Embroidery Super Deal Review – Is It Legit and Worth It?

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I first discovered Embroidery Super Deal when I wanted to grow my embroidery font stash. Free and inexpensive embroidery fonts are challenging to find, and I couldn’t stomach paying $5+ per font every time I wanted something new. 

Now, my embroidery software does convert .otf and .ttf computer fonts to embroidery fonts. However, it doesn’t do the best job on many occasions. Because let’s face it, in most cases fonts digitized manually by an actual person stitch out better than those generated by computers.

When I found I could buy the entire Embroidery Super Deal website (which includes 200+ fonts) for $20, I decided to give it a try. Worst case scenario, I’d be out $20 and would write a scathing review. Best case scenario, I’d not need to buy any new fonts for a very long time!

If you too are considering purchasing from this design website, here’s my Embroidery Super Deal review. I’m not an affiliate for them, and they have no idea who I even am. Thus, you can rest assured this is my actual experience.

Now, as a sneak peek, I think this deal is an incredible value, but there are several things I wish the site would change that I’ll share in detail at the end. 

Embroidery Super Deal Review

Is Embroidery Super Deal legit?

First, this is indeed a legitimate website and deal. They have an active Facebook group with over 20,000 members, and I purchased the whole site deal and easily downloaded all included designs with no issues. I can also tell from downloading designs that the site has been around since at least 2014, most likely longer. 

The Entire Site Deal vs. Individual Purchases

You have two main options when it comes to purchasing. First, you can purchase the entire site for $20. (This is what I did.) This includes all designs on the site at the time of purchase. If you want access to future designs, you have to pay an extra $10 for this possibility. 

Your second option is purchasing individual design packs. As each pack averages around $3, you’ll come out ahead with the whole site deal if you plan to download more than 6 design packs. 


When you go to purchase, you will have to give all your personal information and payment details.

You can pay with a credit card, Amazon Pay, or Paypal. I used my Discover and didn’t have to pay tax here in Texas.

is embroidery super deal legit?

One thing I did think was weird, though, was the merchant that processed my payment was www.dailyarthub.com, NOT www.embroiderysuperdeal.com.

So, I learned the owners of Embroidery Super Deal must also have a second website with daily clip art. Add that to the fact that their YouTube channel that has tutorials for making ITH stuffies is named Blasto Stitch, which must be their third website! (Ha, you can buy that entire website for $10.) How many websites do these people own?!

Nonetheless, after clicking to buy, I received two confirmation emails and was directed to the below webpage. 

what happens after you purchase embroidery super deal

Now, what the above screen says isn’t true anymore. To download designs, navigate to the design page you want to save and then click the file you want if there are multiples or the download now button if not. No need to add it to your cart first. 

How good are the designs?

I’ve had time to stitch out many designs and fonts now and also check them out in my embroidery software.

I am a hobbyist digitizer and boldly proclaim myself as only average at the craft. So, that being said, to my non-professional eye, I think the designs look well-made. And, all the stitch-outs have been great. So, as far as I can tell, the designs are digitized by someone who knows what they are doing!

Why I’m Glad I Bought the Embroidery Super Deal

First, FONTS. Embroidery fonts are SO expensive. (Here are some places to download free embroidery machine fonts, though.) You can get a pack of 200 fonts with their entire site package, which is a great deal!

I’d be cautious using some of the fonts commercially, though. I know Disney is copyrighted/licensed, so the fonts that strongly resemble the Disney and Star Wars fonts should not be used commercially. There are several other fonts like the Jeopardy font, Coca-Cola font, and even Super Mario font that are likely in violation of copyright as well. 

Second, IDEAS. When I need a gift idea, they have embroidery “packs” with lots of themed designs. I use this as a springboard for dreaming of my next embroidery gift idea or project. For instance, need a Christmas gift idea? Search Christmas and find all the designs for Christmas in-the-hoop projects and more. 

Third, TONS OF DESIGNS. You get your money’s worth with thousands of designs all in one place and free for your downloading pleasure. 

What I Don’t Like About Embroiderysuperdeal.com

This is probably the part you are all skipping to. Know that I do like this site, but I’m also very picky. (I’m a perfectionist who became an engineer and then a doctor, so that should give you more insight into my personality!)

One thing I do not like about this website is they’ve been saying their $20 whole site special is on its last day, is ending soon, etc…FOR YEARS. I’ve been subscribed to their emails for a couple of years, and the full-site deal has never actually ended despite very regular warnings.

While I still think the site offers good-quality designs, I’m not too fond of deceptive marketing (or their very obvious lack of understanding of the word “soon.”)

If you want to continue to download new free designs, you have to pay an extra $10. This irks me because users who purchase the whole site deal right now for $20 get significantly more designs than I got when I bought it all that time ago. But life’s not fair and all, so I’ll get over it even though I feel like sometimes I’m being penalized for being a longtime user. 

For beginning embroiderers, some of the in-the-hoop projects don’t come with as in-depth tutorials as many other design websites. If you’re a true beginner, I’d recommend tackling this type of project only after learning the basics of embroidery and using simple designs on simple embroidery blanks. 

This is super picky, but I wish the fonts had a .esa format. This is the Hatch embroidery font file format, which allows you to use your keyboard when putting together letters instead of importing each letter as a design file and combining them. (There are .bx formats for some of the fonts if you use Embrilliance, which is really nice.)

And lastly, I don’t want to keep getting promotional emails to buy the entire site once I’ve already purchased the whole site! I wish they’d find a way to segment their mailing list. 

Embroidery Super Deal Review – Final Thoughts

And that’s my thoughts for now. As a quick recap, this is a legitimate site, the embroidery designs are of good quality, and they have an active Facebook group and email list. I’d buy it again if given the option.

That being said, though, I’m pretty sure their entire site deal that is “ending soon” may never actually end…


  1. Thanks for doing this review!

    I ran across this site myself a while back and thought that it was a scam, but, having read this post, I went ahead and purchased the whole site pack. There are some really cute designs that I look forward to stitching, and the fonts are a nice bonus! Like you, I wish there were more .bx files… Honestly, I’m not sure if I’ll use the ones that don’t have it that often.

    Thanks again for this incredible review post! I look forward to reading more.

    1. Thanks! I hope you have a good experience with the designs as well!

  2. Thanks learning with a new machine that I can now use online sites and download… appreciate your input and time

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