8 Sites With Free Fall and Thanksgiving Embroidery Machine Designs

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Pumpkin spice lattes are out, the temperatures are finally dropping below 90 in the great state of Texas, and it’s time for Fall!  That means embroidering pumpkin patch outfits for my daughters and getting a head start on picking the perfect Thanksgiving day outfits also.  That, and adding some Fall decor around my house for the short period between Halloween and Thanksgiving.  After that, it’s Christmas go-time!

But for that blissful Fall month, we enjoy the calm before the storm of holidays!  Lately, I’ve been building up my embroidery library by adding some new, festive Thanksgiving and Fall embroidery designs.  Since I know we all love freebies, I also put together this quick list of the websites where you can download free Fall and Thanksgiving embroidery machine designs.

A few notes first, though.  When you’re downloading, make sure the site offers designs in a file format compatible with your embroidery machine.  Since I have a Brother embroidery machine, this means downloading my Fall embroidery designs in .pes format.  Also, most designers give free designs so you can sample the quality of their digitizing.  Thus, if you enjoy their freebies, make sure to consider buying from them in the future to continue to support them as they digitize!

Free thanksgiving & Fall machine embroidery Designs

Best Free Fall and Thanksgiving Embroidery Design Websites

I’ve re-updated these free Thanksgiving embroidery design websites in October 2020, so if things have changed or you have another site to add, please let me know!  Some of these sites have ever-changing freebies, so it’s hard to keep up with what they’re offering when.

Also, if you’re wanting to go directly to the Fall freebies pages, click on the underlined, blue link of the website’s name so you can start downloading!

1. EmbroideryDesigns.com

There are close to 300 free Thanksgiving embroidery designs on this website.  From pumpkins to scarecrows to turkeys and Fall foliage, you’ll find a large selection to download!

One downfall for mass embroidery design hoarders, though, is you can only download three free designs per week.  If you purchase designs, you can download more free designs!  I’ve embroidered a lot of designs from this site and almost always have good results.  Just make sure to check the butterfly ratings to make sure the design you choose has been highly-rated by fellow embroidery enthusiasts!

2. Grand Slam Designs

There is a lot of overlap between this website and Embroidery Designs.  This is great because you can download even more great designs!  Just search for Fall or Thanksgiving when you get to their freebies page, and you’ll see all sorts of great designs!

If you also check out Annthegran.com and select the Thanksgiving category, you’ll see a similar selection of free Fall machine embroidery designs you can download.

3. Kreative Kiwi Embroidery

This is one of my absolute favorite websites to download free and paid in-the-hoop embroidery designs. I’ve linked to one of their freebies pages, but you should be able to search based on Thanksgiving, Fall, or Autumn.  One of their more recent designs is this super cute Fall pumpkin download.

If you’re looking to try out some of their ITH designs, this free pumpkin coaster is an easy starting point.  Once I realized how simple ITH designs were, I’ve started embroidering them all the time!  Super easy, super cute, and perfect for little gifts for friends and family.

4. Embroider This!

Embroider This! has around 20 free fall embroidery machine designs.  Including traditional turkey, pumpkin, and scarecrow designs, there are also several football-themed designs.  I’m a Texas gal, so my family is always watching football over Thanksgiving weekend!

If you plan to gift items for Thanksgiving (hostess gifts, etc), there are several cute designs that would work well should you decide to embroider a tea towel or guest towel.

5. SWAK Embroidery

There are also several cute free autumn embroidery machine designs here.  There are several pumpkins, a Happy Fall Y’all, an acorn, and a pumpkin patch applique sign.  If you poke around their site some more, you’ll find even more free designs.  For instance, this Thanksgiving decorative word design and Give Thanks design.

6. Designs by Juju

Here, you can download a free scarecrow applique in 4 different sizes.  And while not specifically fall-themed, there is a large selection of free Bible verse embroidery files of which several refer to thankfulness.

7. Applique Corner

On the second page of this cute applique embroidery website, you’ll find two free designs: “Give Thanks in All Things” and a Psalm 107:1- “Give Thanks to the Lord, for He is good; His love endures forever” design.

8. Julia’s Needle Designs

You’ll have to sort through all the freebies, but there are a few cute free Fall and Thanksgiving machine embroidery downloads.  For instance, a Happy Fall Y’all pumpkin applique and a turkey that says “Thanks.”

Other Free Fall Embroidery Designs

These are sites that currently have only one or two designs that rotate, but I thought I’d list them also in case they have just what you’re searching for!

  1. Download this free Thanksgiving pumpkin embroidery design from Hatch Embroidery.
  2. This fun Thanksgiving word cloud design from Embroideres.com will add some Fall festivity to your home.
  3. Here’s a free-falling leaves embroidery design from Quilting Daily.
  4. Grab some more free leaf patterns from en.embgallery.com.
  5. If you’re looking for free Fall .pes embroidery designs, check out Brother’s fall embroidered napkin ring design and tutorial.
  6. And lastly, Royal Present embroidery has a free autumn pumpkin embroidery machine design.


free autumn machine embroidery designs to download

And that’s all I’ve got for now!  I’ll keep updating as I find them, but for now, I hope you enjoy downloading all these great Thanksgiving and Fall embroidery designs for free!

If you’re also looking to expand your embroidery design stash (I now have to put mine on a separate hard drive since my computer has run out of space!), check out these other popular posts:

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