The Top 5×7 Embroidery Machines of 2024

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I love my 5×7 embroidery machines, and if you’re looking to also add one to your craft corner, there are so many options on the market. 

I searched through all the available embroidery machines with this hoop size before purchasing my Brother SE1900 and SE2000 and put together this guide for beginners looking for their first machine. 

Check out this list and accompanying reviews of the best embroidery machines with a 5×7 hoop!

best 5x7 Hoop Embroidery Machines

What a 5×7 Hoop Size Means

using a larger hoop size on a small hoop machine

A 5″x7″ max hoop area means the largest design your embroidery machine can stitch in one session is roughly 5″x7.”

Even if you attach a larger hoop, the computer in your machine still can stitch no larger than that 5″x7″ design. 

Some machines do have a compatible repositionable hoop, though, (above in the picture) that allows you to split designs using embroidery software and stitch in two different sessions. In the case of Brother embroidery machines, this repositionable hoop has a 5″x12″ embroidery field. 

Thus, while challenging to embroider larger than 5″x7″ with a 5×7 embroidery machine, it’s not technically impossible if you embroider in sections. 

What can you embroider with a 5″x7″ hoop?

embroidering jewelry in this hoop size

Until the Spring of 2022, I used a 4×4 and then a 5×7 embroidery machine for every single tutorial on my blog. 

Thus, if you need ideas for what you can embroider with these machines, check out my embroidery projects archive! I promise, there are tons of things you can embroider. 

And, even though I also have a larger hoop machine now, I still use my 5″x7″ hoop the most often!

Best 5×7 Hoop Embroidery Machines

To note, some countries have different model numbers (thank you, voltage differences). Also, authorized dealers and big box stores may have slightly different model numbers for almost identical machines. 

If you’re completely lost, visiting your local authorized detailer is the best place to start!

1. Brother PE800 Embroidery Machine

Brother PE800 Embroidery Machine, 138 Built-in Designs, 5

Embroidery Field5"x7"
Embroidery Designs138 designs
Maximum Embroidery Speed650 stitches per minute
USB ConnectionBuilt-in USB port

The Brother PE800 is one of the best embroidery machines for beginners and one of the cheapest embroidery machines with a mid-size hoop. 

This Brother 5×7 embroidery machine is a dedicated embroidery only machine, meaning you can’t use it to sew. However, you can use it to do so many more things! 

For instance, use any of the 138 built-in designs, 11 built-in fonts, 10 frames, and 14 borders to create beautiful embroidered creations. 

And, if you don’t love the built-in fonts (just not girly enough for me!) or designs, you can download designs online and transfer them to your machine via the USB port on the side of the machine. 

The Brother PE800 does not come with embroidery software, but the LCD color touchscreen does allow for some basic drag-and-drop editing and other things like resizing, combining, and rotating designs.

It’s not a $10,000 embroidery machine, but the Brother PE800 (and its predecessor, the discontinued PE770) are among the most popular and well-loved entry-level machines for home embroiderers looking to get started with this craft. 

User-friendly Brother embroidery machine features include easy bobbin winding on the top of the machine, a quick-set, top-drop bobbin, and numbered threading diagrams printed on the machine. 

And, there’s an automatic needle threader (easier to use than the one on my sewing-only machine), which makes rethreading the needle after each thread color change so much easier. 

If you want a slightly larger hoop size, the Brother NQ1600E (and newer NQ1700E) are one step up with a 6″x10″ hoop. These machines have automatic jump thread trimming, which is a big help!

Learn more in my Brother PE800 review!

Update: The newer Brother PE900 was released in the Fall of 2022, and while more expensive, it includes the ability to transfer designs wirelessly from a computer. It also automatically cuts jump stitches and has more designs and fonts.

2. Brother SE1900 Sewing and Embroidery Machine

my brother se1900

Embroidery Field5"x7"
Embroidery Designs138 designs, 11 fonts, 10 frames with 14 borders
Stitch Options240 stitches, 10 buttonhole options
Maximum Sewing Speed850 stitches per minute
USB ConnectionBuilt-in USB port

Another one of the best Brother embroidery machines, the Brother SE1900 has been in my craft room for three years now! 

I first used it as my primary embroidery combo machine, but now it’s used as a backup or second machine when my Luminaire is busy. 

The Brother SE1900 has the same embroidery features and specs as the Brother PE800.

The most significant difference is the SE1900 is a sewing and embroidery machine. When you disconnect the embroidery arm and remove the embroidery presser foot, you can change to a sewing foot and sew with it. 

Pre-pandemic, the Brother SE1900 was significantly more expensive than the PE800, but now the prices of the two machines are much more similar. 

One nice thing about having a combination machine is space conservation. There is no need to clutter a small sewing space with two machines when both features can be combined. 

Now, in terms of sewing features, the Brother SE1900 has 240 built-in stitches, 10 buttonhole stitches, and 7 presser feet. You can also design stitches using the MyCustomStitch feature, but I’ve never actually done that. 

There’s automatic thread trimming at the end of sewing stitches (not embroidery jump thread trimming) and the option to set automatic reinforcement or reverse stitches. 

The SE1900 sews sideways, which is fun, and it has a knee lifter to expedite quilt piecing and other tasks. And, while it’s not the largest throat machine in the industry by any means, I have no problems quilting queen-size quilts with low-loft batting.

Even though I ultimately upgraded to a high-end embroidery machine after many years of using small embroidery machines, I still love my machine! 

If you want a larger hoop combination machine, the Brother NQ3600D, NQ3700D, and NQ3550W all have a 6″x10″ hoop and several more features.

You can also check out the Brother NS2750D, the Disney embroidery machine version.

Learn more in my Brother SE1900 review!

brother se2000

Update: The new Brother SE2000 also entered the market in 2022 at around 1.5x the price of the SE1900. As with the PE900, it is also WiFi enabled, has more built-in designs, and can automatically trim jump stitches. 

(And, I purchased the SE2000 recently and wrote about it in my Brother SE2000 review.)

3. EverSewn Sparrow X2 Combination Machine

EverSewn Sparrow X2 Sewing & Embroidery Machine, White

Key Specs:

  • Max embroidery field: 4.75″x7″
  • Presser feet: 8
  • Embroidery designs: 100
  • Stitches: 120

EverSewn recently released their Sparrow X2 sewing and embroidery combination machine. It’s an affordable embroidery machine with WiFi design transfer, which is not found on many other embroidery machines of this size. 

The WiFi capabilities of the EverSewn Sparrow X2 mean you can transfer embroidery designs from wireless devices and monitor embroidery progress using their EverSewn App. You also have some control over design editing. 

The machine also reads all embroidery file formats, so you do not have to use an embroidery file converter if you have downloaded designs in different file formats. 

Unless I’ve missed something, the Sparrow X2 does not include any built-in fonts, which is a bummer. However, several websites offer free machine embroidery fonts

Technically, the hoop size is 4.75″ x 7″, but that 1/4″ shouldn’t make much difference in your embroidery projects. 

You can also purchase this machine from Sewing Machines Plus.

4. Baby Lock Accord Sewing and Embroidery Machine

The Baby Lock Accord is similar to the Brother SE1900 and is Baby Lock’s version of a 5×7 embroidery sewing machine.

Baby Lock and Brother sewing and embroidery machines are sometimes produced in the same factories and are thus very similar. However, they are both produced with different “standards.” 

Also, Baby Lock machines are more likely to require purchase through a retailer, whereas Brother machines of similar caliber are available online. 

The Baby Lock Accord embroidery features mirror those of the PE800 and the sewing features those of the SE1900. 

And, as with the Brother SE1900 and Brother PE800, the Baby Lock Accord can use the 5″x12″ multipositional hoop.

To use a Multi-position hoop, you divide a larger embroidery design into two 5″x6″ pieces (or smaller) and then stitch them in sections, matching the ends of each section.

The hoop has two positions to move the hoop down after the first section rather than having to rehoop fabric between the two stitching sessions.

**The Baby Lock Accord has a newer Baby Lock Bloom available, which is also worth checking out! It’s very similar to the Brother SE2000. 

5. Janome MC350E Embroidery Machine

Close to a 5×7 embroidery field, the max hoop size for the Janome MC350E is technically 5.5″ x 7.9.” 

Our library has a Janome Memory Craft embroidery machine that I love using.

However, this specific Janome model is not highly reviewed–most likely because it is over ten years old! Janome has been focusing much more of its time lately on developing top-of-the-line embroidery machines like the newest industry leader, the Janome M17. 

I really can’t recommend this machine based on its age and spotty availability, but I’m listing it here simply because it’s a Janome 5×7 machine. 

Other Janome embroidery machines with close to a 5×7 hoop size that get better reviews include the Janome Memory Craft 200E, which has a 5″x5″ max hoop size, the Janome Memory Craft MC230E, which has a 5.5″x5.5″ hoop size, and the Janome MC400E, which has a 7.9″x7.9″ max embroidery area. 


I hope these reviews have helped make choosing your next machine easier. Embroidery is such a fun hobby, but there’s a sizeable learning curve for beginners. So, don’t give up, and enjoy the journey! 


  1. Is there a lower priced Brother (like the SE600) with a 4×4 hoop size that can use a repositional hoop to do a 4 x 6 design?

    1. The Brother SE600, SE635, SE625, PE535, LB5000, and several more are all 4×4 machines that work with a repositional hoop.

  2. Hello!
    Looking for suggestions please on what you reccommend based on these:
    can be embroidery only machine, auto jump stitch cutter, usb port, and ability to embroider from built in fonts larger than 2″. Main purpose to purchase is to do monogramming. Any suggestions beyond buying a machine and purchasing downloadable larger fonts? Thank You!!!

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