7 Exciting Embroidery Magazines to Subscribe To

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If you’re looking for embroidery inspiration delivered regularly, a subscription to an embroidery magazine might be a perfect fit. 

While physical magazines (and even digital magazines, for that matter) aren’t as popular now as they were years ago, there are still many exciting embroidery magazines that you can check out. 

Check out this list of the best embroidery magazines to read this year!

embroidery magazine subscriptions

Embroidery Magazine Subscriptions

As a note, I’ve included both hand and machine embroidery magazines in this list, so make sure to read pertinent details before subscribing. 

I’m also not ranking in any specific order, as the magazines differ in focus and intent and will appeal differently to the various types of embroiderers. 

And, many of these you can get for free through your local library’s online system or by going into the library and reading their physical copy. For example, my local library uses Libby for e-books, and I can get many of these magazines free with my library card!

1. Creative Machine Embroidery Magazine

Creative Machine Embroidery

Quite possibly the most popular machine embroidery magazine, Creative Machine Embroidery is released quarterly in print or digital format. 

Issues typically include several stitch-alongs where embroidery enthusiasts provide free embroidery designs and step-by-step stitching directions with pictures. 

Since the magazines are released quarterly, many projects are seasonally relevant. For instance, in the Fall 2022 issue, there are instructions and designs for free-standing lace pumpkins, cute Halloween huggies, and even a fun spooky-themed placemat. 

In addition to projects, informative articles cover techniques and basic machine embroidery skills. 

There’s also an embroidery app from Creative Machine Embroidery where you can read any issues you’ve purchased on your device. (It’s available in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.)

Where to Get It:

I also like to check out this embroidery magazine for free through my local library. (Don’t worry about digital borrowing; project instruction pages include the URLs where you can grab the free designs mentioned.)

2. Love Embroidery Magazine

Love Embroidery

Love Embroidery magazine is released monthly, although it totals 13 issues per year. It focuses on hand embroidery, not computerized machine embroidery.

Each issue includes templates and instructions for a variety of projects. (The current issue has 13 projects, several of which are seasonally focused.) Physical subscriptions also include small embroidery gifts each month.

In addition to project tutorials, beginners can enjoy reading tips for improving their techniques and also get an overview of current trends in hand embroidery. 

Where to Get It:

I can also download Love Embroidery Magazine free through Texas’ online library system, so check your local library!

3. Stitch Magazine

Stitch magazine

A UK-based embroidery magazine delivered bi-monthly, Stitch Magazine focuses on various needlework crafts like hand embroidery, needle felting, and even free-motion embroidery with a sewing machine. It doesn’t cover embroidery with an embroidery machine using computerized designs, though. 

Seasonal and evergreen projects abound, and each month features other helpful articles like their favorite monthly book picks, artist profiles, and information about different stitching groups. 

This magazine has a fun, eclectic feel and inspires more than just simple embroidery projects. Sequins, goldwork, free-standing embroidery, and other unique ideas abound!

Where to Get It:

My library also provides this magazine free online. 

4. Textile Art Magazine Embroidery

Delivered bi-monthly, this magazine also focuses on embroidery and textiles. I can’t grab a copy of this magazine through my local library for a full review, so I’m interested to hear your thoughts. 

They do describe in their mission statement, though, that they speak with embroiderers and textile artists to provide into different aspects of hand embroidery. 

The featured information for the current issue includes profiles and discussions with more than 15 artists! 

The magazine also has an Instagram profile, but they post infrequently. However, you may find a free download or reference to a sale occasionally!

Where to Get It:

5. Homespun Magazine

Homespun Magazine

Homespun is an Australian magazine delivered bi-monthly to crafty folks.

With many needle crafts like sewing, hand embroidery, cross stitch, crochet, and quilting, Homespun covers almost everything we serial crafters love. 

Their current issue has an author spotlight and projects like bag making and creating a cute felt wreath. It’s a hefty 134 pages, although many pages are filled with advertisements. (I love craft ads, though, as I discover new brands and deals!)

Each project includes free patterns and detailed step-by-step instructions and pictures. 

Where to Get It:

  • Subscribe on Pocketmags.
  • And, despite being an Australian magazine, I can also grab this one through my Libby App!

6. Inspirations Magazine

Inspirations Studios has two magazines that cover hand embroidery and other needlework crafts: Inspirations Magazine and Australian Smocking & Embroidery. 

Inspirations has over 100 issues and an app in the iTunes or Google Play store where you can purchase or read issues. 

Where to Get It:

7. Quilters Companion Machine Embroidery Magazine

I’ve read Quilter’s Companion magazines in the past, but I recently discovered they have a couple of episodes that include machine embroidery. 

These seem like a special edition set rather than something available for a regular subscription, but I’m still mentioning it here in case you embroiderers love Quilters Companion. 

Where to Get It:


These embroidery magazines are great gifts for embroiderers and fun treats delivered to your Kindle or doorstep regularly. I love keeping up with trends in embroidery, and I hope you do, too!

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