Singer M3300 Review – How Does It Compare?

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The Singer M3300 sewing machine is a new release from Singer and is an updated version of its well-liked predecessor, the Singer 2277 Tradition. 

As such, the Singer M3300 is still a great sewing machine for a certain subset of users.  It’s not the most advanced sewing machine that comes with all the features under the sun, but it’s an affordable option for many.

I’ll start this Singer M3300 review by explaining its features and how to use it, transition to answering common questions and listing pros and cons, and then end with comparing it to other popular, similar sewing machines.  I hope you’ll then have an idea if this will be the right addition to your sewing corner!

singer m3300 reviews

Singer M3300 Review of Features

Dimensions15 x 6.2 x 12 in
Weight13.6 lbs
Stitches23 types
Presser Feet3
Buttonholes1-step automatic
Bobbin sizeClass 15

What comes with the Singer M3300 sewing machine?

SINGER | M3300 Sewing Machine with 97 Stitch Applications, & 1-Step Buttonhole - Perfect for Beginners - Sewing Made EasyIf you purchase the Singer M3300 sewing machine, here is what you’ll find in the box.

  • Singer M3300 sewing machine with power cord and foot controller
  • 3 presser feet
  • Needles and extra class 15 bobbins
  • Edge/quilting guide
  • Other accessories: screwdriver, thread spool cap, seam ripper & lint brush, spool pin felt, and darning plate
  • Quick-start guide

Singer is going paperless, so you’ll have to print your own manual or view it online when you need it.  Download it here.

Also, this box includes almost everything you immediately need to get sewing except thread and fabric.  If you’re a true beginner, though, check out one of my most popular posts (beginner sewing supplies) to make sure you have everything else you need to get started.

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How many stitches and what are they?

SINGER | M3300 Sewing Machine with 97 Stitch Applications, & 1-Step Buttonhole - Perfect for Beginners - Sewing Made EasyThere are 23 included stitches on the Singer M3300.  Stitches are selected using a dial on the front right of the machine.

There are 6 essential stitches such as the straight stitch and zigzag stitch and then 9 decorative stitches such as a scallop stitch.  There’s also one buttonhole stitch and 7 stretch stitches.  I like that these 23 stitches include a blind hem stitch, overcasting stitch, and triple zigzag stitch, especially!

Each stitch has the option to adjust the length and width, if applicable.  This allows for a much larger versatility than machines with preset stitch lengths and widths.

What can you do with the included presser feet?

Presser feet are the metal feet that hold the fabric in place while the needle sews.  These presser feet are easily interchangeable; simply snap the foot off and snap on another.  Because this is a low-shank sewing machine with switchable feet, you can purchase extra compatible presser feet if you want to do more advanced sewing.

There are three basic presser feet that come with the Singer M3300.

  • All-purpose foot: This is the presser foot that works with most stitches, including zigzag and straight stitches.
  • Buttonhole foot: Use this to sew a one-step, automatic buttonhole.
  • Button sewing foot: Hold a button in place while the machine zigzags it on.

I wish a blind hem foot and zipper foot were included, but at least you can purchase them separately if you feel that you want them!

What other features are there?

Built-in Free Arm

At the front of the machine, there’s a small accessories compartment where you can store your sewing supplies.  When you remove this small extension table, you’re left with what’s called a free arm.  This is a smaller workspace that you can use to sew round items such as cuffs and hems.  It’s a nice feature on an entry-level sewing machine.

Led Light

The sewing workspace is illuminated by an LED light as soon as you turn the sewing machine on.  If you need a stronger light, there are hundreds of options for sewing lights to give you additional brightness.

Automatic Needle Threader

SINGER | M3300 Sewing Machine with 97 Stitch Applications, & 1-Step Buttonhole - Perfect for Beginners - Sewing Made EasyTechnically, the Singer 2277 is a self-threading sewing machine.  This means it has an “automatic needle threader.”  This is a small lever by the needle that you can use to draw the upper thread through the eye of the needle.  It’s incredibly helpful for people who have difficulty threading the needle by hand. 

However, it is a VERY delicate apparatus and prone to breakage.  Also, you have to make sure the needle is in full up position before you use the threader or you may bend the inside hook.  This means turning the handwheel towards you to raise the needle fully up.  If you’ve never used an automatic needle threader before, it will take some practice, so don’t give up!

Despite its delicate nature and slight learning curve, I do prefer the Singer needle threader over the typical Brother needle threader.

One-Step Automatic Buttonholes and Button Sewing

One-step buttonholes means the Singer M3300 creates the buttonhole all by itself when you select the buttonhole stitch.  It also sizes the buttonhole needed itself by using the size of the button.  Place your button in the back of the buttonhole presser foot, line up your machine, and you’re ready to go with super easy buttonholes!  Because this isn’t a computerized sewing machine, you do have to visually watch the buttonhole and remember to take your foot off the foot pedal when it is done sewing.

Once you’ve created the buttonhole, you can sew on the button itself using the button sewing foot to hold the button in place.

Twin Needle Capability

One cool thing about most Singer sewing machines is they include an extra spool pin and twin needle.  This allows you to setup the M3300 to use 2 different spools of thread at the same time to create parallel lines of stitching.

How do you thread and set up the Singer M3300?

There are four parts involved in threading your Singer sewing machine to first use it: winding the bobbin, threading the upper thread and needle, installing the bobbin, and pulling up the bobbin thread.

Winding the bobbin happens on the top of the machine and is SO easy.  There are even instructions printed on the top of the machine so you don’t have to pull out the quick start guide to remember.  Installing the bobbin, however, is not so easy until you get the hang of it.  The Singer M3300 features a front-load bobbin.  Here’s what that looks like below:
front load bobbin

To replace the bobbin, you have to remove the case and remember which orientation to insert the thread and how to position it through the case.  My daughter sews with a front-load bobbin sewing machine, and this is the hardest part for her to do by herself.  It’s simple once you learn, but I don’t think front-load bobbins are as beginner-friendly as top-load bobbins.  One annoying thing also is every time you need to access the bobbin, you have to remove the accessories compartment to do so.

Threading the top thread is very simple, luckily.  Again, instructions can be found on the body of the machine. Always thread with the presser foot up or you may end up with thread tension issues.

Once you’ve threaded the top of the machine and installed the bobbin, the only thing left to do is pull up the bobbin thread before you get started sewing.  You do this by holding the upper thread and advancing the needle using the handwheel.  Slowly pull the bobbin thread up with the needle and then set it under and behind your presser foot.

How to Use the Singer M3300 Sewing Machine

Because the Singer M3300 is a mechanical sewing machine, you will use the foot pedal to start and stop your sewing. It takes a little while to get used to sewing with a foot pedal, but once you’ve gotten to know your sewing machine, it will be second nature.  In comparison, a computerized sewing machine has a start/stop button and a speed slider as a sewing option.

After you’ve selected your stitch using the stitch dial, you can do a reverse stitch using the reverse lever.  A reverse stitch has the sewing machine sew backward to lock your stitches in the beginning and end of your line of stitches.

And as a note, when you’re switching stitches with the dial, make sure to raise your needle up or you may bend it when going from straight to zigzag stitch, for instance.

Is the Singer M3300 a good sewing machine for beginners? What about kids?

The Singer M3300 is a great sewing machine for beginners.  Front-load bobbin issues aside, the Singer M3300 is easy to set up and easy to use.  It’s not a computerized sewing machine, so you don’t have to worry about any confusing technology.  I also think it’s one of the easier Singer sewing machines for children to learn to use.

The initial investment for the Singer M3300 is very modest compared to many other sewing machines.  As such, if you decide you don’t like sewing, you’re not out a month’s mortgage payment.  However, if you decide you love to sew, you can then upgrade to a more advanced sewing machine later.

If you have issues with your sewing machine, I highly recommend reading the entire instruction manual.  You’ll learn the ins and outs of the machine and also how to pick a needle and how to choose a thread type based on your fabric.  Several machine issues I’ve had in the past have always been user issues, so make sure you are setting up and using your machine properly before tossing it out the window!

Can the Singer M3300 sew denim jeans or other thick fabrics?

While you can hem jeans and do other denim sewing occasionally with the Singer M3300, this is not a heavy-duty sewing machine intended for regularly sewing thick fabrics.  Singer has a fantastic line of heavy-duty sewing machines that have a more powerful motor and also a higher stitching speed if your goal is to regularly sew thick fabrics.  I love my Singer 4423 heavy-duty sewing machine!

If you do need to sew thick fabrics, make sure you are using the correct needle (at least size 90/14) and thread.  Sew slowly or use the handwheel to advance over thick seams, and be careful with extended use!  You can also use the presser foot lever on the back of the machine to lift the presser foot a little higher than normal (“extra high”) to accommodate bulkier projects.

The Singer Warranty

If you have issues with your sewing machine, you are covered by a warranty that protects you from manufacturer defects.  It isn’t the most stellar warranty, but unfortunately, a less-than-awesome warranty is what exists across the board with most entry-level sewing machines.

The entire warranty document can be found here. To summarize, you have 90 days for everything on the sewing machine to be covered at Singer’s expense.  After that, most parts of the sewing machine are covered for 2 years, but at your expense for labor.  After that, only the sewing machine head itself is covered for 25 years.

Can you quilt with the Singer M3300?

The Singer M3300 includes several features that make it adequate for basic quilting.  For instance, it comes with a quilt-guide and has several decorative stitches.  However, if you’re wanting to quilt exclusively and have a larger budget, I’d skip this machine and go for a more advanced machine such as the Brother HC1850 sewing and quilting machine.

Why?  Here are some features that other more advanced sewing machines have that help with quilting:

  • More quilt-specific included presser feet: spring-action quilting foot, 1/4″ piecing foot, and walking foot
  • Extra-large wide table to hold bulky quilts
  • Larger throat space (this is the area to the right of the workspace)

Also, the Singer M3300 doesn’t come with the ability to drop the feed dogs down.  Feed dogs are the little teeth on the base of the sewing machine that advance the fabric.  If you want to cover the feed dogs, you have to do this with the darning plate.  This is a little more time-intensive and means having to find a small darning plate in your stash of sewing supplies when you need it.


While it’s not a perfect sewing machine by any stretch of the imagination, there are a few things the Singer M3300 gets right.

  • Affordable price considering features
  • Easy to use and includes an automatic needle threader
  • Use on a wide range of fabrics


As I said, this sewing machine isn’t perfect. Here are a few reasons why.

  • A front-load bobbin is more difficult to learn.
  • Despite automatic buttonhole, it doesn’t stop automatically
  • Not going to “grow” with you as well as a more advanced sewing machine

Comparing the Singer M3300 sewing machine

In case the Singer M3300 sewing machine does not fit your exact needs, here are several popular comparisons interested users make with the Singer M3300.

Singer M3300 vs Singer 2277 Tradition

SINGER | Tradition 2277 Sewing Machine with 97 Stitch Applications, & Easy-To-Use-Free-Arm - Perfect for Beginners - Sewing Made EasyThe Singer M3300 is an updated version of the Singer 2277.  The main difference is aesthetics.  The Singer M3300 is sleeker and has the stitch length dial on the top of the sewing machine rather than the front like the 2277.   The 23 included stitches remain identical as do the included accessories.  As I’m writing this Singer M3300 review, it’s a little higher priced than the 2277, but prices can change by the hour sometimes.

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Singer M3300 vs Singer MX231

SINGER MX231 Sewing Machine, White

The Singer M3300 and MX231 are completely identical with the exception of the coloring. The MX231 has red accents while the M3300 has green accents. 

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Singer M3300 vs Singer M1500

SINGER | Sewing Machine with 57 Stitch Applications, & Easy Stitch Selection - Perfect for Beginners - Sewing Made EasyInstead of the button sewing foot on the Singer M3300, the Singer M1500 has a zipper foot instead.  The Singer M1500 also includes 6 stitch types with preset lengths and widths and only contains a four-step, manual buttonhole.  There is no automatic needle threader on it nor does it include a quilt guide.  The reverse lever is also more comfortably placed above the workspace with the Singer M3300.

Threading and set up of the two machines are the same.

If you’re looking for the simplest sewing machine available, I’d recommend checking out the Singer M1500.  (Read my Singer M1500 review for more information.) If not, stick with the Singer M3300!

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Singer M3300 vs Singer M3500

SINGER | Sewing Machine with 110 Stitch Applications, & Built-In Needle Threader - Perfect for Beginners - Sewing Made EasyThe Singer M3500 is a more advanced version of the Singer M3300.  With the Singer M3500, you’re getting 32 stitches and an extra presser foot, the zipper foot.  The look of the machines and use of the machines is very similar, though the Singer M3500 is purple instead of green.  Unless you need the additional 8 stitches, I’d recommend sticking with the Singer 3300 and purchasing a zipper foot separately if you want one.

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Singer M3300 vs Brother XM2701

Brother XM2701 Sewing Machine, Lightweight, Full Featured, 27 Stitches, 6 Included FeetBoth machines have automatic needle threaders and one-step buttonholes and are similar in capabilities.  In terms of differences, the Brother XM2701 sewing machine features 27 stitches and 6 presser feet.  The biggest difference, though, in my opinion, is the ease of use for the Brother XM2701.  It features a top-drop, quickset bobbin, which means you don’t have to raise the bobbin thread on your own.  This is a much simpler setup!  The bobbin case is also on the top of the machine, so you don’t have to remove the free arm every time you need to replace it.  Because it has a clear case, you can monitor your bobbin thread too and change it if needed before starting a large project.

If having to choose between the Brother XM2701 and Singer M3300, I think the Brother XM2701 is a superior machine.  I’m a huge Brother sewing machine fan and have owned (and do own) several machines that I love!  While I do love my Singer heavy-duty and my daughter likes her Singer, I think Brother is easier to learn to use.

I’ve written an in-depth review of the Brother XM2701 if you want more information!

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Singer M3300 Sewing Machine Review – In Conclusion

As you can see from this Singer M3300 review, this sewing machine is a new, quality sewing machine from Singer.  While it’s got a few things I’d change about it, the price and prestige of Singer still make it worth recommending.

singer m3300 review

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  1. Hi – I hope you can help me. I have the Singer M3300 and so far I am happy. My question is about the stitch selection. Everything I read says that there should be an “S1” on the length dial to get the blue stitches on the selector. My length dial does not have an “S1”. It only goes to zero. What am I missing?

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