20 Gifts for Machine Embroiderers – Ideas They’ll Love

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Whether it’s Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or any random day, buying a thoughtful gift for your embroidery-loving friend is never unappreciated! 

But what if you know nothing about embroidery and have no idea what they might want?

In that case, I’ve put together this list of fun, helpful, and unique gifts for embroiderers to help you out! As an embroidery lover myself, these are some of my favorite things in my craft room!

Some of these gift ideas for embroiderers require knowledge of the giftee’s specific machine, but most can be enjoyed by all embroidery lovers everywhere.

gifts for embroiderers

Best Gifts for Machine Embroiderers

1. New, Clever Flash Drive

BorlterClamp 32GB USB Flash Drive Cute Cartoon Sewing Machine Model Memory Stick, Gift for Students and Children (Purple)If your favorite embroiderer owns an embroidery machine with USB input (this is very common), you can purchase the cutest little sewing machine flash drive. 

This makes transferring created or digitized designs from a computer to an embroidery machine both possible and fun. 

However, anyone who owns a computer may smile when using this whimsical gift. 

2. Thread Huggers

gift idea for machine embroiderers

Embroidery thread is so slippery and thus notorious for not staying on the spool like regular sewing thread.

As such, spool huggers are very convenient to have around. This is a much better alternative than taping ends or letting them unwind all over the place. 

bobbin huggers

You can also purchase bobbin thread clamps to keep bobbin threads from unwinding, too. 

3. New, Fun Threads

novelty thread a gift for embroiderers

If your friend or family member only sticks with traditional rayon, polyester, or cotton embroidery threads, there are several types of really fun threads that can spice up boring embroidery. 

color changing thread inside and outside colors

For instance, consider glow-in-the-dark embroidery thread, UV-sensitive embroidery thread, metallic thread, or variegated embroidery thread as a gift idea for a machine embroidery enthusiast. 

4. Mini-Iron for Applique or In-the-Hoop Quilting

buy a mini-iron as a machine embroiderer gift

Having a miniature iron for applique and in-the-hoop quilt piecing is SO helpful.

This tiny iron fits in your palm and within the confines of an embroidery hoop. It can be used for adhering fabric to fusible stabilizer or fusing applique fabric to an embroidery blank. All without having to remove the fabric from the hoop! 

Here are some of the best mini-irons for crafting, but the two I own and love are the Steamfast mini-iron and Clover II mini-iron. The Clover II iron will even reach into the embroidery workspace so you don’t have to remove the hoop from the machine. Just make sure to place a heat-resistant pad underneath it. 

5. Helpful, Specialized Scissors

new scissors

If your embroidery enthusiast uses regular sewing scissors without long, thin points to clip jump stitches or trim applique fabric, having specialized scissors like embroidery snips, duckbill applique scissors, or double-curved embroidery scissors will make a world of difference!

Check out the best machine embroidery scissors for every task!

6. Machine Embroidery Journal

Machine Embroidery Journal: Floral Cover, 6X9 inches, 110 pages, area for project details including embroidery pattern name and designer, digital ... including brand, weight, color and tension .

This fun gift for machine embroiderers is a small journal that holds pertinent details of embroidery stitch-outs. Including places for design information and tension settings, thread information, stabilizer details, etc, this journal is perfect for recording the ideal settings for favorite projects in one easy-to-find place. 

7. Stitch Eraser

how to remove embroidery from a t-shirt

Whether it’s a Stitch Eraser or Stitch Ripper, embroidery removal tools are perfect gifts for embroiderers who often tend to find themselves correcting errors. 

Unfortunately, my stitch remover has been used many times over the years. 

8. A Cricut Maker

a cricut maker for an embroidery enthusiast

Did you know a Cricut Maker can be used in conjunction with an embroidery machine? (Learn more about using a Cricut and embroidery machine together!)

For embroiderers who have trouble cutting applique or in-the-hoop fabric perfectly, a Cricut Maker can make such a difference.

Plus, who doesn’t love more craft gear?! I think this is one of the best gifts for machine embroiderers who are already overflowing with embroidery machine supplies. 

brother scanncut

However, if your favorite embroiderer has a Brother embroidery machine, they may prefer a Brother ScanNCut.

Some of their top-of-the-line embroidery machines will connect wirelessly to top-of-the-line ScanNCut machines. For instance, my Brother Luminaire and SDX330D can talk to each other wirelessly. 

9. Gift Card to Favorite Design Site or Shop

Consider an Etsy gift card or another gift card to go on a design or supply purchasing frenzy. For instance, Creative Appliques is one of many design websites that offer gift card options to purchase cute designs!

If you have a local embroidery shop that sells embroidery designs, purchasing local is always great. However, the supply is so limited for most of us that we have to shop online. 

10. Silk Ribbon for Machine Embroidery

Threadart 2mm Silk Ribbon Set - Red/Pink Shades - Four Spool Collection - 100% Pure Silk Ribbon - 10m (11yd) Spools - 44 Yards of Ribbon

For the ambitious embroiderer constantly looking for new, unique project ideas, silk ribbon is really fun to embroider with in the bobbin!

I purchase 2 mm silk ribbon from eBay and use this when doing ribbon bobbinwork. It’s also fun to use when sewing. (Making ribbon flowers is my favorite task!)

Some embroidery machines like the Husqvarna top-of-the-line have ribbon attachments, so you can also use the ribbon as the top thread. 

11. Embroidery Books with Creative Ideas

machine embroidery books to read

I’m old-school and prefer to read print books rather than online resources, even though I have a Kindle. 

My favorite embroidery book for beginners is The Sewing Machine Embroiderer’s Bible. It includes information about selecting the right supplies and how to use an embroidery machine for all sorts of embroidery techniques. 

Two other fun books that I like are Piece in the Hoop, which is all about in-the-hoop quilting with an embroidery machine, and Modern Machine Embroidery: 11 Projects from Pickle Pie Designs, which has several easy introductory projects for in-the-hoop pouches and bags. 

Here are some of the best machine embroidery books I’ve found, though.  

12. Machine Embroidery Subscription Box

machine embroidery subscription box

There are a few decent options if you like the idea of a machine embroidery subscription box. 

For example, I recommend the Kimberbell Bella Box if you want designs and supplies for specific projects and the Annie’s Club charm pack kit for fabric.

The Annie’s Kit comes with two charm packs delivered to your door each month. Each pack contains 42 fabric squares in various complementary prints and colors. Small fabric pieces are perfect for in-the-hoop embroidery projects and applique! 

(There are many sewing and fabric monthly subscription boxes if this idea appeals to you!)

13. Sock Hoop

another gift idea for machine embroiderers

This sock hoop is one of the craziest things I own and has brought me much joy.

In addition to assisting with embroidering socks, I’ve found it super helpful when embroidering hard-to-hoop items like gloves, legging openings, and even stretch pockets with my single-needle embroidery machine. 

14. Fun Embroidery Blanks

If your favorite machine embroidery lover is tired of embroidering the same things over and over (like towels), purchase some new blanks. Fun, unconventional ideas of crazy things to embroider on are balsa wood, vinyl, yoga mats, and even cardstock. 

On the cheap, you can get a large selection of embroidery blanks from Dollar Tree or purchase from Amazon, JOANN, or even specific embroidery blanks websites

15. That Purple Thang

buying a that purple thang as a gift

Trust me, you do not want to be sticking your fingers near the embroidery area while the machine is running.

However, using a That Purple Thang is a safe, easy way to keep fabric from interfering in the embroidery workspace. It’s also so very helpful when sewing! 

16. Magnetic Hoops

brother magnetic sash hoop

Depending on the machine, there are lots of magnetic hoop possibilities. These are very useful when continuous quilting in-the-hoop. 

Brother has its own type for Brother machines, and DIME has a large variety of Monster Snap Hoops for most machine brands. 

17. Alignment Laser

perfect embroidery alignment using lasers

DIME also has an alignment laser that’s perfect for centering blanks and hoops. It’s super nifty to have but not something most people think of to buy themselves!

18. Pre-Wound Bobbins or Bobbin Winder

SINGER Bobbin Winder, White

No one likes winding bobbins that I know! Thus, if you know the weight of thread and the type of bobbin your friend’s machine takes, buy pre-wound bobbins! 

Or, if you don’t know, consider an auxiliary bobbin winder! I LOVE the idea of these, but my newest machine has its own independent bobbin winder now. 

19. Embroidery Magazines

Creative Machine Embroidery

There are several embroidery magazines that you can purchase digital or print subscriptions to for embroidery lovers. Most are delivered quarterly or bi-monthly. 

best gifts for machine embroiderers

I hope this list of gifts for machine embroiderers has provided you with several valid options for the embroidery lover in your life. If not, you might also get some ideas from my post about the essential embroidery supplies for beginners.

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