (or something to help with poking out edges)
  • Fabric marking pen or washable marker
  • Sewing machine Error: invalid link type (really helpful but not necessary)

How to Repurpose an Oven Mitt

Let’s get started with the process! 

First, turn your oven mitt inside out.  We’ll be doing all the sewing from this direction.

mark your fabric with a marking pen

Next, using your child’s hand as a guide, draw a mitten shape around the hand using a fabric marking pen.  The line is the seam line, so you don’t need to worry about any seam allowance. 

Use the base of the adult-sized oven mitt as the base of the new oven mitt pattern. 

Do make sure to leave a wide enough opening at the bottom to turn the mitt back inside out when you’re done sewing. 

Also, remember it’s easier to cut away more fabric but very difficult to add fabric back if your mitt is too small.  So, err on the larger size when drawing and sewing.

measure the doll's hand for the oven mitt

While you’re at it, also draw the doll’s hand shape onto the oven mitt. Above is Sienna, our doll, posing as a hand model.

I could easily fit both of the mitts along the opening, thus using the original hem. 

use a walking foot for best results

Now, it’s time to sew along the lines you drew. 

If you have a walking foot, or even feed foot, for your sewing machine, this is a great time to pull it out.  It helps control the fabric better and evenly feeds bulky layers. 

If you don’t have one, opt for your all-purpose zigzag foot and make sure to carefully watch it while stitching.

how to sew an oven mitt for dolls and toddlers

Use a regular straight stitch to sew around the marked lines for both oven mitts.  Stitch slowly around corners and decrease stitch length for more accuracy around the curves.

You don’t have to be perfect, though, as the shape of the mitt is very forgiving. 


clip raw edges with pinking shears

Once you’re done sewing and your threads are clipped, use pinking shears (or scissors) to trim close to the stitched lines.  Make sure not to accidentally clip into them! 

use a point turner to push out the edges

Next, it’s time to turn the oven mitts back right side out.  This might take a bit of finagling. 

I use the rounded point of my point turner to help push the thumb section and the finger sections out nice and flat.

how to sew an oven mitt for a doll

I also gave the mitts a quick press when I was finished before revealing the finished project. 

So far, my daughter and her doll are loving their new DIY oven mitts!

Kids’ Oven Mitt Sewing Project – Conclusion

I hope you enjoyed this easy-to-sew kids’ oven mitt tutorial!

It’s so fun repurposing something inexpensive into something so cute. 

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