500+ FREE Baby Embroidery Designs to Download for Your Machine

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Babies are everywhere, and they’re the perfect excuse to dust off your embroidery machine for a new project.

And, once you’ve seen some of these free baby embroidery designs to download for your machine, I bet you’ll have some great ideas for new things you can create!

I especially love to embroider onesies, burp cloths, bibs, diaper bags, and more for new moms. (Check out my list of 10 ideas of things to embroider for babies if you’re in need of project inspiration!) 

And, while I have my own expensive embroidery software, sometimes it’s just plain nice to use a premade design rather than spend time digitizing one myself.

I’m a perfectionist, so if I can save that hour of digitizing and put it towards more sewing or embroidering, I’m a happy camper. 

If you’re like me and love thriftiness, here’s a big list of where to look for baby embroidery designs that are free!

free baby embroidery designs

The Best Sites Offering Free Baby Embroidery Designs

I’ve tried to make the links to the sites clear underneath each site name. If I couldn’t get a direct link to the specific freebies portion of the site, I’ve added notes on how to sort through the designs to locate just the baby designs. 

And, if you like the designs from the digitizer, bookmark their page or subscribe to their email list so you can purchase from them in the future! Doing so allows these digitizers to continue to offer these great designs at no cost.

free embroidery designs for baby boys and girls

1. Ann the Gran

Website: HERE

There are over 100 free baby embroidery machine designs for both boys and girls here.

I’ve specifically sorted to the baby designs, but if you poke around the freebies section, there are a few designs that aren’t categorized as baby that are also very cute.

Some of the designs are a little odd to me, but we all have different tastes, right? Some of my favorites are the simple word designs like “Daddy’s lil angel” and “Grandma’s little angel.”

The one downfall of downloading freebies in bulk from Ann the Gran is you can only download three freebies per week. If you purchase designs, you can get more freebies. Joining her embroidery club (which is fair-ish priced and does have a free trial) allows you to download more freebies that are for club members only.

2. Bunnycup Embroidery

I love purchasing designs from Bunnycup embroidery as they have such a large selection of “cute” baby embroidery designs, which are my go-to as a mom of two young girls.

They also have a lot of freebies that can be used when embroidering for kids as well.

Here’s a link to their freebies sets page, which contains hundreds of designs of all types. My favorite design sets among the freebies that would work well for babies would be the design nursery rhymes, little faces, and Daisy Mae bunny designs

3. Embroidery Designs

Link: HERE; use the categories to check Baby to find the specific designs.

There are over 100 free embroidery designs for a baby girl or baby boy here.

Some are cuter than others, of course! I like the MAJOR C.U.T.I.E. faux patch, which would be great as a baby shower gift for a baby boy. The Daddy’s little deer design is also cute, and you can use blue or pink to tailor it.

Pick your designs wisely, though, as you can also only download 3 free per week unless you make a purchase.

4. Embroideres.com

Site: HERE

There are close to 100 design freebies that range from simple numbers for embroidering monthly milestone onesies to cute baby designs that can be used to embroider baby shower gifts.

Among this collection, there are even a few free maternity embroidery designs including a “Baby Loading” image and a “Coming Soon” design. The designs tend to lean to free embroidery designs for baby girls rather than boys, though, with several princesses and other girly decorative designs. 

Sometimes I have issues with ads on this site, so make sure you’re clicking the download button rather than any ads!

5. Kreative Kiwi


This is my favorite place to download free (and buy!) in-the-hoop embroidery designs. (For example, I purchased the above bunny slippers, which were so fun to make.)

Kreative Kiwi is also the perfect place if you’re looking for free baby embroidery designs for quilts as many are simple running stitch designs.

For instance, check out a free redwork baby alphabet, set of baby quilt block designs, baby feet applique, and even more baby redwork designs.

6. Embroider This!

Designs: HERE

Embroider This! has a great selection of free kids embroidery designs for more than just babies. While some of the baby animal designs would be perfect for newborns,  other designs like the pirate or ballerina might be better suited to a project for older children. 

7. Freeembroiderydesign.net

Site: HERE

There are hundreds of free baby embroidery designs on this website. If you check the top left of the image and see a ribbon, this means the design is part of their premium designs, which means they’re not free. 

I stitched out a design from this site recently, and it had registration issues. Could have been my fabric or technique, or it could have been the design. This is why I always recommend a test stitch-out!

8. SWAK Embroidery

Check it out: HERE

There are a ton of freebies on this site! I’ve linked above to several of the baby-themed designs, but searching with different keywords will give you a different selection.

Some of the designs aren’t the most attractive, in my opinion, but there are some great blackwork designs that would make a precious baby guilt.

Other Places to Look

  1. Creative Appliques has several free applique frames if you’re wanting to add a monogram to a baby item. This is one of my favorite things to do if the parents already know the baby’s initials. 
  2. Royal Present Embroidery has a cute, free design of a stork delivering a baby. If you search through their freebies, there are other designs that would work when embroidering baby items. 
  3. Creative Fabrica usually has anywhere from 30-100 rotating free designs at any given time. Search through them, and you might find some great embroidery patterns for babies!

Well, that’s it! Any other places you like to find baby embroidery freebies? Let me know!

And, if you love the thrill of free designs, check out my monster post of websites offering free embroidery machine designs to download!


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