Brother CS7000i Review & How It Compares vs. CS6000i

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Interested in learning more about Brother’s latest release, the Brother CS7000i sewing machine? Read on to learn more in this Brother CS7000i review!

I’ve been the proud owner of the Brother CS6000i sewing machine and have loved it for over five years; I’ll be devastated when they entirely discontinue the Brother CS6000i, as it holds a top spot in my list of best Brother sewing machines.

However, the Brother CS7000i sewing machine is an update to its well-loved predecessor.

While almost identical in most specs, it features 10 more stitches and one additional presser foot. Its color is also a little more decorative than the plain navy blue of the Brother CS6000i.  If you loved the Brother CS6000i, though, you’ll love the Brother CS7000i as well! (Check out my very thorough review of my Brother CS6000i, too, if you’re interested.)

Now, let me give you a tour of this new CS7000i sewing machine and let you know what to expect if you decide to purchase one for yourself.Brother CS7000i Computerized Sewing Machine with 70 Built in Stitches, White

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Brother CS7000i Review of Features

Dimensions11.4" x 6.7" x 16.1"
Weight13 pounds
Stitch Length and Width
5 mm x 7 mm
Maximum Sewing Speed850 stitches per min (spm)
Stitches70 built-in stitches
Sewing Feet10
UL/CSA Listed Voltage110V
Feed dogs6 points
LCD Display Size2” x .7”
Warranty25-year limited

What Comes With the Brother CS7000i?

Brother CS7000i Computerized Sewing Machine with 70 Built in Stitches, WhiteHere’s what will come in the box if you purchase the Brother CS7000i sewing machine.

  • The Brother CS7000i sewing machine unit, power cord, and optional foot controller
  • 10 presser feet
  • Oversized, detachable wide table
  • Hard protective case
  • Accessory pouch: needle set and twin needle, 3 bobbins, seam ripper, screwdriver, eyelet punch, spool pin, and cleaning brush
  • Operations manual and quick-start guide

Almost everything you need to get started is included except fabric and thread! You can pick up extra size 15, SA156 Brother bobbins. These are 7/16″ plastic bobbins. (I had a snafu once using non-Brother brand bobbins, so I recommend the Brother name wholeheartedly!) I like to keep a small army of bobbins I’ve pre-threaded around me, which is a big timesaver if I run out in the middle of a project.

I’ve also written a post about some of my favorite sewing tools. My sewing corner is filled with more goodies than you could ever imagine. I took pictures of all of them to show you what they are and what they’re used for. So check that out if you want to expand your sewing corner, too!

What can you sew with the stitches?

As I mentioned earlier, there are 70 stitches included on the Brother CS7000i sewing machine, which is 10 more than the CS6000i. The extra 10 stitches not included in the Brother CS6000i’s stitches are primarily decorative and satin stitches.

With the Brother CS7000i, you get 7 buttonholes and other utility, decorative, heirloom, and quilting stitches. I love the piecing stitch, which allows 1/4″ seams with your zigzag foot.

Which presser feet are included?

The Brother CS7000i sewing machine includes 10 presser feet, one more than the 9 with the Brother CS6000i.   The additional foot is the 1/4″ piecing foot. Here are the presser feet and what you can sew with them:

  • Zigzag Foot – use this for most sewing projects requiring a straight or zigzag stitch.
  • Buttonhole Foot – create auto-sized buttonholes.
  • Button Sewing Foot – sew on buttons.
  • Zipper Foot – sew on zippers.
  • Overcasting Foot – use with overcasting stitches to join together and finish seams all at once!
  • Walking Foot – feed top and bottom layers of fabric at the same rate, which is a plus for quilting and other thick projects.
  • Spring Action Quilting Foot – use for free-motion quilting.
  • 1/4″ Piecing Foot – easily create perfect 1/4″ seams (standard for quilting patterns).
  • Blind Stitch Foot – make blind hems (where the stitch doesn’t show on the outside)
  • Monogramming Foot – use with the machine’s decorative stitches. This is not a monogramming machine, though, so you cannot add letters.

You can purchase any universal low-shank presser feet if you want additional presser feet. I have a set of 42 universal presser feet that I picked up on Amazon that I regularly use with my machine!

What are the perks of a computerized sewing machine?

Because the Brother CS7000i is computerized, you’ll get many more options with it than with a basic, mechanical sewing machine like the Brother XR3774 or GX37.

For instance, an LCD screen with buttons controls stitch selection and stitch length and width. Once you’ve selected the stitch, a letter with a presser foot picture appears on the screen. This reminds the user which presser foot will work best with the selected stitch.

If you make many beginner mistakes and have difficulty troubleshooting (this was me many years ago!), the screen also displays error messages that will give more detailed information on fixing your machine when problems arise.

With many computerized machines, the foot pedal is also optional! Fret no more with a computerized sewing machine if you have a heavy foot. Speed is controlled with a slider on the front of the sewing machine. Three buttons – start/stop, reverse, and needle up/down – can be used instead of the foot pedal. If you do like to use the foot pedal, consider making a foot pedal non-slip mat so it won’t slide all over the floor!

Any other fun features?

In addition to everything listed above, the Brother CS7000i computerized sewing and quilting machine has a few more cool abilities.

Like other Brother sewing machines, the Brother CS7000i features a built-in free arm. This is the smaller arm that remains when the accessories compartment is removed. It will help sew small, tubular items like pants hems or shirt cuffs.

A dual-LED light illuminates your workspace. It’s helpful when sewing dark fabrics or for those users who don’t have as good of near vision as they used to! Some users complain about light quality, but the picture below shows my light in action in my room. I find it more than adequate!

Brother CS6000i sewing machine LED light example

The lightweight size of the Brother CS7000i sewing machine also makes it very portable. The included hard case will also protect it in transit or from collecting dust while sitting on your sewing table.

Is it easy to set up the Brother CS7000i? Is the Brother CS7000i good for beginners?

Yes, the setup is SO simple! (I’ve written a step-by-step picture-filled post on how to thread a Brother sewing machine you can refer to!)  What’s so great about Brother sewing machines is the instructions are everywhere. You can find detailed instructions in the instructions manual, a set of detailed graphics in the quick-start guide, and handy reminders on stickers or engraved on the body of the sewing machine. Once you set up the machine a few times, you’ll be a pro in no time.

See, here’s an example of the instructions to set the bobbin.

Brother CS6000i Sewing machine Bobbin Setup Instructions

Winding the bobbin is easily accomplished on the top of the sewing machine. With a top-drop, quick-set bobbin, all you need to do is place the bobbin into the bobbin case from the top of the sewing machine and pull the thread around. No need to draw up the thread before starting to sew!

Threading the needle is easy, too. Follow the instructions on the machine, passing the thread through the tension discs and thread guides until you reach the needle. (Make sure to thread with the presser foot up, or you might have tension adjustment issues!)  An automatic needle threader makes threading the needle easier, in theory. It’s a little finicky, but it is a nice help for sewists with poor eyesight or issues with shaky hands.

If you’re new to sewing, check out my guide to choosing a sewing machine needle to get a printable to keep next to your sewing machine.

These simple features and ease of use make the Brother CS7000i sewing machine great for beginners!

Does the Brother CS7000i monogram, embroider, or act like a serger?

No, the Brother CS7000i does not have a built-in font for monogramming, nor does it have embroidery capabilities to allow design importing. I know, that’s a bit confusing, as it says it comes with a monogramming foot. However, that’s just the presser foot you’ll use with the included decorative stitches. If you’re looking for a sewing machine that has a monogramming font, I recommend the Brother HC1850 sewing machine (see: Brother HC1850 review).

Not all hope is lost, though. You can still do free-motion embroidery, which is pretty cool! Of course, you can also applique with the Brother CS7000i.

If you want a sewing and embroidery combination machine, I recommend the Brother SE600 or Brother SE625 for new users. (Check out my Brother SE600 review or Brother SE625 review for more information!)  As a sewing hoarder, I also own the Brother SE625 and think it’s rocking awesome. It has an automatic thread trimmer and automatic reverse stitches. It also has a color LCD touchscreen, and, of course, it embroiders.

In terms of acting like a serger, the Brother CS7000i does have an overcasting stitch and presser foot to create a seam and finish fabric edges at once. However, you cannot trim edges with the Brother CS7000i as a serger would. It’s also nowhere near as fast or as accurate.

There is an accessory presser foot you can purchase separately called the Brother side cutter foot. It will trim fabric while sewing, which sounds AMAZING. 

I own one and have found it to be good, not great, especially with stretchy fabrics. This is no replacement for the professional seams a serger can make but can definitely function as a “poor man’s serger.”  As such, I regularly use it. Read more in my Brother side cutter foot review and tutorial if your interest is piqued!

Can the Brother CS7000i sew thick fabrics like denim or leather?

The Brother CS7000i sewing machine is not heavy-duty, so it won’t perform as well as a sewing machine made for thick fabrics. If you want to sew thick fabrics frequently, consider a heavy-duty machine instead—for example, the Brother ST150HDH.

However, occasional thick fabrics are fair game. I’ve stretched the limits of my machine many times. (I’m of the “you never know if you don’t try” mentality!)  I’ve found that picking the correct needle type and thread weight, sewing slowly, and using the handwheel if needed will allow for the sewing of very thick fabrics. I routinely sew 2-3 layers of denim, and I recently repurposed a men’s fleece jacket into a doll sleeping bag, during which I was very impressed at the versatility of my machine.

Is the CS7000i good at quilting?

Yes, the Brother CS7000 is a combination sewing and quilting machine, so it will be more geared towards quilters than other basic sewing machines.

It comes with my three favorite quilting feet: a spring-action quilting foot, a walking foot, and a 1/4″ piecing foot. The spring-action quilting foot allows for free-motion quilting, the walking foot helps with even feeding of thicker quilt layers, and the 1/4″ piecing foot (an extra foot not included with the Brother CS6000i) sews precise 1/4″ seam allowances, the standard in the quilting community.

The included oversized, wide table is detachable and useful for larger projects. I regularly use my table when sewing clothes, costumes, and other DIY projects besides quilts.

The 6-point feed dogs also drop without covering them with a darning plate. A huge plus in my book!

What’s Not So Great About the Brother CS7000i

  • The automatic needle threader is difficult to learn to use and is finicky. Mine broke a little after a year, which left me threading by hand. Not a dealbreaker, but it’s still a little frustrating.
  • The price of the Brother CS7000i is a bit higher at times than I think it should be. While it is an upgrade to the Brother CS6000i, it’s up to the user to decide how much those extra functions are worth.
  • It’s not a high-priced sewing machine, so it won’t be as impressive as some more expensive machines. You’re getting a great sewing machine for a great price, though.

Brother CS6000i vs. CS7000i

Brother Sewing and Quilting Machine, CS6000i, 60 Built-In Stitches, 7 styles of 1-Step Auto-Size Buttonholes, Wide Table, Hard Cover, LCD Display and Auto Needle Threader

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The two sewing machines are of identical sizes and shapes and have identical setup and use. However, the color scheme is different, and the number of stitches has increased from 60 to 70. Brother has also added one extra presser foot, the 1/4″ piecing foot.

The Brother CS6000i has been a faithful companion to me all these years, and I’m glad it’s getting a facelift to continue working alongside sewists.

That being said, while this new sewing machine is an upgrade, before running out to purchase the Brother CS7000i sewing machine, make sure those added features are worth the added cost to you! (If you do want more than the Brother CS7000i has to offer, check out the Brother HC1850 or Brother XR9550prw sewing machines, which both offer more stitches and a monogramming font for an often comparable price to the new Brother CS7000i.)

Brother CS7000i vs. Brother CS7000X

Brother CS7000X review

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The new Brother CS7000X features an updated, boxier look and an improved automatic needle threader with more plastic and less bendable metal. The 70 stitches are identical between the two machines, although the order of stitches 57-69 varies between the two. The same presser feet are also included, and setup and use are almost identical. The CS7000X, however, stitches at 100 spm less and weighs less.

I recently purchased the Brother CS7000X, and you can learn more in my Brother CS7000X review!

Brother CS7000i Sewing Machine Review

As you can see from the Brother CS7000i review, it’s a great quality machine that beginners will find easy to use. Advanced sewists will also enjoy its versatility due to the various stitches and presser feet options. While it’s an upgrade to the Brother CS6000i, just make sure the few extra features are really worth the money for you!


  1. I bought my CS6000i about 7 years ago and LOVE IT (it was my very first sewing machine – I am a ‘self-taught’ sewist)!! I didn’t know they had come out with a ‘new and improved’ model.
    I am curious, though…I was wondering if all the CS6000i attachments, presser feet, bobbins, etc…will fit on the CS7000i, also.
    While I’m not in the market for a new sewing machine at the moment, this info would be very useful in the future.
    Thank you for your review – it was very helpful!

  2. Hi, I loved your article. I intend to buy a a sewing machine and my friend recommended the Brother CS6000i. It will be my first sewing machine and I’ll have to learn how to sew. The price for both Brother CS6000i and Brother CS7000i is the same at Amazon. They both are $199.99. Which one do you recommend for someone like me that has never used a sewing machine?

    Thank you for any help you can give on this.



    1. They’re both well-loved sewing machines and are very beginner-friendly. The cs7000i has an extra 10 stitches and an extra foot included, though, so if they’re the same price, I’d say go for the newer cs7000i!

      Best wishes learning to sew!

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