500+ FREE Christmas Machine Embroidery Designs

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If you’re in a holiday embroidering frenzy like me, these free Christmas embroidery designs might be just what you need for your next project!

I have TONS of Christmas embroidery designs already downloaded to my computer, but I like adding new, fresh designs every season because, well, who doesn’t love the holidays?

If you don’t already have a massive stash of Winter, holiday, or Christmas embroidery designs, check out my list of this year’s best free Christmas embroidery design websites!

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free winter embroidery machine designs

Free Christmas Machine Embroidery Design Websites

Please let me know if anything’s changed or if you have other sites to recommend. And, if you like what you see in a freebies section, consider purchasing from that digitizer to support them!

To be taken directly to the freebies page, click on the link, which is the blue, underlined website name in the heading of each section. You may have to scroll through the freebies on some pages to find the Christmas designs.  

Be sure to select your embroidery machine’s correct file format when downloading.  For instance, since I have a Brother embroidery machine, I download my designs in .pes format.

1. Embroideres

This is one of my favorite websites to download free embroidery designs as well as purchase designs. 

THOUSANDS of free Winter embroidery designs and around 800 free Christmas machine embroidery designs are available.  How exciting is that?! 

There are free redwork Christmas designs, free Christmas appliques, and many fill-stitch designs as well.

You can download an unlimited amount of holiday embroidery designs, and there is no need to create an account to download them.  This is the best part of this website!

2. Ann the Gran

On the left side of the desktop website, underneath the category, click on Christmas, and you’ll find over 1100 free Christmas machine embroidery patterns. 

One of the only downsides, though, is you can only download 3 designs per week. 

So, pick and choose the designs you want carefully or start downloading 3 designs per week months before the holidays if you want an extensive selection!

If you join her embroidery (paid) club, you can download many more designs, and if you purchase designs, you get to download more, too. 

This digitizer is very good, and I’ve used many of her designs in the past with great results!

3. Embroidery Designs

Make sure to click the Christmas box underneath Categories to access the free Christmas embroidery designs.

These are almost the same designs as Ann the Gran, although there is no Club membership. 

However, this means you can download 3 designs from this website, too, every week, in addition to Ann the Gran.  That way, you can build your embroidery design library a little bit faster. 

(There also seems to be another sister website, Grand Slam Designs, with strikingly similar designs you can check out.)

Free christmas machine embroidery designs

4. Embroider This!

There’s a good selection of 30+ free Christmas embroidery machine designs at Embroider This! 

There are several Christmas trees, snowflakes, wreaths, and Santa Claus designs. 

Several of these designs would be perfect for embroidering on towels to give as Christmas gifts.

5. Kreative Kiwi Embroidery

I’ve sorted their Christmas designs from price low-high so you can view their free Christmas designs first. 

There are several cute redwork and continuous-line Christmas patterns that would be cute when quilting.  And, a split Santa applique that would be perfect for embroidering a onesie or shirt! 

Also, there’s a nice handful of in-the-hoop Christmas designs, such as a Santa coaster, bookmark, and Christmas ornament. 

This is one of my all-time favorite embroidery websites because their designs are cute, unique, and so ingenious!  Browse around their website and find more than just Christmas designs, too.

Make sure to sign up for their email for so many new free and paid goodies!

5. SWAK Embroidery

While not the largest selection of Christmas embroidery freebies, SWAK Embroidery has a handful of delightful Christmas designs. 

If you like to embroider free-standing lace, there are a few FSL Christmas freebies. 

My two favorite designs are the “Joy” embroidery design and a “Jesus is the reason for the season” applique design that would be perfect for gifting. 

6. Bunnycup Embroidery

The link above will take you to their freebies page, where you’ll have to scroll through to find the free Christmas embroidery machine designs.

There are angels, snowmen, Santa Clauses, and even a cute gingerbread village set.  I love to purchase through Bunnycup embroidery when I’m looking for cute baby-themed appliques. 

7. EmbWin

I’ve never downloaded embroidery designs from this designer, but I’m including them if you want to try them.  They have several cute Christmas and holiday-themed designs for free as well!

8. Applique Corner

If you scroll through the two freebies pages, several adorable Christmas designs exist. 

For instance, a “so bring us some figgy pudding” applique, free Santa applique, Christmas tree applique, and a cute Believe applique.

9. FreeEmbroideryDesign.net

Sometimes I have trouble logging into this site, which may be related to my password saver. 

Nonetheless, this site has around 10 free Christmas designs. 

If you see a little ribbon on the top left, that means you have to be a premium (paid) member to download.  If not, you can download them for free!  Several cute Christmas appliques are worth looking at!

Other Free Holiday Embroidery Design Websites

santa ith embroidery design

These sites don’t have a very extensive set of holiday embroidery freebies, but I’ll put them down here if you find just the thing you are looking for! 

You may have to sort through the freebies or the sites to find them.

  1. Creative Fabrica: Their freebies change weekly, but if you subscribe to their newsletter, you’ll get first dibs on Winter embroidery freebies!
  2. Oma’s Place: You’ll have to sort through all the free designs, but there are some great Christmas options
  3. Five Star Fonts
  4. Sweet Pea Embroidery Designs (I recently purchased and stitched the above ITH Santa letter holder!)

And that’s all I’ve got for now, so happy holidays!


  1. It would be appreciated if you would address the desires of sewists who celebrate non Christian holidays. Thanks for your informative site.

    1. Sure, that’s a great idea. If you’d like to put some links in a comment below this for those sewists, I’m sure it would be appreciated.

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