What Can You Embroider With a 4×4 Hoop? Ideas & Inspiration

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I get frustrated when people tell other embroiderers there’s no way they could EVER survive with only a 4″x4″ hoop embroidery machine.

They make it sound like the world will end if you purchase a machine with a small hoop.

That you’ll never be able to embroider anything unless you take out a second mortgage to purchase a machine with a monster hoop.

However, there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WRONG with starting with a 4×4 hoop on your embroidery machine!

Because as nice as an embroidery machine with a big embroidery field might be, not everyone has the money, space, need, or desire for a huge machine. 

I started with a 4″x4″ machine (which I thought was a huge expense already) and happily had it for a long time before upgrading to the 5″x7″ machine I have now.

I splurged and upgraded when we stopped pinching pennies after finally paying off our $300k+ of doctorate loans.

But darn it, I got a ton of mileage out of my small embroidery machine! And, I still use my SE1900’s 4×4 hoop more often than its 5×7. 

So, if you are feeling down about your 4×4 machine or are worried that you made the wrong choice of machines, then let me answer the question, “What can you embroider with a 4×4 hoop?”

The answer is…MUCH more than you think if you’re resourceful and know a few tricks! 

4x4 embroidery ideas

What does 4×4 max hoop size mean?

4x4 hoop for embroidery

The maximum design size an embroidery machine can stitch in each session is a programmed function of the machine.

Simply connecting a larger hoop will not allow you to stitch outside your machine’s programmed capabilities. 

Thus, a machine with a maximum embroidery area of 4″x4″ will not be able to stitch a design in one session that is larger than ~4″x4″ or 10cmx10cm in size. Even if you connect a larger hoop. 

(Learn more about embroidery hoop sizes and how this relates to design sizes.)

And, if you’re confused about your machine’s max hoop size, examples of popular 4×4 embroidery machines are the Brother PE535, PE545, SE400, SE425, SE600, SE625, SE700, LB6800, LB5000S, LB5000M, and Innovis m280D.

How to Embroider Larger Than a 4×4 Hoop

Can you embroider a design that’s bigger than your hoop?

Yes, you can stitch a design that’s larger than 4×4 on your machine!

However, you must stitch it in multiple 4×4 (or smaller) sections because the maximum size you can stitch at one time is 4″x4″.

How do you do this? 

1. Splitting Embroidery Designs

splitting designs for 4x4 hoop

Basic embroidery software can split big embroidery designs into small 4″x4″ chunks suitable for your machine!

This means you can stitch a 30″x 30″ design, for instance, in many 4″x4″ chunks. 

You will hoop the first section, stitch, release the fabric from the hoop, and then hoop the next section. 

While it may take time to reset the machine and fabric after each section, the sky’s the limit here in the size of a design you can stitch. 

I recommend Sew What Pro or Embrilliance as easy-to-use basic editing software, but several free embroidery software allow design splitting.

And, some digitizers are awesome and will split the designs you purchase from them. 

While splitting designs requires basic computer skills, there are many in-depth YouTube videos showing you the exact process for using each software.

I recommend checking out The Baby’s Booty YouTube channel. She does in-depth tutorials for Sew What Pro using small hoops. 

2. Using a Repositional Hoop on a 4×4 Machine

using a larger hoop size on a small hoop machine

Did you also know there’s something called a repositional or continuous hoop?

This hoop is 4″x6.75″ and allows you to stitch a ~4″x6.75″ design in two pieces (first split with software) without having to remove your fabric to rehoop.

Instead, you move the placement of the hoop in the machine.

You simply stitch the first half, reposition the hoop, and then stitch the second half. 

For my 4″x4″ Brother machine, this is the repositional hoop I used. 

3. What Designs You Can’t Split

Unfortunately, most large in-the-hoop embroidery designs cannot be split into smaller pieces and still stitch out correctly.

If your life goal is to make a ton of ITH purses or bibs, for instance, you really are out of luck with a 4″x4″ machine. 

Some other designs, like appliques, also haven’t been the easiest for me to split.

However, focus on all the designs you CAN use rather than the ones you can’t!

Embroidery Designs for a 4×4 Hoop

print a template to help line up design

I have a huge list of where to find free embroidery machine designs.

There are THOUSANDS of free embroidery designs for a 4×4 hoop. 

I’d recommend clicking around the websites on that post and sorting by size to find designs that you like!

And remember, even if a design is bigger, you can still split it to use in many cases. 

If you want to purchase designs, Creative Fabrica is a good place to start. They have a monthly subscription where you can download an unlimited number of their 10,000+ embroidery designs.

Other 4×4-hoop-friendly websites are Etsy, Embroidery Library, and Embroidery Designs, to name just a few!

In-the-Hoop Designs for a 4×4 Hoop

If you want to make small ITH designs (for example, small coasters, felties, or even Christmas ornaments), here’s a list of where to find in-the-hoop designs.

That being said, I think Kreative Kiwi has one of the best selections of small (and lots of free) ITH designs for a 4×4 hoop. There are hundreds of options you can stitch!

What can you embroider with a 4×4 hoop?

Since I started this site back when I only had a 4×4 hoop and did more sewing than embroidery, a LOT of my tutorials were done with just a 4×4 hoop.

Here is some 4×4 hoop inspiration below. Click on the images to be taken to that tutorial’s page if you want to learn more!

Besides the above projects, here’s a very non-exhaustive list of even more 4×4 hoop project ideas. 

  1. Patches
  2. Felties
  3. Banners with each letter less than 4″x4″ 
  4. Key fobs/keyrings with faux leather, vinyl, or real leather
  5. Face masks
  6. Small machine embroidery redwork designs for quilts
  7. Putting logos on shirts
  8. Small fabric baskets
  9. Monogram anything and everything as long as the monogram is less than 4″x4″
  10. Birthday cards (Check out my tutorial for embroidering on cardstock.)
  11. Small zipper bags, coasters, bookmarks, and many other ITH projects.
  12. Embroidering a QR code
What can you embroider

Can you start a business with a 4″x4″ hoop?

Yes! Many Etsy businesses have owners who only have 4″x4″ hoops.

They sell custom patches, monogrammed towels, key chains, earrings, free-standing lace designs, and SO MUCH MORE. 

While the “best” machine to grow a lucrative business with is a multi-needle machine, a machine like that can cost over $10k new.

That’s a really big investment for a newbie with no existing customer base! 

So, don’t be discouraged if you only have a 4×4 machine at first.

Make some sales, and build up to later purchasing the big machine if you need to expand your business.

A Good Facebook Embroidery Machine Group

While I’m generally not a fan of Facebook, there’s one great group I joined when I first got my machine.

It helped me think outside the small hoop and discover how many things you can actually embroider with a 4″x4″ hoop!

Check out Little Hoops – Big Ideas – Machine Embroidery with a 4×4 Hoop

No one in there will make you feel bad for having a small hoop!


I hope this gives you some embroidery project inspiration!

Just because you have a small embroidery machine does not mean that you should feel limited in your project choices. 


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