20+ FREE Printable Clothes Patterns to Sew for 11.5″ Dolls

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My daughter decided she wanted plastic dolls and lots of doll clothes for Christmas.

I never got into Barbies, Bratz dolls, or other plastic dolls as a child, so I have no old clothes to give her.

I also don’t have a lot of experience sewing clothes for 11.5″ fashion dolls. (I LOVE sewing doll clothes for her 18″ doll, though!) 

So, my master plan to make her new plastic dolls a wardrobe is to rummage around my scrap fabric bin and sew clothes so they can be dressed to impress.

To note, I tried looking for branded Barbie doll clothes patterns at JOANN, and those pickings were slim.

I also looked for pre-made Barbie-branded clothes, and those are also pretty nonexistent at our local stores. What’s a mom to do when she can’t find a great ready-to-wear wardrobe?

As I don’t have any experience drafting smaller doll clothes patterns, I started searching for free patterns for clothes for 11″-11.5″ plastic fashion dolls (such as Barbie, Bratz, Sindy, L.O.L. Surprise 11″ dolls, or even Dollar Tree’s fashion dolls) to get some quick basic pieces sewn. 

If you are new to sewing clothes for fashion dolls as well or are just looking for new inspiration, check out this list of free patterns offered by other bloggers to sew for your 11″ doll!

Free Clothes Patterns to Sew for 11.5″ Plastic Dolls (e.g. Barbie, Bratz, Sindy, LOL Surprise)

barbie clothes patterns free
Image source: Canva Pro

Since all plastic fashion dolls are slightly different sizes, some of these free doll clothes patterns may need brief pattern adjustments before sewing. 

Either that or choose patterns with knit fabrics, which are much more forgiving on the variety of doll body shapes!

Skirt and Dress Patterns that Fit Fashion Dolls – Free Printables & Tutorials

barbie dress and skirt patterns
Image source: Canva Pro

1. Browse through this HUGE selection of free 11″ doll clothes patterns from Chellywood.

You may have to do a little digging and hunting around the site to find the tutorials and patterns. However, there is so much good stuff here!

2. This flowy skirt pattern from Craftiness is Not Optional can be easily dressed up with added trim or other accessories to make a fun statement piece for your doll.

3. Here’s another fun summer dress for a Sindy doll or 11″ doll from A Rose Tinted World. I love the cute fastener on the back of the dress.

4. This simple A-Line skirt from Sewing and Pattern is a great place to start for beginners and would make a nice addition to a doll’s closet. 

You can also grab an A-Line dress pattern, strapless sundress, and a free wedding dress pattern from the same designer!

The only issue with this site, though, is the patterns don’t have test squares for reference to know if I’m printing at the right scale. It might be worth the troubleshooting, though, to get some cute outfits sewn!

5. There are a lot of options to change up this dress pattern from Craftiness is Not Optional: strapless, cap sleeve, ribbon spaghetti straps. This would be a cute addition to any doll’s wardrobe!

6. Sew a denim skirt from an upcycled denim scrap from this tutorial featured on AllFreeCrafts.  This is an easy sewing project for me because I have a ton of scrap denim!

7. Make a sock dress (from The Moody Fashionista) using an old children’s sock. This is actually a no-sew pattern for fashion dolls because the author used a glue gun to attach embellishments!

8. If you don’t want an actual pattern and instead want to fit the outfit based directly on your doll, check out this strapless dress from Happier Than a Pig in Mud. The tutorial will guide you in fitting the pattern to your doll.

Free Shirts, Jeans, and Shorts Patterns for 11″ Fashion Dolls

barbie shirts, jeans, and shorts patterns
Image source: Canva Pro

1. This knit t-shirt free pattern from Pixie Faire is one of the few knit patterns I’ve been able to find. 

I like sewing with knits because while they might be a bit trickier to stitch with a sewing machine, they are much more forgiving with sizing!

And every millimeter of imprecision may make a difference in the sizing on such a small doll!

2. Here’s a simple cap-sleeve top from Craftiness is Not Optional. It’s made from woven fabric and can be sewn in no time at all.

3. From Sew What Yvette, here’s a nice leggings pattern for a plastic fashion doll. Dolls can’t wear dresses all the time and need some more functional clothes in their wardrobe!

Full Outfits and Collections

full outfits for plastic fashion dolls like barbie
Image source: Canva Pro

1. From Ageberry, check out this free doll skirt and shirt pattern.

It also comes with a free SVG file to use when making this outfit for your doll. This is so fun if you have a Cricut and don’t want to cut those small fabric pieces yourself!

2. If you look through Emby Quinn, you’ll find a wide selection of downloadable patterns.

If you’re a beginner, you might have difficulty sewing them. This is because there are only written instructions rather than full picture tutorials.

Free Accessory Patterns

fashion doll accessory patterns-min
Image source: Canva Pro

Make this fun mermaid tail and top from Sew Spoiled using an old swimsuit or a small scrap of fabric!

My daughter was a mermaid for Halloween this year, so she will love this!


As I find more or make some of my own, I’ll keep adding to this list of free clothes patterns to sew for your plastic doll (like Barbie!) If you’re looking for patterns for bigger dolls, check out my mega list of free printable doll clothes patterns

And, you might enjoy downloading some of these free sewing patterns for toddlers, too!


  1. Thank you posting these free Barbie DYI pattern. I can’t to try it out.

  2. Lydie La Félily says:

    Thank you very much for all these patterns ! 😍 I allways look at patterns to sew for my daughter. If you are OK I show them to my community on Pinterest 😉

  3. Catherine says:

    Thank you so much!

  4. Carol Lynn says:

    My daughter is now 42. I made all her Barbie doll clothes. Then I dressed all her friends, then my nieces, and now my granddaughters! Mostly the same patterns. Vintage now. But fun to make. And a great way to use up scraps. Thanks for sharing all these links.

  5. Thank you for posting these patterns. My grandmother made clothes for my barbie dolls when I was younger and I hope to do the same for my granddaughter! Wish me luck!

  6. Thanks so much for sharing these patterns. I am like a kid in a sweet shop. Not sure where to start!!!

  7. Great patterns. Thank you for sharing.

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