100+ FREE Printable DIY Doll Clothes Patterns To Sew

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I enjoy sewing doll clothes because they’re quick and easy to sew and a great stash buster. Pattern-drafting for doll clothes is also fairly simple thanks to dolls’ general lack of curves and the similar dimensions between brands.

That being said, I exhausted a lot of the doll clothes patterns from my favorite doll clothes pattern books and my supply of self-drafted patterns when I was sewing for my older daughter’s dolls.

I wanted to use some new patterns for the little one’s doll, so I started looking around for free doll clothes patterns to sew.

As I was searching, I put together this list of patterns if you also want to sew your own DIY doll clothes!

I’ve tried to include free printable patterns for dolls of all sizes, not just 18″ dolls.

However, if you’re looking for clothes for 11″ dolls like Barbie, I have a complete list of free Barbie doll clothes patterns to sew to check out.

free printable doll clothes patterns

Big List of Free Printable Doll Clothes Patterns to Sew

Click on the underlined links below to go to the pages that feature these DIY doll clothes patterns.

And, if you like a designer’s patterns and website, consider purchasing from them in the future. You might have to sign up for emails or provide information to download the patterns, so keep that in mind.

I’ve split this huge list up by type of clothes, so you can scroll around to find what you’re looking for. Or, use the table of contents to skip to certain sections.

Free Doll Dress Patterns (and Jumpers!)

free doll dress patterns

Undoubtedly, my daughters’ dolls prefer dresses over any other article of clothing. So, I’ll start with the free doll dress sewing patterns below!

1. This free peasant dress pattern for an 18″ doll from Tie Dye Diva allows you to pair two different woven fabrics to make a knee-length peasant dress with 3/4 sleeves.

2. The School Cool Doll pattern from Ellie & Mac is my favorite free doll dress pattern! There are two sizes for 15″ and 18″ dolls. The pattern also includes 4 sleeve options and a tunic or dress length. It uses knit fabrics, which I prefer over woven in many cases. They’re faster to sew with my serger and more forgiving with tiny doll clothes sizes!

3. This free pattern from Made for Mermaids includes a shirt, tunic, and dress option also. It comes in sizes 14″, 15″, and 18″ dolls. This pattern is also a knit pattern with a hook and loop closure at the back. There are several sleeve options and other ways you can customize this pattern to fit your doll’s personality!

4. Pixie Faire has a free drawstring dress for 18″ dolls. It’s made with a fat quarter of woven fabric and has spaghetti straps.

5. Mamma Can Do It has this precious free doll jumper pattern for 18″ dolls, which you can pair perfectly with one of the free doll shirt patterns below.

6. If you’d prefer a short-sleeve peasant dress, check out this one from Pa County Crafts. Cotton peasant dresses are very easy to sew for beginners and kids!

7. Another free printable doll clothes pattern to download now is this easy sundress pattern for an 18″ doll from Sew Crafty Me. This is a very easy beginner doll clothes pattern because it’s made from woven fabrics and doesn’t have curved seams or very small parts.

8. See Kate Sew has a cute baby doll dress and matching headband pattern for smaller dolls that are sized similarly to Circo dolls.

free sewing patterns for doll clothes

9. This cute free Dolman ruffle dress pattern is from Doll It Up. I own one of her doll clothes books!

10. Here’s a fun party dress pattern for 18″ dolls using woven fabric and hook and loop fasteners in the back. This Fleece Fun pattern is knee-length with short sleeves!

11. The Craft Patch Blog has a very basic free doll dress pattern for an American Girl doll that uses knit fabrics and is easy to sew for beginners thanks to its minimal frill.

12. For any 18″ doll that needs a sequin evening dress, this one-shoulder dress pattern from Sew Adollable is the cutest!

13. Need a Halloween costume pattern for your 18″ doll? Sew Adollable also has a free pattern for bumblebee and ladybug costumes. My oldest daughter was a ladybug for her first Halloween, and this brings back such sweet memories! Sew Adollable also has a free cute pattern for a doll sweetheart dress.

14. If you want to make an African Princess dress for your doll, Frugal Abundance offers a pattern to make this doll outfit.

15. My Cup Overflows offers this cute and easy free dress pattern for American Girl dolls that’s sleeveless and perfect for using up cotton fabric scraps.

16. This tea towel pillowcase dress from A Little Loveliness is a perfect way to use old tea towels to sew your doll a new dress.

17. Grab this 12″ baby doll dress pattern with matching bloomers from Our Nesting Ground. The bloomers can double as shorts if you prefer to use them with a shirt instead!

18. This midi or maxi dress 18″ baby doll clothes pattern from Sew Crafty Me has a tie kneck and sits right below the knee. Add fringe and other embellishments to dress up this cotton sundress!

19. All Things With Purpose also has a basic free doll dress pattern. This sleeveless one can be sewn to your desired length on your 18″ doll.

20. Chellywood has pretty much any clothes pattern for every size doll for free. This site is SO awesome, especially if you’re looking for patterns for an uncommon doll size such as 5″-7″, 8″-9″, 12″, and even 28″ dolls!

Free Doll Pants and Leggings Patterns

free doll shorts and skirts patterns

1. These free 18″ doll leggings from Artsy Fartsy Mama are even sweeter to make because they involve upcycling a pair of old toddler leggings. Old clothes are one of my favorite sources for cheap fabric.

2. If you want to repurpose a pair of old socks, you can make doll tights using this tutorial from Rosie’s Doll Clothes Patterns.  You can also use old socks to make socks for your doll using this Artsy Fartsy Mama tutorial. And, xoxo Grandma shows you how to make a doll sweater dress from old socks!

3. Fleece Fun’s free jogger pants for 18″ dolls have an elastic waist and are made with knit fabric. They have a small cuff on the bottom of the pants and are easy to sew with a serger. (I love jogger pants and even have a tutorial on making joggers from sweatpants for adults!)

Free Doll Skirts and Shorts Patterns (and Undies, too!)

doll skirts and shorts patterns

Now, let’s talk skirts, shorts, and undies baby doll clothes patterns.

1. Here’s a cute and free pattern for an 18″ doll skirt from Pixie Faire. It’s perfect for woven fabrics and is great for beginners learning how to sew doll clothes.

2. Oh, these doll shorties are so adorable! The leg ruffle is optional but makes this one of my favorite shorts patterns! And you can make matching toddler and doll outfits with the kids’ shorties pattern also from Violette Field Threads.

3. Fleece Fun has a cute tiered skirt pattern for 18″ dolls that uses only one fat quarter of fabric (learn more about choosing doll clothes fabric!) and a short length of elastic in the back.

4. This paneled skirt free baby doll sewing pattern is free for members of Peek-a-boo’s Facebook group or new newsletter subscribers.

5. Sew Adollable has three free doll skirts to sew that don’t even require a pattern they’re so easy to stitch! Here are links to the no-sew bubble skirt. long maxi skirt, and peplum skirt. There is also a free shorts pattern for your doll, too.

free doll clothes patterns

6. ObSEUSSed has a fun poodle skirt pattern and tutorial showing you how to sew a poodle skirt for an 18″ doll. So cute for dolls who like vintage flair!

7. For 13 and 14.5″ dolls, you can sew this free doll skirt pattern from Oliver + S. It uses felt and bias tape, which is such a fun twist!

8. Make It & Love It has a free doll underwear pattern that can double as doll bloomers or short shorts. So cute, and every doll needs fun undergarments in her wardrobe! These are the ultimate scrap buster.

9. Looking for a no-sew doll skirt pattern? There’s a pattern for that as well!

Free Printable Shirt Patterns for Dolls

free doll shirt patterns to sew for DIY doll clothes

1. Violette Field Threads has one of the most adorable free doll top patterns that doubles as a dress if you add some length. It has an empire bodice, a nice ruffle, and the cutest straps that tie on the back. The best part is you can make your toddler a matching top for free, too!

2. Here’s a fun sleeveless top pattern for 18″ dolls from Real Creative Real Organized. It’s got a flared bottom and a very cute bodice!

3. You have to sign up for the newsletter or join the Facebook Group, but you can grab this long-sleeve doll t-shirt pattern for free from Peek-a-boo patterns.

4. Serving Pink Lemonade has a simple knit shirt doll pattern for an 18″ doll. The fabric can be cut from an old pair of kids’ leggings!

5. Pixie Faire also has a free printable doll clothes shirt pattern that’s made from knit fabrics and is form-fitting for 18″ dolls. It’s sleeveless and has a hook and loop fastener on the back.

6. Welcome to the Mouse House has a free pinafore pattern that will work for 12″ – 15″ dolls. It has a cute crossover back and is made to be reversible!

7. Treasurie offers a free cute free doll t-shirt pattern. It has a ruffled neck and decorative buttons down the front of this short, 3/4 sleeve shirt that will fit an 18″ doll.

Doll Jacket Pattern Freebies

doll clothes jacket patterns

There weren’t many doll jacket pattern freebies out there, but I found 3!

1. The peplum coat and hat pattern from Tie Dye Diva are featured on Fleece Fun, and as such, is a perfect way to use up scraps of fleece! The hat is a cute beret pattern and will be perfect to sew for our Fancy Nancy doll.

2. A Pinch of Joy offers a free pattern for a fun and fancy 18″ doll parka. She uses faux fur and faux suede, and it is just perfect!

3. All you need to collect for this free doll poncho pattern from AG Doll Play is a felt piece and buttons or other decorative additions. This is so easy to make and technically a no-sew doll clothes pattern.

Free Doll Pajama Patterns

free doll pajama patterns

While most shorts or even peasant dress patterns can double as doll pajamas if you choose the right fabrics, here are some patterns for doll pajamas that you can download for free.

1. Read Creations has a doll pajama pants pattern and pajama shirt pattern using knit fabrics for Bitty Baby dolls. You can likely scale the pattern to make it bigger if you want to fit larger dolls. If your doll needs to go to the hospital, this same pattern creator has a free pattern for a hospital gown and wrist band for an 18″ doll.

2. If you sew for 17″ Cabbage Patch Kids dolls, here’s a free cuddly robe pattern for a 17″ doll from Cabbage Patch Kids Patterns. This brings me back to my childhood, and my Cabbage Patch doll, Wendy!

3. 15″ dolls need pajamas too, and here’s a cute option for 15″ doll pajamas from Heartland Happy. The shirt is made of knit fabric, and the bottoms are made from a woven fabric like flannel. You could substitute knit for the pants if you prefer.

4. All Things with Purpose has a free doll PJ pattern for American Girl dolls and other 18″ dolls. You’ll have to subscribe to the email to download the pattern for free. Otherwise, you can purchase it from her shop.

Free Doll Swimsuit and Leotard Sewing Patterns

free doll leotards and swimsuit patterns

1. If you join Peek-a-boo Pattern’s Facebook group or subscribe to their newsletter, you can grab this free swimsuit and leotard pattern for an 18″ doll. It is a simple sleeveless leotard for soft-bodied dolls. Every doll needs a swimsuit for a beach day, right?!

2. My AG Doll Craft also has a free leotard pattern for an American Girl doll. It uses fold-over elastic and athletic fabric and is a 3/4 sleeve with a scoop back. There’s even an option to add a matching scrunchie for dolls that need that extra accessory for their gymnastics classes! You can also add an ice-skating skirt to the leotard with this tutorial here.

3. This free leotard pattern for an 18″ doll doubles as a swimsuit for your American Girl or Our Generation doll. It also uses fold-over elastic and 4-way stretch fabric, but this leotard pattern is the sleeveless option from My AG Doll Craft.

4. Here’s a swimsuit pattern for 14.5-15″ dolls and then a pattern for a free 18″ doll swimsuit from Pixie Faire. These use fold-over elastic and athletic stretch fabric.

Free Doll Accessory Patterns (and Other Fun Stuff)

free doll accessories patterns

1. American Girl and other 18″ dolls can have a great summer outing wearing these no-sew flip flops from Sew Adollable. From the same site, you can also find a tutorial for doll belts!

2. With email sign-up, this doll boots pattern is free from Peek-a-boo Patterns.

3. This doll sun hat pattern from Mamma Can Do It comes in sizes for a 13″-15″ doll and an 18″ doll. This is so cute to make for summer wear for your doll!

4. A cute frilly fleece or felt scarf is also a fun addition to a doll’s wardrobe. Find the free pattern at American Girl Fan. It’s actually a no-sew doll clothes pattern, but I felt like it was too cute not to include.

5. If you want a free baby doll pattern for diapers, here’s an easy doll diaper pattern from Cucicucicoo. And, here’s another from Little Abbee.

6. Cucicucicoo also has a cute doll mermaid costume if you want to make a mermaid tail and shell bra for an 18″ doll.

7. Here’s a free doll purse pattern from Fleece Fun using leather or other non-fraying fabric.

8. You can find tons of free doll clothes sewing patterns at Appletotes & Co. Here are links to a winter beanie hat, sweater vest, and shopping bag to give you an idea of some options!

9. This doll face mask is a tutorial from my blog, and one day I hope this free doll accessories pattern will no longer be so popular and coronavirus will be a thing of the past. But, for now, you can sew a face mask for your doll.

10. SuzyMStudio has a pattern for free fleece ear and neck warmers for an 18″ doll, although this pattern is easy to shrink for a smaller doll!

11. An easy afternoon doll accessory sewing project would be this 18″ doll sleeping bag from A Pinch of Joy.

12. I used an old fleece jacket to sew a DIY doll sleeping bag. This isn’t a pattern per se, but rather just a tutorial to inspire you when upcycling! I also sewed a toddler and doll matching oven mitt using a Dollar Tree oven mitt!

13. If your doll wants to cook and play chef for a day, Daydream Doll Boutique has a free sewing pattern for a doll chef set including a chef hat and cute doll apron.

14. Daydream Doll Boutique has a free doll printable PDF pattern for a newsboy cap. It’s a perfect accessory for your 18″ doll!

Well, that’s all I have for now! Any other favorite pattern freebies you recommend? 

(If you are looking for more no-sew options or doll clothes from socks, check out my big list of doll clothes patterns that don’t require sewing. Then, check out my round-up of free toddler sewing patterns!)


  1. Sandy Greathouse says:

    Hi…I recently got the book, My Doll, My Style by Anna Allen and would like to make the Ruffled Tunic Top/Dress (pg. 79) and hoping to find a pattern I can download and print. I’m not good at making my own patterns and would love to make this for my granddaughter.
    I am enjoying your site and subscribed to your newsletter.

    Thank you,
    Sandra Greathouse
    ([email protected])

    1. Hi! I really love the patterns from that book! (I just finished making a swimsuit for my daughter’s doll.)

      There’s actually an entire online pattern library containing all the associated patterns for My Doll, My Style. The instructions for accessing it should be on page 29 (at least in my edition; page 79 of my book is the “flutter sleeve tunic”) of the book. Once you go to that URL, simply download the pattern, print it, and you’re ready to start sewing!

  2. Chelly Wood says:

    Thanks for the mention. You’re very kind.

  3. Pam Potter says:

    Wow! Thank you so much! These are exactly what I have looked everywhere for. You are kind and generous to share them with us for free. I so appreciate you!

  4. I sewed many doll clothes for my 2 daughters and 2 granddaughters plus for our local school to sell for certain events, but sadly during a move a few years ago, I gave the patterns away. Now so many patterns run almost $20 each! I have caught a few on sale. Now great grandchildren are being born and thanks to your website and willingness to share, I am able to find patterns. Thank you for being so kind.

  5. Thank you for shortening our search, saving us time! Having children at home, I don’t know how you yourself had time to find all of these sites!

    1. I’m glad this was helpful for you!

  6. My grandson is getting a 32 inch boy doll for Xmas. Where can I find doll clothes patterns for his doll? What size baby clothes would a 32 inch doll wear?

  7. Katherine says:

    I looked and looked and couldn’t find any patterns for the smaller Cabbage Patch dolls. Do you have any links and I just missed it?

    1. What size doll is the smaller Cabbage Patch?

  8. Ruth Russell says:

    Looking for a pattern for 12 inch Chinese baby doll s for boy and girl have you got any ideas please

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