13 Awesome Embroidery Blanks Suppliers + Wholesale Options

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While big-box stores like Walmart, Hobby Lobby, and JOANN carry standard embroidery blanks like towels, t-shirts, and blankets, purchasing from an actual embroidery blanks supplier has its benefits! 

Not only is there a wider variety of items to embroider, but embroidery blank suppliers also provide blanks that are more embroidery friendly.

For instance, infant bodysuits with side or back snaps so you don’t have to remove excess fabric from under the hoop and makeup bags that unzip to a single layer so you can embroider them on a single-needle embroidery machine. 

Not to mention, if you’re a commercial embroiderer starting a business, purchasing cheap embroidery blanks wholesale is essential for keeping a good profit margin. Working with companies for wholesale pricing and bulk discounts is helpful!

Want to learn more? Check out these 13 different places to buy blanks for machine embroidery!

where to buy embroidery blanks

Wholesale Blanks vs. Blanks for Personal Use

If you embroider for fun, where you buy embroidery blanks might be different than where embroidery business owners buy theirs. 

Some wholesale embroidery blank suppliers have minimum order requirements and require a tax ID number or other business information. Shipping costs are also often reduced for big orders. 

Thus, if you only need a small number of embroidery blanks for personal use, make sure you check the site’s requirements before browsing. 

But, if you are a business and need a larger quantity, make sure to check if the site offers bulk discounts or perks for consistent and large orders. It never hurts to chat to see if they’re willing to reach a mutually beneficial arrangement. 

Where to Buy Embroidery Blanks

machine embroidery blanks wholesale

For those new to the terminology, embroidery blanks are essentially any items that you can machine embroider on. They range from everyday items like towels, infant bodysuits, or hats to more niche items like burlap flags, luggage tags, or even stuffed animals. 

Here’s my running list of the best online embroidery blank websites in no particular order. I’m open to more suggestions! Just click on the blue site name link to be taken to their website. 

1. Discount Embroidery Blanks

If you are looking for the largest selection of unique embroidery blanks, Discount Embroidery Blanks is a great place to start!

Of course, they have the basics like towels and blankets, but they also offer more unique blanks like acrylic blanks with insert options. 

All their blanks are easy to hoop on a single-needle machine as they have zippers, snaps, and hook and loop fastener or are unsewn to be finished after embroidery. 

While they have “discount” in their name, they aren’t necessarily the cheapest embroidery blank supplier compared to some other options, but they’re one of the most popular and well-known suppliers. 

For non-commercial embroiderers, there is a $25 minimum spend, although there are no minimum item requirements. Shipping is only free on $200 orders or higher. 

Their sister site, The Sewphisticated Stitcher, also has some blanks but primarily sells embroidery supplies like threads, stabilizers, and more. 

2. Sew for Less

These blanks are for Cricut fanatics as well as embroidery fanatics. Thus, make sure what you’re purchasing will work with your embroidery machine!

Prices are on par with other embroidery blanks manufacturers, and they carry many name-brand blanks like KimberBell. 

I particularly like their selection of baby blanks for embroidery as well as unique things to embroider like swimsuit pads, wine cozies, and slippers. 

They have a brick-and-mortar store, but their website is also easy to use and order for embroiderers who don’t live locally. 

3. Blanks Boutique

Blanks Boutique has been around 10 years supplying embroidery blanks for children. They even have over 200,000 likes on Facebook!

The variety isn’t great as they focus only on kids’ clothes, but I’ve lost count of how many shirts I’ve embroidered for my daughters using their ruffle tee shirts!

The great thing about blanks like these is they’re thick and less likely to respond poorly to embroidery. (If you’re a beginner, good-quality blanks are vital as they’re more forgiving of poor hooping or stabilization!)

And, while these blanks are embroidery friendly due to the thicker fabric, some of the blanks like bodysuits don’t have back snaps so they don’t have to be hooped the old-fashioned way.

This place to purchase embroidery blanks is accessible for both commercial and hobby embroiderers as there’s no need to supply a tax ID or purchase a minimum quantity. Blanks are affordable, and you can also try contacting them for bulk discounts.

Most blanks are 100% cotton, but they’re starting to tap into the sublimation and HTV vinyl blanks industry as they’re now offering polyester blend t-shirts. (Some items like their ruffle pants and ruffle shorts, for instance, are more heat-press friendly.)

Also, it’s worth it to purchase the “imperfect products” if you’re looking for cheap embroidery blanks. While they’re not perfect, you can often fix the imperfections yourself with embroidery, simple sewing, or other modifications. 

4. AllStitch

In addition to being a significant supplier of embroidery supplies, AllStitch sells tons of unique blanks!

Their acrylic embroidery blanks are fun and an excellent use for QuickStitch Embroidery Paper. Acrylic options include things like tumblers, snack containers, travel mugs, and even soap dispensers. 

Other embroidery blanks overlap with several of these other websites and include items like stuffed balls, unsewn drink coolers, and stuffed animal embroidery blanks (like Cubbies.)

For patch lovers, they also sell twill patch fabric in 15″ square pieces! 

5. All About Blanks

all about blanks order

I recently placed my first order online from All About Blanks after seeing their booth at our recent embroidery trade show event!(Check out how things turned out in my personalized slippers embroidery tutorial.)

Their website features the usual selection of towels, table runners, cosmetic bags, and all sorts of apparel. However, there are other zany things like a firewood log carrier, casserole carrier, and even wine bottle aprons. 

Their seasonal steals page is where you’ll find the cheapest embroidery blank options (like the above slippers!), but browsing through other pages shows their pricing to be competitive. 

They sell a large variety of blanks, but not all will work with embroidery, so read carefully before purchasing. 

At this time, shipping is a flat $3.85 to the United States. With how shipping prices are rising, I’m not sure how long this will last!

And, if you are looking for wholesale embroidery blanks, check out their wholesale site. To get access to pricing, you must have a tax ID or business license. 

6. ARB Blanks

ARB Blanks has also been around for more than a decade and is well-known in the embroidery world. 

Like Blanks Boutique, ARB Blanks offers primarily children’s clothes, lots of them with ruffles!

I’ve always bought from Blanks Boutique instead of ARB Blanks, though, simply because the pricing for very similar items was less at Blanks Boutique when I started purchasing when my girls were younger. 

Also, the pictures on the Blanks Boutique website were easier to see in more detail at the time.

That being said, this is another excellent online embroidery blank store that offers all sorts of options if you love embroidering for kids. They do have a more comprehensive selection than Blanks Boutique at the time of writing. 

7. Embroider This!

This website is one of the best websites with free machine embroidery designs! It also has a great selection of blanks. 

What’s fun about Embroider This! is many of the free designs show blank suggestions for stitching them on.

The selection of handkerchiefs and fine table linens is impressive, and there are even fun, quirky embroidery blanks like waxed canvas beer bottle carriers. 

Check out their wholesale site, which requires business information, if you’re an embroidery business owner looking for wholesale machine embroidery blanks. 

8. Little Bits Embroidery Blanks

little bits embroidery blanks quilt

This is the site where my mother-in-law buys heirloom and lap quilts to embroider. They’re inexpensive considering they’re already sewn and quilted, and they’re also super easy to embroider. 

There are a few other options on this site, but their quilts are the only ones I’ve had experience with. 

9. AJ Blanks

The YouTube embroidery guru Angelina Jasmina started AJ Blanks recently, so I’m curious to see how it takes off. 

The selection isn’t humongous yet, but there’s an appeal to purchasing from someone you can put a face to rather than a random website. 

Blanks are currently all children’s apparel and include shirts, baby gowns, knot hats, and bodysuits, for example. 

(Check out some baby embroidery project ideas and free baby embroidery designs while you’re thinking about embroidering for little kids!)


ALLBRANDS sells everything from sewing and embroidery machines to major appliances. They also happen to have a small selection of machine embroidery blanks!

It’s not near as exhaustive as some, but they’re still worth checking out. 

11. KimberBell

KimberBell blanks aren’t cheap embroidery blanks, but they are good quality and accessible for embroiderers with flatbed machines. 

For instance, their tote bags have open side seams, and their zipper bags quickly unzip to a single layer. 

12. Sulky of America

I purchase stabilizers from Sulky because there’s a wide variety of inexpensive, great quality options. 

As with embroidery-centric sites, Sulky also offers blanks that are flatbed-friendly.

For instance, stuffed animals and stuffed balls. They are another great site to look at if you want stuffed animals with zippers so you don’t have to get friendly with your seam ripper while embroidering stuffed animals

13. My Vinyl Direct

I first found this embroidery blanks supplier when browsing Cricut blanks, but there are many embroidery options here, too! You have to browse through the selection, but many soft options can be hooped in one layer. 

Where to Buy Blank Shirts (And Other Apparel) for Embroidery

where to buyblanks shirts for embroidery

If you love embroidering clothes, these suppliers provide shirts, sweatshirts, and other clothing items that work for embroidery, Cricut crafts, and even sublimation. 

T-shirt wholesalers are very plentiful online, so make sure you’re purchasing from a reputable site when you decide to buy blank shirts for embroidery. 

These sites are not specific to embroiderers, which is why I’ve listed them in a separate section. 


A top-rated blanks supplier, JiffyShirts sells at wholesale prices but doesn’t require business information. 

They have the usual sweatshirts, t-shirts, and even fun things like backpacks. They’re also one of my favorite online stores to buy blank hats for embroidery. 

Prices are very inexpensive, and they carry all popular t-shirt brands. Shipping is free for over $79, and bulk discounts are available for large quantity purchases. 


Another big name in the blanks business, Alphabroder offers pretty much any apparel item out there. They also have a local store near me. Their pricing isn’t as transparent online for non-commercial embroiderers, but their selection is impressive!

Shirt Space

While not quite as popular as Jiffy Shirts, Shirt Space also provides apparel blanks from popular manufacturers such as Fruit of the Loom, Gildan, Hanes, and Bella + Canvas. 

Perks are no minimum order requirements, and shipping is free for larger orders. 

T-Shirt Wholesaler

Whether you want raglan t-shirts, henley shirts, or even regular solid V-neck shirts to embroider, T-Shirt Wholesaler offers many options!

Blank Apparel

Selling Bella, Gildan, Fruit of the Loom, Hanes, Augusta Sportswear, and more, Blank Apparel offers some t-shirts for less than $2 even. 

While they are a wholesale blank supplier, they also do not require a minimum order (although there are bulk discounts), and you do not have to provide business information. 

Big Name Stores that Sell Embroidery Blanks

If you don’t need a large quantity and want something with free shipping or local pickup, here are some of my favorite places to get embroidery blanks. 

  1. Amazon: Thanks to Amazon Prime, Amazon is a good place to buy just a blank or two without having to worry about high shipping costs for one small item. 
  2. IKEA: I love my local IKEA and even made a post with the best embroidery blanks at IKEA!
  3. Dollar Tree: Check out embroidery blanks you can find at Dollar Tree for just twenty things I found on my last couple of trips there,
  4. Walmart and Target: Buy all sorts of baby embroidery blanks and other options. I like supporting small businesses when possible, but my local stores are both less than 2 minutes from my house, which is hard to beat. 
  5. Michael’s: Shop on a sale day or use a coupon and score a small selection of blanks that can be embroidered. They have soft hats, which are helpful for beginners learning to embroider hats on a single-needle embroidery machine
  6. Hobby Lobby: Ever since Hobby Lobby ditched the 40% off coupon, I’ve stopped shopping here as often. However, if you catch items on sale, they have a decent selection of blank items to embroider. 
  7. JOANN: Look out for big coupon sales, and you can score simple blanks like Gerber onesies and bibs for a small price. They also sometimes have good deals on Gildan shirts and other clothing options.
  8. Clearance stores: Stores like Kohl’s, Old Navy, TJ Maxx, and Ross that clearance items frequently are perfect locations to find cheap embroidery blanks!


Any other regular or wholesale embroidery blanks companies that you purchase from and recommend? Let me know!


  1. Wow this is a great list of blank suppliers. There are a few more companies with quality blanks like stylizeit, Love my Blanks, etc. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hello looking for embroidery blanks more for commercial machines I have a Tajima machine I want more production quality.

  3. Thank you very much! This list is very helpful! I am just beginning and exploring different online blanks stores.

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