7 Embroidery Stabilizer Storage Ideas for Organization

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When I started embroidering, I owned three rolls of stabilizer and two packages of pre-cut stabilizer sheets.

It was easy to remember which stabilizer was which, and it didn’t take any organizing abilities to figure out how to store them. 

Now, three embroidery machines and over 20 rolls of stabilizers later, organizing my embroidery stabilizers has become more complex. 

Over the years, I’ve had different organization methods, so I created this post to showcase my embroidery stabilizer storage ideas. Plus, I’ve linked to other resources to provide even more inspiration.

Check it out!

embroidery stabilizer storage ideas

Stabilizer Storage Ideas

Now, here are some of my favorite ideas!

1. IKEA SKADIS Pegboard and Hooks

how to organize embroidery stabilizer

Most of my sewing room furniture is from IKEA, as I love how space-efficient and functional their cube organizers, bookshelves, and ALEX drawers are.

I also love their peg boards because they’re clean looking and have various accessories available. 

As such, many of my stabilizers are currently displayed and stored on my IKEA pegboard. 

My craft pegboard is a 30″x22″ SKADIS board, and I use the SKADIS hooks to hold each stabilizer roll. 

The only drawback of this method is the stock has been spotty, so I haven’t always been able to get the fixtures I want when I want them.

And, since the pegboard holes are oblong, regular pegboard accessories won’t fit. Thus, I’m stuck at the whims of the slow supply chain. 

(Check out all the embroidery supplies and blanks you can buy at IKEA!)

2. Vinyl Storage Holder

use a vinyl roll holder for embroidery stabilizer

If you have small rolls of stabilizer, organizing them in a vinyl storage organizer is perfect. (Plus, you’ll have lots of space for other things there!)

For instance, I purchased the above hanging vinyl organizer from Amazon.

It’s meant to hang over door hooks, but I (well, my husband) rigged an IKEA Kallax shelf with a pegboard on the side to hang the vinyl for maximum space efficiency. 

And yes, in the organizer are mostly my Cricut and ScanNCut vinyl rolls, but small rolls of stabilizer can also be stored.

sulky stabilizers fit perfectly

For example, the Sulky stabilizers like Tender Touch that come in plastic containers fit perfectly.

Anything that is no wider than a roll of HTV or vinyl should have no problems fitting in. 

3. Home Depot Peg Boards with Hooks and Baskets

my cut-away stabilizer

Before purchasing my IKEA pegboard, I was using a pegboard from Home Depot to display craft supplies and several of my stabilizers. 

These have round holes, and you can fit any generic pegboard accessories into them. 

For instance, above, I used simple hooks to hold one of my large 12″ rolls of cut-away stabilizer. 

embroidery stabilizer

I also had several smaller rolls of stabilizer stored in pegboard hanging baskets.

This kept them off the ground and easily accessible. I’ve moved away from this stabilizer organizer system, though, since many of my stabilizer rolls are now 15″, making them too tall to fit well in baskets. 

4. DIME StableCut Dispenser

dime stable cut organizer

If you like the idea of a built-in cutter for your embroidery stabilizers, you can purchase these StableCut dispensers from Designs in Machine Embroidery. 

They’re pricey, but you can stack your 12″ (or smaller) stabilizers in boxes and never have to worry about scissors when unrolling a piece of stabilizer for your next project. 

5. Use Thread Nets

thread net to tidy stabilizers

If you don’t have any wall space but need to store multiple stabilizers in a box, you can use thread net to keep them from unrolling and causing a mess. (Taping stabilizer is terrible because removing the tape can tear the stabilizer.)

In addition to helping threads feed more smoothly in your embroidery machine or serger, thread nets have other uses around the house, like keeping wrapping paper from unrolling and keeping my Cricut vinyl from unwrapping. 

A bonus is that you can stick a small sticky note with the type of stabilizer underneath the thread net. 

6. Embroidery Stabilizer Hanging Organizer

Whitmor White Hanging Shoe File, Clear

If you’re not looking for fancy, you can purchase a simple hanging shoe organizer and store stabilizers in each shoe compartment. Feel free to label the outside of each compartment with the type of stabilizer, too! 

Then, hang the organizer in a craft closet or on a hook on the back of a door. 

embroidery stabilizer organizer pattern
Picture used with permission from Etsy. Source: IGottaStitch

You can also create your own organizer if you want a little more pizazz and customization.

Check out this fun pattern from IGottaStitch if you want to sew your own.  

7. Embroidery Stabilizer Storage Rack

While you can rig a towel rack or other decorative rack, if you want something made just for embroidery stabilizers, Allbrands has two embroidery stabilizer racks made especially for machine embroiderers. 

Final Notes

And that’s it! Any other embroidery stabilizer storage ideas you have? Let me know!

Also, check out some fun ideas for organizing and storing sewing and embroidery threads if you like an organized craft room.


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