200+ Free Valentine’s Day Embroidery Designs

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Now that this last year is finally over, it’s time to start thinking about my Valentine’s Day embroidery projects.

Usually, I’ll embroider something cute for my niece and nephew and make small items for my daughters’ teachers and classmates. Something small, inexpensive, and handmade is usually perfect.

Now, I’m a huge fan of free Valentine’s Day embroidery machine designs! Free designs allow me to view a digitizer’s quality without having to spend money, and to be honest, after Christmas expenses, I’m always looking for ways to decrease spending in the new year.

If you’re also looking for free Valentine’s Day machine embroidery designs to download, I’ve put together a list of websites that offer Valentine’s Day embroidery freebies. 

free valentine's day embroidery machine designs

Notes About Valentine’s Day Embroidery Design Freebies

  1. Make sure you’re downloading designs to your computer or USB in the file format required by your embroidery machine. Since I’m a Brother embroidery machine user, I download free .pes Valentine’s Day designs. If the digitizer doesn’t have designs in your file format, you can always use basic embroidery software to convert the file format, though.
  2. Some sites may require registering first to download. Follow instructions to register. Signing up for their emails might also get you special deals later if you end up liking their design styles!
  3. If you like the designs you download free from a designer, make sure to bookmark their site for visiting again when you have a specific need and want to purchase!
  4. Some embroidery websites are like malls with lots of people listing their embroidery designs for free. As such, keep an eye out for star ratings from other customers to make sure you’re getting good-quality designs! Not all designs are manually digitized by people who know what they’re doing.

Websites with Free Valentine’s Day Embroidery Machine Designs

Now, I’ll list the name of the website followed by a link to the website below. On some of the websites, you’ll have to click filters to find the designs. I’ll let you know if that’s the case to make things as easy as possible!

sites with free valentine's day embroidery designs

1. Ann the Gran Embroidery Designs

Website: HERE

There are lots of cute free Valentine’s embroidery designs on Ann the Gran. As I’m writing this, there are over 200 designs! You can download up to 3 a week, so make sure to get a start on your downloading early on.

If you make a purchase, you can download even more designs. If you join her club, which usually has a free trial, this gets you even more free designs!

Ann the Gran is a great digitizer, and I have never had issues with stitch outs of her designs. Some other digitizers seem to sell on her site also, and I don’t have much experience with stitch-outs of those designs. So, just make sure to view the design in a program or do a test stitch-out before embroidering an expensive item!

2. Embroideres.com

Website: HERE

There are a little under 100 free Valentine’s embroidery designs here.

I’ve downloaded a lot of designs from here in the past, and the majority of them have very good stitch outs.

The great thing about this website is the designs also have free commercial use if you like to sell your embroidered products in quantities less than 100. I always like to support the digitizers with a link back, of course, but this is so sweet of them to offer so many freebies!

My favorite design is a cute “Be Mine” with an arrow and heart separating the words. The infinity love design is also very cute! They’ve recently introduced more ads on their pages, so make sure to not click on ads thinking you’re downloading the design!

3. Kreative Kiwi Embroidery

Link: HERE

While freebies can circulate at times here, right now there are 4 free in-the-hoop Valentine’s Day designs (bookmark, coasters, and pillow) and one free redwork Valentine’s Day design, which would look great on a dishtowel.

Search their entire free designs section to find all their free ITH designs, a few of which are heart-themed and weren’t included in the link above. Some are SO cute!

4. Bunnycup Embroidery

Pages: Free heart designs and free bear with heart designs

There is a nice selection of general freebies on Bunnycup Embroidery, but I’ve linked above to their two sections with heart-themed embroidery designs freebies.  One is just a selection of cute heart fill-stitch designs, and the other design set is a teddy bear doing various cute actions with one or more hearts.

Bunnycup is one of my favorite places to buy designs as they offer lots of designs that are perfect for young kids.

5. GG Designs Embroidery

Freebies Page: HERE. Scroll through designs to find the love-themed designs!

At the time of writing, GG Designs has three VERY cute heart embroidery designs. The petite lace hearts applique design is one of my absolute favorite heart designs thanks to its decorative border stitch. And with 6 sizes included, you likely will be able to find a size that works well for your project if you don’t have embroidery software to resize the design.

There is also a cute double heart applique and a LOVE applique.

6. Kreations by Kara

Link: HERE. Click on the tab for each year and check out the freebie offered for February.

Often, in the yearly February download spot, you’ll find a rose or other Valentine’s embroidery machine design like a heart. There’s even one of a monster holding a cute heart in the 2014 section.

7. Pro Digitizing

Website: HERE

If you scroll through the designs, there are 4 cute conversational heart embroidery designs, several other heart and love designs, and even a Singles Awareness Day design! In total, there are close to 10 free Valentine’s Day embroidery designs to download.

free valentine's day embroidery designs

Places to Check that Rotate Freebies or Have A Few Freebies Only

Here are places that either only have a free design or two or who have a seasonally rotating freebies section. They’re worth checking out, though!

  1. Applique Corner has a “For the Love” design and the word “Love” written in a script applique font.
  2. Creative Fabrica has a rotating freebies section which usually has hearts or some sort of cute love designs there!
  3. Applique Market offers a heart embroidery frame, which is perfect for monogramming!
  4. Scroll past the Valentine’s free-standing lace designs and you’ll find a handful of free Valentine’s day designs including a “By My Valentine” and a cute angel holding a heart on SWAK Embroidery.
  5. Embroidery Garden has a free Forever Valentine stamp design that would be cute to embroider on fabric envelopes for a quick kid’s gift. There is also a chenille heart embroidery design you can try out if you’re looking to embroider new effects!
  6. ABC Embroidery Designs has a fun cross-stitch Happy Valentine’s day design that would make a cute gift idea! I’m new to cross-stitch embroidery designs and want to try one soon!
  7. Sew Sweetly usually has a nice set of freebies. Since they rotate seasonally, you may not find any Valentine’s Day designs when you are looking. Right now, there is a cute Valentine’s bee embroidery design, though.

Looking for more free designs? Check out my huge lists of where to download free embroidery machine designs and sites offering free embroidery fonts.

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