Where to Find Free Halloween Machine Embroidery Designs to Download

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While I’m all for digitizing my own designs occasionally, I have two kids and not a lot of free time.  As such, I have to weigh the cost-benefit ratio of spending an hour creating my own design vs downloading a design that someone else has already made.  If I can find a cute, affordable pre-made design, then the choice is pretty easy.  If the designs are cute AND free, I’m clicking that download button stat!

With Halloween approaching quickly, I’ve started dreaming about the Halloween outfits and Halloween decor that I can embroider.  And new ways to use my new glow-in-the-dark embroidery thread.  I’ve also started looking for new Halloween embroidery designs online.  For you bargain hunters like me, I’ve put together this big list of where to find free Halloween machine embroidery designs.  So, enjoy!

(And, if you’re new to machine embroidery and not a digitizing expert yet, I also have a post about where to download free machine embroidery designs.  It’s one of the most popular embroidery posts on my site, so I hope you can find even more fun designs from those great websites.  And lastly, just remember, if you do like a free design from a designer, make sure to consider purchasing from them the next time you need a design!  We need to support our fellow digitizers so they can continue to produce cute designs for our projects!)

free halloween embroidery machine designs

My Favorite Sites With Free Halloween Machine Embroidery Designs

I’ve updated this September 2020, so if you know of any other cool designs or if things have changed, please let me know in the comments!  I’ve also put the link to the site in the heading of each section.  Click that underlined link to be taken directly to the site offering the download.

Without a doubt, this is my favorite site to download free Halloween machine embroidery patterns!  There is a large selection, there’s no limit to the number of downloads, and you don’t have to give any personal information.  Plus, the designs are really cute and will appeal to lots of demographics!

The decorative “Spooky” design that I stitched on the towel for my image pictures is from here!  And, if you’re also going to be stuck trick-or-treating (or not) COVID-fashion like us, you’ll appreciate the COVID Halloween pumpkin wearing a mask.

While this site definitely has the largest number of Halloween machine embroidery design freebies, the one caveat is you can only download 3 per week.  So, you need to get to downloading several weeks in advance of the holiday if you want a large selection of designs!  Of course, you can purchase designs and get more for free.

Also, while there are a ton of designs, some of them aren’t digitized the best.  You’ll have to sort through to find designs that don’t look awkward.  Luckily, there’s also a review system where users can submit ratings, so check that out before you start stitching!

SWAK Embroidery

This site also has several free Halloween patterns.  One really cute design is a pumpkin bean-baggie that’s an in-the-hoop design.  There are also blackwork designs and my absolute favorite, a pumpkin doll outfit! Do a search for pumpkin applique, and you’ll find cute free Halloween appliques, too!

If you enjoy embroidering free-standing lace, there are lots of Halloween FSL designs you can purchase.

You do have to create an account to download designs to your library.

Julias Needle Designs

The link above will take you to just her freebies page, so you’ll have to scroll to find the Halloween designs.  There’s a really cute trick or treat one that I’m considering stitching on little bags for my daughters this year!

No account or personal information is required to download.

Embroider This!

While not a huge number of freebies, there are several cute designs on Embroider This!  My favorites are by far the skull scroll borders.  I think they will look perfect with the glow-in-the-dark thread on towels in our guest bathroom.  The haunted house is really cute, too!

Kreative Kiwi Embroidery

This is my absolute favorite website for free in-the-hoop machine embroidery designs. They also have many free Halloween in-the-hoop designs.  Most of them are Halloween coasters, bookmarks, or gift bags.  So cute!

Downloads will be sent to your email address or you can access them if you create an account.

GG Designs Embroidery

These free designs change out regularly depending on the season, but right now there is a free Jack-O-Lantern applique, a free Halloween font, a free skull applique, and a cute “Just boo-tiful” applique.

One downfall is lots of personal information has to be given to create an acccount and download the designs.

There are several Halloween machine embroidery appliques featured here. They have a few character Halloween patterns also, such as a Mickey Mouse pumpkin.  If you see a little medal on the top left of the design, that means the design is only free to premium (ie paid) club members.

To download designs, you do have to create an account.  Sometimes my computer bugs out when trying to login to download.  Might be them, might be me.  So, just keep that in mind if you, too, are having problems downloading!

where to find halloween embroidery machine design freebies

Free Halloween Embroidery Designs – Conclusion

I hope you enjoyed this big list of Halloween design freebies!  Happy Halloween, and happy stitching!

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