25 No-Sew Doll Clothes Patterns for Dolls of All Sizes!

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Whether you use fusible tape, fabric glue, a hot glue gun, or find a pattern that requires just cutting, making doll clothes this way is a surprisingly easy craft project.

While I prefer making doll clothes with my sewing machine, sometimes a quick outfit with less hassle is a perfect option. And, my 6-year-old daughter prefers making no-sew clothes herself anyway. 

Here is a master list of no-sew doll clothes patterns for dolls of all sizes–Barbies, American Girl Dolls, Our Generation Dolls, and more! And, in the end, I’ve even included a section of doll clothes that can be made out of socks that require no sewing either. 

no-sew doll clothes patterns

No-Sew Doll Clothes Patterns and Tutorials

Below are ideas for FREE no-sew baby doll clothes that use a piece of fabric or other household items. Many are for a specific doll size, but patterns can often be adjusted larger or smaller easily.  

And, while all patterns I’m listing include only no-sew options, a pattern designed for a sewing machine can be made into a sewing-free pattern by using glue or hem tape for the seams and hems. Your options are practically endless!

1. Doll Poncho from Squiggly Twigs Designs

  • This easy doll poncho uses only a square of fleece and sharp sewing scissors.
  • If you want to make a reversible poncho that’s two-sided, you can break out a needle and thread for a more deluxe doll accessory. 

2. Dresses and a Skirt from Three J’s and a Y

3. Upcycling Kids’ Leggings from My Little Shop of Treasures

4. Sleeping Bag from Craft Create Cook

no-sew doll skirts and dresses

5. Doll Skirt

  • My easy no-sew doll skirt (above) uses fusible hem tape.
  • This pattern is easy to customize to any size doll by adding length or width before cutting your rectangular fabric. 

6. Tutu Dress from The Tip Toe Fairy

7. Swing Top for Barbies

  • This swing top uses an old t-shirt, mesh ribbon, and some fabric glue.
  • While the pattern is for 11.5″ dolls, like Barbie it’s a simple enough shape and idea that you can tailor it to any doll size!

8. Doll Halter from Happier Than a Pig In Mud

  • Using a simple diamond wrap ribbon, you can hot glue a snazzy doll halter top without having to get out a sewing machine. 

9. Flip Flops from Sew Adollable

10. A Cast from The Spohrs are Multiplying

  • This easy doll cast is made with felt, Velcro, and a glue gun. So fast and easy! 

11. Mittens and Headbands from Craft Create Cook

12. T-shirt from A Delightful World of Dolls

how to make doll clothes out of socks

Thanks to the stretchy nature of socks and their tendency not to unravel much when cut, they’re perfect for making no-sew clothes. 

If you don’t have socks, other items that work are child’s leggings or even old arms of sweaters. Picking something that doesn’t fray or ravel is the most important part if you’re going to leave the cut edge exposed instead of sewing a hem. 

13. Barbie Sock Outfit from Instructables

  • Check out this tutorial for making a full outfit for a Barbie doll out of a toddler sock!

14. Doll Undies from The Vibrant Crafter

  • These 2-minute doll undies are perfect for making for an 18″ doll with old socks or tights. No gluing or fusing is needed!

15. Extra Sock Outfit Pieces from Metzker Living

16. Sock Dress from Brandy’s Happy Home

17. Holiday Dress from Daydream Doll Boutique

18. Mermaid Tail from Pinterested Parent

19. Cute Dress from Artsy Craftsy Mom

20. Bathing Suit from MyFroggyStuff 

21-25. Meatloaf and Melodrama Patterns

Any other no-sew doll clothes patterns made out of fabric or socks you know about? I’d love to add them to this list! And, if you’re crafty with a sewing machine, check out my big list of 100+ doll clothes sewing patterns and 20+ sewing patterns for Barbie dolls.

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